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You are the welcoming committee!  Thank you!  

Thank you. I look forward to sharing with the group!

thank you Joe

Its better late than never! Sorry, never entered my page before, and did not see you comment. Thank you Joe!

Thank you for your welcome nice to meet you.

Thanks for the greeting Joe... It's an interesting site to be sure...:)

Thank you, Joe.

Thanks Joe. I'm looking forward to some interesting discussions

Hi Joe thanks for the welcome, its great to link with other therapist that have the same interests. Times are hard at the moment in England as people are short of money. Any ideas to build a practice would be welcome regards Raymond
Thank you so much Joe

Thank you Joe

HI thanks

Thank you so much, I'm happy to be here and jointexperiences.

Thank you Joe!

Hi Joe, thank you for the welcome.

This year's been a huge career change for me. 35+ years in education and now, clinical hypnotherapy. This change was driven by a constant decrease in empowerment opportunities for students in schools as the years progressed. I know my background will serve me well to be a source of empowerment. I might even introduce the power of hypnotherapy in addressing many of the challenges students face in schools. Cheers.

Thank you, Joe!

Thank you so much, Joe.

I am still figuring out how this platform behaves ;)

Thanks Joe.

thanks for the kind welcome... hope you are very well :-)

Hi Joe, thanks for the welcome!

Thanks Joe! Are those your left/right brain pictures - interesting!

Thanks for the welcome, Joe. Glad to be here.

Thank you very much for the welcome Joe.

Thank you very much, Joe!

Hi Joe. Thanks for the welcome. I'm pleased to be a part of the community.

Thanks for the welcome Joe, Fi

Thanks for the welcome. Been studying very hard and ready to do test.Thanx, James

Thanks Joe.


Thanks for the welcome Joe. Have a wonderful day

Thanks Joe. So nice to connect with others who are on the hypnotherapy path.

Thanks Joe this site is great. I have only just started studying clinical hypnotherapy this year so have lots to learn. The area I want to concentrate on is Hypnotherapy and Dementia. Regards Robyn.

Thank you so much for the warm welcome! Still looking around to see how this works. :)

Thank you , Joe.

Thank you Joe. I am looking forward to hearing what others are doing in the field.

Thanks for connecting.

Thanks, Joe. I look forward to the interaction.

Thank you very much for the add and the welcome sir.

Thanks Joe for the welcome :-)

Thank you for the welcome! have a great day!

Thankyou Joe. I look forward to the discussions.

Thank you, Joe, for the message!

Hi, Joe---

Thanks, Good to be connected!


Thank you, Joe.

Thank you, Joe.

Thanks for the Welcome!

Thnk you Joe. Igor is my mentor. I have taken many of his courses. Say Hi to im in September. He is the best.

Thank you Joe

Thank you for the welcome !

Thank you! I am excited to be here!

Thank you Joe. I'm new to this - should I remove my address? Lynn

Thankyou! Already it feels the place to be..

Hi Joe, thanks for the welcome, Jon

Thank you Joe for welcoming me! Good to be here on hypnothoughts.

Hi Joe

Thank you for your kind welcome..


Thanks for the welcome and invite Joe. I truly do feel welcome here, can't explain it but the feeling I'm getting is this is a real place where professionals are accepting the newbies and willing to share with them. Glad to be apart. Looking forward to learning more about everyone's private practice and experiences.

Many thanks Joe,

i have just started the training and very much looking forward to years of learning. All the best, Jim Riordan

Thanks Joe. I removed my address.

Thanks Joe!

Thank you Joe I qualified in the 90's but never really practiced so looking to learn and share. Marie

Thank you. Have a fantastic day!

Thanks Joe for welcoming me to this awesome website for hypnosis.

Hi Joe thank you for welcoming me!

Greetings and thanks for the warm welcome.

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the welcome to the group and your invite.

Thanks Joe, good to be here!

Thank you for your warm welcome.

Thanx for the welcome!

Thank you for the welcome Joe.

Thanks, Joe! It's a fantastic site and I'm excited to explore further.

Thanks Joe for the welcome...

Thanks Joe

Thank you ;)

Thank you Joe, Have a nice day!

Hello Joe, thanks for sending me the friend invitation!

Hi Joe

Thanks for the welcome. Looking forwardtolearninglots from this site. The brain picson yourpagearevcool :)

Regards Wahida

Hi Joe. Thanks for the welcome.


Thanks Joe! It's good to be a part of this community.

Hi Joe

Thank you for the welcome



THank you Joe, Im excited to join you all!

Thanks, Joe. I'm looking forward to learning from all of you!


Thank you for the welcome Joe.

Hi Joe, thanks for the welcome.

Thank you Joe. Jane.

Thanks Joe!

Hi Joe, thanks for the welcome! Look forward to getting to know you!

Thanks Joe for the welcome.

Hi Joe, thank you so much for the welcome. Have a great day.
Hi Joe, thank so much for the welcome message and for adding me as a friend

That's great Joe! It sounds like you are using a little NLP. I was a project manager for a few years ans my skills came in very handy.

Fabulous Joe! I would love to work with companies, what do you do for them, relaxation therapy?

Thanks Joe. Do you do hypnotherapy full-time?


Thank for the welcome message

Thank you

Great to meet you Joe, Guess I had better upload a photo soon, although the ? is quite appropriate at the moment.


Thank you Joe!

Thanks for the welcome Joe! Glad to be here.


Thank you for welcoming me. I am her to learn new things about hypnosis and how I can use it

Thanks Joe,

I appreciate the friendly connection.

Thanks Joe, your welcome is appreciated : )

Thanks Joe

Thanks you for the welcome Joe. I liked your your post on "A Quick Way to Disapear Problems In Your Life". I look forward to interacting and learning from this insightful community.

Thank you Joe for your warm welcome.

Hi Joe. Thank you for your warm welcome over on my page. I was a member here once before but no longer have the email address any longer. So, here I am again :)

Thank you for the work you did with Igor Ledochowski on the Hypnotherapy Business Building Seminar. I've derived a lot of value from it and continue to use both of you as role models for success. May you be blessed.

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Thank you for the welcome. Glad to have been steered towards this site, it looks very busy. Although it may take a while to negotiate around it, I am looking forward to being part of Hypno-Thoughts. Liz

Hi, thanks, I very new to hypnotherapy and hope to learn many wonderful things so that I can help others. I am not the best communicator over the Net though, so my presence will most likely be sporadic...

Thank you for your warm welcome Joe.

lol hey Joe, that was fast! You still have to tell me how you manage to be everywhere all at once.

See you soon!


Thank you, Namaste

Thanks for welcoming me Joe. Good to be here. Sally

Hi Joe, and thanks for welcoming me!

Thanks for the welcome! Sorry for the delay in responding. I really hadn't visited much since signing up...but I'll be here a lot more now!

Many thanks for welcoming me, Joe!

Thanks for your welcome Joe.

Thanks for the welcome!

Very kind of you to welcome me, thank you sir :-)

Thanks Joe

Thank you for the warmwelcome Joe.

Your friend,


Hi, Joe, nice to meet you. I 'm looking forward to learning from you an appreciate your welcome.

Hi, Joe. Thanks for the request.

Thanks Joe. I appreciate your welcome & hope to learn from you & the others.

Thanks for the hospitality. I'm looking forward on my time line to see myself learning a lot here and adding to the conversation.

Joe, I don't believe we've worked together, but thanks for the add!

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the welcome, I'm glad to have been recommend to this site, looks like it has a lot of information and nice fold on it.

Talk soon


Thanks for the warm welcome Joe :)

Hi Joe,

Thank you for the invite to connect.


Rebekka Putnam, CHT

Hi Joe! Thank you for welcoming me to the forum. I'm excited to be learning more about hypnosis. Thank you for your support. Marc Redmon

Hi, thank you very much for the welcome.


Thank you Joe for taking time out to welcome me I appreciate it and I hope we can talk soon thank you again .David Shaffer


Thanks for your welcome messages.

I am glad to be here.

Best regards,

Oddvar M.

Hi Joe!

Thank you for the welcome. I am a DCH living in Pittsburgh, home of the Steelers.

Hi Joe thank you so much for the warm welcome and I look forward to chatting with you

All the best Alan Marriott

Thank you for the welcome,

Regards, Andrew

Namaste Joe,
Thank you so much for warm welcome .
So much positivity around.
Warm Regards,

Hello Joe, greetings from Ireland. Many thanks for the welcome!

kind regards,


Thank you for the welcome Joe

Thank you!

Thank u for the welcome..

Thank you for the welcome Joe :)

Thanks for the welcome Joe!


Hello Joe and thank you for the welcome.

I am really looking forward to chatting and sharing.

I studied hypnotherapy 3 years ago but at that time I was mainly interested in helping patients with relaxation. Now I am studying Clinical Hypnotherapy with the London College and love it. I am a Complementary Therapist and work in a Cancer Care Centre where I give therapies to patients and Carers and also people who are bereaved. I've worked in Cancer Care for over 13 years now. Please feel free to message me. Bye for now. Lynbda

Good morning Joe...thank you for your friendship invitation. I am a novice at promoting my newly developed business endeavor and when I went to the Hypnotherapy Conference in San Diego earlier this year, I learned about this site and thought I would give it a try. Lots to learn and I am looking forward to every aspect of it. Have a wonderful Friday and an even better weekend.



Thank you for the welcome, Joe!

Thank you Joe, for your welcome!


Hi Joe -

Thank you for the warm welcome.

Tracy M.

Hello Joe, thank you for welcome.

Thanks so much Joe, I really appreciate it.

Thank you Joe!! :-)

Thanks for the welcome Joe!

Joe, thank you!

Thanks for the welcome!

Thank you. Glad to be here.

Thanks, Joe. Nice to be here.

Thank you Joe! =) Looking forward to getting to know you..

Hi Joe, Thanks so much for the welcome.

Hi Joe! Good to see you here. How are things going with you?

Thank you very much .

I was on here for a long time but had some time off .

I look forward to reconecting .

Again Thank you and hope to chat soon.

Ron Thompson ACCHT

Ah OK, I was looking for a book. Sounds like this guy is doing a similar thing to me. I'll definitely keep up to date with it all, thanks a lot.

Thanks for the welcome, Joe. :) Troy

Thank you for the warm welcome.

Thanks Joe

Hi Joe, thanks for your welcome!!

Thanks for the welcome Joe :D

Hi Joe, that sounds very interesting. I just checked Amazon but I couldn't see it. I've read The Fighter's Mind by Sam Sheridan (good book). I take it this is something else? Cheers, Hazel

Thanks Joe!

Thanks for the welcome Joe Hyponothoughts seems to be a very welcoming community, I like the mental hacker comment!

Hi Joe, Thanks for your warm welcome. I'm still studying the foundation course & hope to complete soon. Will keep in touch.



Thank you Joe!

thank you joe for a warm welcome

Thanks for you welcome note, Joe...:-)

Thank you.

Thank you for the welcome. I'm glad I joined :-)

Thank you for the welcome post... I am happy to be here.


Thanks Joe. Glad to have found such a friendly and interesting community.
Thank you. That makes things much easier. I'm now in a position where I can begin to explore how I can make work in Philly every few weeks.

Thank you for your welcome. As I am saying to those who welcomed me...I am looking for not only building community but also for seminars in Pain Managenet certification...any info you might have would be welcome. Blessings, Maia

Well, I wish you well, Joe.

Seriously... I would love to help people like you and Igor help people. Maybe, someday I will get my chance.

Until then, keep changing the world for all of us dreamers. I'm sure you'll serve as a useful mentor when I take my place among your ranks.

All the best...


Thank you for the warm welcome!

Thank you Joe that is very kind of you


Thank you Joe, for such a nice welcoming. Everyone here are so nice and I look forward to being a member.Take care.

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Thank you looking forward to sharing ideas

Thanks for the welcome.

Rebekka Putnam-

Thanks Joe, I look forward to getting to know everyone

I'm looking for info on the unethical use of hypnosis . I have always been interested in hypnosis but I didn't understand human nature when it comes to politics and religion and power . That hypnosis is just a tool and can be used to abuse people . I'd like to pick some brains and maybe I have something teach .

Lets get a podcast happening sometime soon.


Thanks Joe, I truly appreciate the welcome.

Glad to see you. I'm from urope, and about 9 hours ahead... but glad to chat with Americans...

Hi Joe,

Thankyou for welcoming me to Hypnothoughts. Looking forward to chatting in the future.

Kind regards,


Hi Joe...glad we're friends now! Have a blessed day.


Hey Joe! I see you and Igor have worked pretty damn hard. I hope you're doing well.


Thanks Joe. I'm new to the field and look forward to learning from all of you.


Thank you..


thank you Joe :D

Thanks for the welcome

Looking forward to expanding my knowledge of this wonderful creative art.


Hi Joe,

Thanks for the welcome, really enjoying meeting people so far and looking forward to exploring the website.


Thanks for the welcome Joe. Looking forward to getting into it.


Thanks Joe for your welcome. Glad to be among such a great group of hypnotists!

Thank you. Thrilled to be here! :)