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January 10, 1976

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Hong Kong

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As a Client, As a Hobby

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Hope to share with others about my experience in hypnotherapy, hypnotic selling or NLP techniques.

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Now just ease back in your comfortable chair and relax. As you begin to read these words on your screen, you're starting to imagine your benefits slowly and surely increasing to the point that you can afford anything you want. As you continue to view these mental scenes your curiosity begins to grow as you continue reading this profile. You will come to my personal web site for a purpose and the purpose is to know more about me. The more you read these words, the more that you might find yourself wanting to know more about me. So as you sit there reading this profile you're having many thoughts in your mind about who I am. It's your choice whether you send me a message now. Thank you very much for viewing my profile. Let me know if I can do anything to help you. Or if anything you read sparks a thought with you - feel free to share with me. I feel so sorry that since I am a little busy with my projects and jobs, I cannot surf here frequently. Please feel free to let me know the dearest you by one of the following methods. Now it is time to let me respond from your warmest feedback. Catch me at your MSN (licp at outlook dot com) now.


Certainly hypnosis related.

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Thanks for the invite :)
Thanks for the friendship! Happy to share anytime...Kelley
J!Thank you for being my friend.Hope to chat with you soon.Best Wishes,J (uveria).
Thanks for the add. It's nice to meet you too! Loved your profile, neat idea!
It's nice to meet you, too!
You Rock! J thanks for the invite
Thank you J! Nice to meet you too!
My pleasure to serve the needs of all of our colleagues.Please add your self as one of my friends and post your photo.Keep up the good work in HC. I taught there one summer for Elisa Lai.Blessings...Dr. Anna
Hi J,Thanks for adding me as a friend. I love your profile, very creative.Best,Monique
Great to have a friend in HK. Did I happen to mention that I legitimately, if in an off beat but true way, I am the honorary great-godson of Sun Yat-sen?If you find your fingers mysteriously typing out P N O S I S . C O M -- don't resist. Just hit Send. And then join us at the cool kids lunch table there!
I love your profile... very clever.:o)
Thanks for checking out my website j. I'm glad you thought it was interesting.Daniel Oromaner, MBA, CCHtCertified Clinical HypnotherapistInner Power HypnosisTempe, AZ
Hi Joe Li,Thanks for your friend invitation. I am asking anyone who would like me as a friend to review my website to learn more about me and my work. In that way you can determine if we have areas of mutual interest. Then send me a message about what those might be and I'd be happy to become your friend.Best,Daniel Oromaner, MBA, CCHtInner Power Hypnosis
Hi J-thanks for adding me as a friend. I like what you wrote on the side there, once we get the audio player working you could record it and put it on your page.see ya around,Sara
Dear J...Great additions to your profile. I wish you all the best. If I can be of any help and support to you please let me know.all my best, Zoilita Grant MS.
Hi J,It's such a pleasure to connect with you and join each other's friend list. It brings us all together as one.My best to you. Marla
Nice to meet you here! Keep in touch. Your Chinese is very good!!
Ni Hao,Ni Hao ma? Wo jiao Seth-Deborah.Wo shi Meigguo ren. Hen gaoxing renshi ne. Ni zenma yang? Wo xue hanyu!Zai jian!
Dear J...It is great to have all this support in our community!Hypnosis works! all my best, Zoilita Grant MS.
Hi J...Thanks for the congratulations!Zoilita Grant MS. CCHt.
Hi J, thanks for adding me as a friend, Happy New Year to youJo
Thanks for adding me. Have a wonderful Christmas!
Hi J,Glad we made a connection. Hope you have a very Happy Holiday!
Hi J - Thanks for the friend request. I see your hypnosis experience is as a client. What do you do for work?
Hope to share more with you!!
J, I would love to study chinese, to speak it, not write it, Iknow "Nin how" and some other words.
Hi J whats your long name? I was in Hong Kong a long time ago. Are you a full time hypnotherapist?
JHi glad to be your friend. great to meet people from different countrys. Kellie
Thanks for adding me. Have a terrific week! -- Amy
Hi J,Are there many hypnotherapists in Hong Kong? My husband and I want to visit there, in conjunction with a trip to China...although we have pushed the trip from 2008 to 2009.Best wishes,Mary Lee
J,Thank you for including me in your friends list. I hope that we will share very valuable information. Enjoy your life.Ayhan
Ty .,, am sure you will enjoy
J-Thanks for being friends! I looked at your blog page and didn't understand a word of it! I lived with three Chinese students for eight years. They tried and tried to teach me the language and I never got it. It is beautiful though. I wish you much success. Welcome to this site.Melissa
Thanks for adding me to your friends list.Hope you have a wonderful week~
Thank you for asking me to be your friend. Are you still doing hypnotherapy?