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When is Your Birthday?

August 29, 1965

Where do you live?

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Hypnosis Experience:

As a Client, Full Time Practice

What are you looking for on this site?

Networking, sharing and uplifting the energy of hypnotherapy, from mind centered programing to INFINITE SOURCE centered SOULFUL Trailblazing!

Areas of Interest:

ThetaHealing, Dolores Cannon Method: Starseed Awakening & cutting edge healing facilitated through the client's SOURCE Self! Holographic Memory Resolution, Transforming trauma into Resources: LIVING AS LIGHT!

About Me: (please write something so we know you are a real person and not a spammer or robot)

Gathering tools for transformation, sharing & facilitating transformation. Trained at Renewal Institute, The Alchemical Hypnotherapy Institute, The Living Essence Foundation, The Institute for Transpersonal Psychology/ Spiritual Emergence Training, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies/ Michael Harner & Sandra Ingerman, Spiritual Alchemy with Natalie Reid, Southwestern College/ The Artist's Way, The Brian Weiss Institute, Hypnotherapy Academy of America, & Healing Dimensions/Holographic Memory Resolution, ThetaHealing & Dolores Cannon Method, as well as Psychic Horizons, Aesclepion, and The Center for Inner Truth.


Awakening, creating, painting, dancing, writing, swimming, hiking, connecting.....

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Would love to hear your insights about starseeds, too. :-)
Would love to hear more about Theta Healing - what can you tell me about it? :-)
Jen-I'd love to talk to you about starseeds if you have some time.-Aurora
Are you on the cocreating your reality network? I think that you'd like it, Jen:)
Nice to connect with you here and everywhere Jen! You are such a colorful and unique creature. Much love to you!
Hi jenuineindigo1,May I ask, you said you dropped off the site for a season or two, I'd like to hear what dropped off the site means for you. Not so much interested about not being on hypnothoughts, but dropped off sounds so exciting, like, "they dropped off the face of the earth," I was just wondering if it was a mind body type of thing, or your computer needed repair.But only tell me what a former stranger, new friend should know, I don't want to get nosey yet.Steve
Hi jenuineindigo1,I hope it's not to late to be your friend, I'll explain later, but thanks for your friendship.
Oops, sorry Jen. This (your visit to Denver) passed me by. Things were really crazy the beginning of the month. Sorry I dropped the cosmic ball on that one. I hope your visit and showing went really, really well. Peace and Blessings - let's connect next time around. Namaste, Gina
Jennifer to Jennifer, I am glad that you wrote to me. I would very much like to learn more about your practice. I love your art. I must admit that I have not been able to do much art because I have been in school to obtain a MA in mental health counseling. Now that I have graduated. I am starting back up. I am not a left brain person by choice and the four years of left brain work has depleted me. I need to recharge and the only way I can do that is through creativity. Even though we use creativity with our clients, there is nothing like putting a brush to canvas. I look forward to getting to know you better!Jennifer
Thanks for your kind words.
Jen,I love your description words:" it all leads to the same luminous reality."Yeah, me too.Gwyneth
Hi Jen,Thanks for the invitation. I am on a new part of my journey and meeting you has helped confirm I am on the right path.Peace,Jill
Hi Jen, Howdy back at ya! I'm supposed to be in Santa Fe!!! the Universe just hasn't quite caught up to it yet.Glad you are here,Rebecca
Hey all-thanks for being so welcoming! I've been working lately with conversational hypnotic techniques. I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts around creating mental "incompletions" (as in the "Zeigarnik Effect")... Delete Comment
Miss Jen, thank you for the welcome, it is good to meet youRegards Ed
Pleased to meet you as well, Jen!
Hey Jen,I am signed up to take the Avesa Mastership workshop Feb. 7-9, I may gag a little too on the guru stuff but I received an offer I couldn't refuse to take the program. We are also going to their 2012 Quantum Leap Conference in March in Burbank.I'm glad to hear you are interested in what I am doing with small, powerful groups of people. I will keep you in the loop. There are just some things that are best done with group energy. And, be assured this is system buster kinds of work!Love and Light,Daniel
Hi Jenuine indigo-Yes, you can remove the emails you have been getting from the groups. Groups on this site work differently than the rest of the site. so you need to change your settings for them individually. Go the group and look in the upper right hand corner of this center column. You will see an options for "follow" or "stop following" that you can click on. That will take care of your problem.Thanks for asking,~FAQ Mark
Jen,Thanks for the invite!--Jason
Hi Jen,I am beginning to do more past life regression work after spending a day a few months ago in a Brian Weiss workshop (he's GREAT). Lately, I am getting more information about my "spiritual heritage" which includes being a High Priest in Atlantis and Egypt.My new project, will be launched on 2/14/09 and will involve small groups of highly-evolved people around the United States (one day the world) sending Light to raise the vibration level of as many people as possible--and to loosen the grip of the dark forces who have controlled this planet for thousands of years. Please let me know if you are interested, and we can discuss it on our work or personal emails or on the phone. There WILL be a group in Santa Fe as one of the fellow organizers lives there.Namaste,Daniel
Hi Jen,Thanks for accepting my friend invite. I'm impressed with your broad range of interests! And we share quite a few of the same ones.I happen to serve as the Mountain Region (incl. NM) Lead for "World Hypnotism Day", and I'd love to connect more with you around that. Check out the URL: Even though the actual date is Jan. 4th every year, the site is up all year long and has some great stuff on it. Sign up, and they'll send you some freebies!Let's stay in touch.Warmly,Gwyneth
Hi Jen! TY for your support. I hope your doing well. You're still in Santa Fe?
lol... Just saying Hi..Justin James
Thank you for the invite to join your friendsLinda Gentry
Hi!To me Creativity is the key to Transformation!Welcome Aboard!Best,Katie
HI jenuineindigo1,Great to connect with you!Darren
Thank you and welcome. I am honored to be invited by the owner of this marvelous page. It seem you have dedicated a lot of time and the result is very lovely.Candan
Hello! Thanks so much for the invite - this site looks great!Kerrie
thank you fellow light worker I have had exam papers to prepare right up to xmas and major family dramas going on so havent done much hope to get more involved in the future ,,,love & light
Hello and welcome my Hypnosister.Elaina
HiThanks for the invite .....I look forward to some interesting chats :-)
Hi There,Thanks for the invite! Hypnothoughts is such a great site.
Hi, thnaks for the invite. Talk with you soon.
It's great to have you as a member. You'll find a lot to learn here and friendly people to share it with. If you haven't done so already, check out the Global Hypnosis eSummit on the main page. It will open up a whole new way of learning to you. I' sure you will agree you can never learn enough about hypnosis. Sign up and be a part of history!
Hmmm... I like the soul-itude -- it seems right. I guess that makes you the Soul Princess. :-) I'm not sure that's exactly what I've been doing lately, but I like the sound of doing it now. PLEASE come visit me anytime you want. There's always room for one more at my place. If I can save enough money, I'm going to attend Patrick's NLP class in May and will definitely look you up.
Yes, and I'll also have a side of independence, a super-sized showmenotgetinthe way and could you hold the indecisiveness, please. Oh yeah, and extra body of lightness, too! LOL It's seriously good to hear from you. I miss constructing suggestions with you! I've been doing nothing, really. Nothing. But getting ready for a big change. We're planning a move to the Seattle area, where I can 'see' my practice growing by leaps and bounds.
Glad to have you on this excellent siteHappy 2009!Carpe Diem,Dr. Anna
Hi and welcome to ERT group. To find out more about ERT I suggest you go to my site and read the free ebook, what the Mind can concieve. I will answer any questions you may have. Love & Light paul
Merry Meet! Thanks for the friend invite. I see that you studied with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies--I have, too.Great meeting you,James
Hey thanks for the friend invite, another Light-Worker, good for you kiddo, you are much needed at this time. Blessings on your journey.
Hello Indigo lady many thanks for making me your friend forward to sharing and learning with you and from you much love &light
Hi,Thanks for the add. It looks like we have more in common than you could consciously know from my profile here. I would like to learn what you are up to. If you would like to learn what I am up to in terms of transforming the planet the best place to reach me is at and Light,Daniel
My pleasure to connect with one so well-trained in spiritual healing! Looking forward to many discussions. peace, Michelle
Good job with the intuition! I had to stop for a moment and think about whether or not we had met or had a conversation. I love it when that happens. thanks, love and light.
I find it very interesting, your greeting. You wrote wayshower, I have seen 5 women in the past 2 weeks that have the same issue. They are very strong and confident, and focused on healing and spirituality. They all feel compelled to do something big like teach or write but don't know what yet. They find me to help them create the space to see their path. It is very interesting. Change is coming and these people are feeling the need to absorb as much information as they can.
WElcome to Hypnothoughts. I am sure you will fond a lot of great resources here.Hugh ColeTexas Tranceman
hellooo! thanks for connecting. what's Winnetka mean? weird having a k after a t...must be some foreign lingo...
Welcome to HypnoThoughts!Roger MooreHypnosis Health Info
Welcome to Hypnothoughts, you have so much great training I am looking forward to reading your posts:-)