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Barry Neale

03/22/17 11:00:02AM

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For those of you that don't know, Jerry Kein passed away yesterday. He had been suffering with heart problems for some time and it finally got the better of him.

IMO Jerry was a legend in the field of hypnosis. Not only was he a great hypnotist, but he was also a great teacher. Those of you that studied with him or bought his highly informative home study materials will know that he was able to teach the most complex materials in a most fun and exciting way.

My facebook feed was dominated yesterday by hypnotist friends around the world offering their condolences and sharing their memories of Jerry.

I think it would be nice if people here would share their memories.

With great sadness



Simon Suh

03/23/17 08:47:20AM

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my condolences to Jerry Kein. I think I watched a few of his DVD's back in 2012 when I was first learning about hypnosis.

May he rest in peace and serenity <3 :)

Simon Suh

03/23/17 08:48:03AM

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and you mean Gerald Kein from omnihypnosis right? That's the Jerry that I was assuming..

Scott Hogue

03/23/17 09:11:04AM

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Best wishes to the family, a giant has left us.


Scott Hogue CChH

Tim Bartley

03/23/17 09:12:53AM

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I am so sad to hear about this.  I certified thru Omni and had spoke with Jerry a few times on the phone.  He was a master and will be missed.


03/23/17 11:42:46AM

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Definitely one of the Masters of this ever-growing field.  I am glad to have him as an early teacher.  He will be missed.  Blessings and Light for him and his family.


03/23/17 11:55:02AM

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I have known Jerry since the late 80"s and shared the stage with him at many an ACHE conference. Kind, true and really funny are the first three words that come to mind when I remember him. Condolences to his wife and family.   

George Guarino

03/23/17 11:59:07AM

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One of the greats!  It was always so special to be in his classes. He made it all look so easy, possible and important to do it right.  His mantra was "Regress to Cause and Fix it."  Whether you agree with his approach or not, he made you feel like you were in the presence of a real life Buddha of Hypnosis. Someone with information that you could either accept, or reject at your own folly. He was funny, witty and profoundly serious about his work.  As far as I know he spent his last years investigating what he called Ultra-Height. His work will not be forgotten.  RIP Jerry. 

Richard Clark MFT

03/23/17 11:59:54AM

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KEIN, GERALD (Born April 20, 1939, Newark, New Jersey- March 20, 2017)



 Here is what he told me when I interviewed him about how he became a hypnotist from my Hypnosis History book...

"I was ten years old and hanging around with my best friend whose father was very sick. Nothing was working medically so his mother found a hypnotist to help. The hypnotist said, “I’ll try” and he helped my friend’s father take all the terrible pain away. For the ten days before the man died he was pain free. A stage hypnotist and magician, Charles Garrison, worked at a local night club and I broke in the back door and tried to get into his dressing room. I got thrown out… seven times. I have tenacity.

I finally got let in and I watched his show. Eventually he let me help him with his magic props. I was hooked. I decided to study hypnosis but there were no books. So I sent away for a book from the back of Popular Mechanics Magazine called “How To Hypnotize Women” (by Ormond McGill but I didn’t know it the time because it was under the pseudonym. The book was recently revised and re-released as “The Secrets of Hypnotizing Woman” by Ormond McGill and Shelley Stockwell). I also got a book called "45 Lessons in Hypnosis" by Harranden.

At thirteen I went to a lecture on hypnosis and the guy had an 8-foot high hypnodisk on the wall spinning away. As the guy gave the lecture the guy next to me told me, “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” He said he was a hypnotist and I asked him if he would teach me hypnosis. His name was Vic Karnela and he said “okay kid.” He gave me three hours training in hypnosis. I wanted to meet the famous hypnotist Dave Elman who lived two cities away so I went to his house one snowy day. I knocked on his door and his wife sent me away. I told her that I would come back every Tuesday until I could talk with him. I returned for 7 or 8 months on Tuesday. Then I came on a Saturday and saw a little man planting pansies in the front year. “You must be Mr. Elman,” I said.

“You must be that kid. Well forget about it; I am not going to teach you hypnosis.” I kept coming back. Finally he said, “If you help in class you can sit and watch.” I knew more than anyone at that time. I became a stage hypnotist in high school and college. After college I did military and I opened ah practice in Ft Lauderdale and I taught doctors.

Brenda Ann Seay

03/23/17 12:00:03PM

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Peace and Blessings to Jerry Klein and his family!  He was a blessing to all of us!

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