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November 10, 1953

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Pacifica California

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Full Time Practice

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To have fun.

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Stage Hypnosis

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"There exists only the present instant... a Now which always and without end is itself new. There is no yesterday nor any tomorrow, but only Now, as it was a thousand years ago and as it will be a thousand years hence."~-Meister Eckhart Beta, alpha, theta, delta are not just something to set your alarm by, but varying states of consciousness which bridge the unconscious mind. Pacifican James Szeles knows all about these altered states. He is a stage hypnotist; in the business for over 30 years. "I started when I was 5," he laughed. Originally from Detroit, Szeles' first off-the-beaten-path interest was magic. "My cousin was into magic (his cousin is the magician/comic The Amazing Johnathan) and he and a friend came over with a vanishing' cane. I thought that was the coolest thing I ever saw in my life." In 1974, Szeles headed to Los Angeles and a job at a second floor magic shop on Hollywood Boulevard. He worked for Ralph Lane, an old vaudevillian magician whose shop was next store to the vampire museum. "He had a picture of Harry Houdini on the wall and it was signed: "Ralph, I told you I'd come back!" Harry." Szeles said he was interested in magic because he thought it was real. But he learned that performance magic is all sleight of hand. For Szeles, the real magic is the magic of the mind. Szeles, who some might remember as the "Rainmaker" at Pier 39 in its early days, decided in the late '70s that he would branch into stand-up comedy. But back then he just wasn't comfortable with it. Serendipitously, a friend gave Szeles an audio course on self-hypnosis and Szeles also happened to catch "The Hip" hypnotist Pat Collins on television. He thought, "Wow! I can do that." James picked up a book on hypnosis, studied it and then hypnotized his best friend. "I told him, when I wake you up, you will take your shoe off and walk outside," said Szeles. "And so he did!" After graduating from The Clement School of Hypnotherapy in San Francisco, Szeles began his career. And with his stage hypnotist career, came a natural affinity for comedy. From corporations, to colleges, high schools and comedy clubs and even to a City of Pacifica employee dinner, Szeles dazzles his clients into a state of relaxation. "I walk into a group of victims, people, and give them a speech on hypnosis and how it works. Then I ask for 20 volunteers to come onstage and I do a group induction to see, who goes under and who doesn't. Then I'll take the best out of the twenty and have them do funny little things like act like first graders and I'm their teacher." A visit to Szeles website (www.szeles.com) reveals spectacular short clips of entertaining feats. In one short, Szeles convinces a female audience member that he is Brad Pitt and asks her to marry him. She says, "Yes!" and then runs to show the audience her stunning, and invisible, 5-carat diamond engagement ring. In another clip, Szeles gets a male member of the audience to call his mother and let her know that he has changed his name to "Jenny" because it's a very pretty name and he just loves it. Szeles explained that hypnosis is essentially self-hypnosis. "Anybody who can hold a thought and use their imagination can be hypnotized," said Szeles.


Life, people what ever I find next.

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thanks. looks like a good group.

Why thank you James. I'm really looking forward to being part of this community. :)

Ciao for now!


Thank you James!! I'm excited to be here!!

Thanks James

nice site! :-)


Thanks :-)

Thank you!

How kind and considerate of you, James, for welcoming me to HypnoThoughts. I am dazzled by the enlightened individuals and good resources.

Balgooyen Hypnosis

James, a new world to move in ..I love chalalnges and I love to meet people to share experiencies with..wish to have usefull discussions with you soon ..with gratitude always.Tiziana Palazzo

Thank you James.

Thank you James

Thank you James.

I really enjoy hypnothoughts discussions.


Thanks James!

Thank you James :)

Thank you for the welcome james.

Thanks James - Funny page!

Thank you for the welcome.

This place is a little different than other forums I have been part of. Going to have to learn the ropes.

Thanks a bunch James!Appreciatehat!

Thank you James!

Hi James, Thank-you for the welcome! I hope to be able to chat with you in the future, I have a lot to learn.

Best Regards,


thank you for your lovely welcome deeply appreciated

Thank you. I appreciate your welcome. My friend Peter Casson was a great man who could use Hypnosis for comedy. Perhaps you have heard of him?

Thanks for the welcome James

Thanks for the welcome James. Love this site!

Thanks James

Hi james: Thanks for the welcome. Appreciate it. Russ Henrichs

Thank you very much. Learned about Hypnothoughts from the NGH Convention.

Thx for the welcome to HypnoThoughts. Looking forward to using the site and meeting more great people. : )

Hi James, thank you and delighted to meet you. Thank you for Meister Eckhart's quote. An excellent reminder. Atma

Thanx James,

you Popular guy!! ;)

Aldo Privileggi

James, thanks for the warm welcome.

Hi James, and thank You.

hello , thanks for the welcome hope to learn much here nice that there are such diverse interests in hypnosis here

Hi thanks for the welcome!

Thank you James. Nice meeting you.

Thank you James!

G'day James, thank you so much for your welcome, much appreciated!

Hello James thank you very much for your welcome. James very interesting hypnotist title you have. Comedian Hypnotist? Can I please learn some of that:)


Hi James, thank you very much for your comment. I enjoyed watching your promotional video.

Hi James.Thank you for the welcoming.Do you just allow anyone on your site? Looks like ive been spammed by someone in your group. They dropped me a message on here to contact her privayely with regards to something theyd like to discuss with me and then send me one of those emails where you have to help out by taking x amount of money from them and keep it save blah blah blah blah. She's listed on here as a hypnotherapist in thre US.Richeleine Gandon.I also notice she has since removed her comment to me from the list below.Can you look into this pleased otherwise I would like to be taken off the site. Thank you

Thanks James for the Welcome!

Thanks for the welcome!

Thanks James

Thanks, James!

Thank you so much for the welcome James !

Thanks for the welcome James!

Your mention of Tesla. I wonder why no one came to his aid. Seems odd that having done much good, not only for J.P. Morgan and his crowd, but to believe would think just from what i know of him that Tesla was a loner and a genius and he selected real friendship was few and far between. i never knew Tesla but i do know i am in a similar situation as Tesla was in his later years. Not that i am necessarily comparing my small innovative, creative, original works, as being on the lofty level as Tesla#S...however perhaps i am...not in science and maths, for i these subjects are not my strong suits. I am a writer, i am a problem solver, i love helping others, i have always been generous, i seem to have some problem with keeping MY secrets secret...and instead have given up unique ideas, things that cannot fail...but for me ...they do...for i snitch on myself so others with more capital or leverage or connections. I have not a friend in the world...i have gone to the point with others so far as generosity of my money and my TIME which for me has always meant more...in huge ways...this is some compulsion i am sure, for i am not saint, i am no huge sinner either. I am different due to accident of birth which was very different than i think anyone's, so i soon may get myself to finish just one one year chapter that i would bet my life not a person registered here has EVER gone through ....not the way i did....an island unto myself...for this I am....and always have been.

This was what destroyed Tesla...other people...for most people do not rock the boat most people fear more to be shunned than to do anything that would have anyone not matter that most people dont care so much perosnally about total stranger yet most people do so the powers that be knew that knew that Tesla was considered an 'eccentric' to be polite and so they could do as they pleased with him. This is the price one pays and i know this well for being NOT a part of the herd....i am not ...Tesla was not...i shall share his fate; a similarly tragic and isolated, departure from this life...not his fault...not ny fault...he did not belong here. The 'stork' dropped both him, and ME, off on the wrong planet. LOL.

Hi James, thanks for your welcome, your style looks so fun and interesting! We actually live in close proximity, I'm going to read your page or blog, I'm new here LOL, don't know quite where to go yet, so thanks again.Linda

Thanks you for the welcome James. Its a pleasure to be among goodcompany.

Thanks. I'm glad to be here.


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Reveen =

Speaking of comic hypnotists: Years ago, I once heard and saw the great Reveen (1935-)--an Australian--do some of his great stuff. It was at the Royal York Hotel, Toronto. After the show, by phone, I had a great chat with Reveen's wife. She heartily approved--and said, so would Peter--of how I was using the principles of hypnosis to do what I now call, pneumatherapy and pneumatism--the spiritual application of hypnotic techniques, used to ease the pains and suffering of humanity.


Pneumatherapy, as I think of it, is the practical application of WILLpower, which some call the greatest human strength. It can be used to help to deal with somatic and psychic (mental) suffering and pain. About this, see the great book on WILLpower by the professor of social psychology, Roy Baumeister, at Florida State University. Now what does this have to do with the human comedy?


Mother was born in 1885. She must have had a good, but weird, sense of humour. I say this because she named her first child, JOESEPH--my oldest brother born in 1906. This means he was called JOE-King--maybe because she loved JO-KING. Later, many loved joking with him about it!

Me? I too love JO-KING, including jo-kers.

Or, should that be Jo-curs, "worthless" dogs, eh! :-) . Interestingly, it is also the Swedish--Jean and actually I have relatives and friends in Sweden--for house dog.

Back to mother and her sense of humour. The story goes: The Kings of Perry's Cove (named after a pirate?), Conception Bay, Newfoundland, were fisher folk. She (then 20) and my father (25) were both born and raised in the fishing village of Perry's cove. That was, I think in the late Summer of 1905. They lived in a house which was left to mother by an older brother. Was it uncle Mike, Bill, George or Ernest? I am not sure.

Like our English, Scottish, Irish, French, Portuguese, whatever ancestry before us, mother's brothers must have had adventurous spirits--the kind of spirit I love. Thus, tired of fishing, in the cold and dangerous north Atlantic, they obviously decided to migrate to the USA--to New England--some even went on to NY. Specifically, they migrated to Boston, Mass., what we Newfies then called, "the Boston States".BTW:

(The rest of the story will continue. But, not wanting to bore readers to death, I will pause here.......................After the pause, I will continue to tell the rest of the story, but only if I get a request to do so--just one will do, OK? I await your request.

If I fail to get one, I vow that I will pneumatise my self, to death--no JO-KING, eh! Get that request in, fast, or else it is ....................................................................

What the HELL am I doing here, eh? As they say in, Can eh! Da eh! Get it, eh? Hurry, EH! Will someone...PUl...lease turn the thermostat down..........................?

Thank you for the welcome James. I see in your profile your description of comedy hypnotist. By coincidence I am going to see such a performance for the first time in my life tomorrow night. A gentleman who goes by the stage name of the incredible Boris will be in town. I have no idea what to expect but hope it will be entertaining.

Thank you for the warm welcome. Cheers.
Thank you for the warm welcome. Cheers.
Thank you for the warm welcome. Cheers.

Thank you James!

Hello James,

Thank you too.

Hi James,Thanks for welcoming me. Glad to be part of the group!

Hi James! You have a great profile, loved the about me portion of your profile and everything else.

Hi, Thanks for the welcome! I look forward to talking with you and others here :)

Hi James, thank you for the welcome.

HI - can you hypnotise me to believe I am spain now in the sun...lol I have lots of anchors from the memories but it's not quite like the real thing!

Thanks James...Hope to maybe learn a little from you..

Hi James thanks for the welcome

Thank you, James.

Be well.


Hi James, thanks for the welcome. I am enjoying browsing the site, it looks great. Have a great day.

Thanks very much for the welcome, James! :)

Hello James, Thanks for the welcome!! Have a great day!

Than you James,



Good Morning James! Sorry for the late response. Thank you for the "Welcome" to Hypnothoughts. It was very kindof you. I look forward to looking around the site and learning more about my fellow Hypnotists; )

Thanks for the welcome James looks like a great site.

Regards Wahida

Thanks for the welcome James!


I'm looking forward to viewing the great info on this site!

Thank you James. :) I look forward to getting to know you and others in the Hypnothoughts community.

Thank you for the welcome James !

Thank you, James, for your warm welcome.


Thanks! I am looking forward to learning and contributing to the site.

Hi James thank you for your welcome



Hi James, thx for the welcome! You look like a very busy FUN man!!

Hi James. Thanks for the welcome. I've just bought Jerry Valley's Inside Secrets to Stage Hypnosis and will start on it soon.

Thank you James.

Hi James,

Thank you for the welcome! I see you live in Pacifica! My youngest brother lived there for many years! Although I now live in San Diego, I grew up in San Francisco, and still consider The City my true home!


Thanks for the welcome James.

Hi James, thanks for the welcome.

Thank you!

Hi James

Thanks for your welcome. This site is bigger than I realised...

Thank you James. I appreciate that.


Hi James, thanks for the welcome, hope all is well with you.

Thanks James!

Thank You James!

Thank you for your kind welcome...

James ... ty for the warm welcome. I look forward to reading, learning and interacting with the people here.

Hi James,

Thank you for answer me.

Check out the message i sended to the forum about a possible personal cosultancy for me.


thank you, glad to be here :)

Thank you for the welcome! Wishing you a weekend filled with Love~N~Laughter Sincerely jeannine

There's something funny going on around here, and thanks for including me in!

Have a swell day.



Thanks James,

Glad to be here

Thanks James. It sounds like a great society here.

Thanks James, glad to be here!

Thanks James, I am happy to be here.

Thanks for the Welcome!
That's do kind of you!
Thanks for the kind welcome James.

Thanks James I'm a fan of your work. I look foward to your discussions on stage hypnosis.I'm in the process of starting a show here at the beach.


Thank you!

Thank you James .. Have a great evening !!

Hi James, many thanks for the welcome message.

Hey, thanks for welcoming me, that's nice. Have a great day!

Hi James, thanks for the welcome

Thank you for your welcome. Teresa

Hi James, Thank you for your welcome to Hypnothoughts.

Michael J. Dunn

hi james

thanks for your welcome


Thank You for welcoming!

Hi James,

Thanks for the welcome.


Thank you! :) Have a great new year!

Thank you James. Happy to be here.


Thank you, have a great New year!

Thank You James. I look forward to learning more about hypnosis and contributing to this forum.

Thanks James! Am looking forward to sharing... and learning a lot here..
Thanks James! Am looking forward to sharing... and learning a lot here..

Good to see you again... :-)

A few years ago I used to talk with james on AOL. He always had time to answer any questions I had, unlike other hypnotists I have tried to talk to in person. I've often wished I could communicate with hin again. This way is just fine with me.

Thank you, James for offering the knowledge you have from so many years of experience.


Thank you James for your warm welcome!


thanks James, i appreciate the nice welcome message


Thank you James.

Thank you. I look forward to getting to know you all.

Thanks James - it seems like a wonderful resource for sharing and learning.


Hi James,

Thank you for your welcome. What's the funny looking doohicky?


Gary Skinner

Hi James, good to meet you. I'm a hypnotherapist in the UK, I take my hypnotism onto the streets from time to time too, I'd appreciate any advice you ever want to direct my way.

Thanks for the welcome, James!

Thanks, James! Do you have a website? My interactions with hypnotists have been limited to clinicians. I am delighted and fascinated to meet a stage hypnotist. I'll bet I could learn a lot from you.


Thanks James,

Just starting out. Looking forward to good times and helpful info.

All the best


Hi James, and thanks for the nice welcome.

I love what your doing in the buisness, good stuff.

Im a fulltime consulting hypnotist, looking into doing some stage shows, they look so much fun to do, and give people a good time. your a good inspiration, and i look forward to learning more.

have a great day

Tony V

Hi James, thanks for you welcome. You too have a good time, welcome in this now slightly changed version of your life :P

Thank you for the warm welcome James.

Thanks for the welcome James it's a nice start.

Many thanks for your welcome. Kind regards Gloria

Thanks for your welcome note, James...:-)

hey! Thanks James.
Thank you , it's a pleasure to be a part of Hypno thoughts, When I work out how, I,ll put a photo on .

Thank you for the welcome James.

Thanks James I'm more the type that gives loans I have lost a lot of cash that way so these days I get to realize people cant repay me, and so I cut to the chase and make it a gift but only if I can afford to lose it, and I like the donee. As for driving I have driven only 30 minutes since 1984 when my doctor banned me from driving for ever.

Thanks James for considering me as a friend I promise I will never ask you for a loan nor a drive of your car.

Thank you for the welcome :)

Hi James, and thanks, I am feeling the love with all the warm welcomes :-)

Thanks a lot for your welcome!

thanks jim looking foward to learn and have fun

Thanks James, looking forward to learning a lot.

Thanks James..

Hi James, thanks you. I hope this find you well. Deborah

Thanks for the warm welcome, James. Glad to be here. See you on the boards.


Hello, James, and thanks for the welcome. I'd love to see your show some time.

Too bad we can't hypnotize the IRS, eh?

thank you James

Thanks for the welcome James.

HiHope you are well, pleasure to meet youRus

Thank you for the welcome note James.

Thanks James.

Thank you James. I'm looking forward to many hypnothoughts.


Thank you James..good to be here.



Thanks James. I am happy to be here.


Hi James

Many thanks for the kind words :)

Hi James. Thanks so much for the welcome. I hope to have a productive time here.

Thanks for the welcome James.

Thank you. Nice to meet you.

-David Allen

Sunnyvale Hypnosis Center

Thank u James!

Thanks for the welcome James.

Thank you James for the welcome.

Thanks for the warm welcome James.

Mitchell Dahood M.A.

Hi thanks for the welcome! Very nice of you.

Thanks James...looking forward to this!


Thanks for the welcome James....nice to meet u :-)
thanks for the welcome james
Thank you!

Hi James - Thanks for the Welcome

Sorry about the time lag in responding back to you - I am looking forward to talking to you hope you have a great day

thanks again


Hi, James!

Thanks for the warm welcome. See you around.


Thanks adding me, I just go through the training last month. Hope to gain more information from you.
Thanks :)
Thanks for the Welcome!!!

Thank you for the welcoming message. It was nice of you to send a welcome, warmed my heart.


Thank you for the welcome. Amazing comedy and hypnosis must be fun.


Thank you so much for the welcoming comment. Peace and Light, Jillian Faith.

Hi James,

Thanks very much. Great to meet you.



Thank you James
A warm welcome indeed, James. I thank you!

Thank you for the welcome note - by the way what is that Yellow box all about - very interesting.


Thanks for your welcome James


Hello James, Thank you for your welcome message! Have a nice day!
Hi there! tks :)

Many thanks for the welcome message, I look forward to discussing topics, etc with you.



Thanks for your welcome.

Right now I am intrested a lot in stage hypnosis, so I guess I am going to enjoy your videos a lot.

I am so happy that I accidentaly bumped it to that forum :)

Thanks for the welcome James.
I am not great with this technology so bear with me !!!
Thanks for the welcoming!
Thank you for the warm welcome.

I dont know who I thanked and who I did not thank for the wonderful welcome. Have been very distracted with preparations for the NGH convention this year. Anyway, thanks for the kind welcome and delighted to have found you all.

Marian KilkennyEast Coast Hypnosis

Hi James, Thanks so much for your generous welcome. It is an honour to be a part of this
community. Best Chris

Thanks James for such a warm welcome to hypnothoughts


Thanks James, good to be part of such a warm community.
Thank you