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I'm a certified hypnotist with the ICBCH, and part of the Winter 2012 class of HPTI. I studied from Kathy Moore in San Antonio in 2007. My first experience with hypnosis occurred when I was born--my mother used hypnosis for pain management. I live in the wilds of Bastrop County, Texas, with my wife and an amazing number of animals.

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March 6, 1967

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Bastrop County, Texas

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Full Time Practice

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information, colleagues, professional camaraderie

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stage fright, smoking

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I'm a certified hypnotist with the ICHCH, and part of the Winter 2012 class of HPTI. I studied from Kathy Moore in San Antonio. My first experience with hypnosis occurred when I was born--my mother used hypnosis for pain management. I live in the wilds of Bastrop County, Texas, with my wife and an amazing number of animals.


music (actually, that's a second profession: www.BedlamBards.com), writing, gardening, dancing, renfaires and scifi conventions

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"Kelley,That was Ruth E Schneider ad David S Prudhomme of www.mederiwellness.com. Their program is called From Stressed to Best."
James Hazlerig
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"Ditto with Roy on the grief counselor.You might also teach him abdominal breathing, or trick him into abdominal breathing by coaching him through..."
James Hazlerig
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"Daniel,Feel free to report me to the moderators. I'm sure they'd be delighted to hear from you.Safe travels, James"
James Hazlerig
@james-hazlerig • 2 months ago
James Hazlerig
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"I guess we don't enforce this anymore:We don't allow personal attacks, fighting, spamming, promoting, etc. in the forum. We have a special private group for..."
James Hazlerig
@james-hazlerig • 2 months ago
Posted a new Comment on "@fable-goodman":
"I guess we don't enforce this anymore:We don't allow personal attacks, fighting, spamming, promoting, etc. in the forum. We have a special private group for..."
James Hazlerig
@james-hazlerig • 2 months ago
James Hazlerig
@james-hazlerig • 2 months ago
James Hazlerig
@james-hazlerig • 2 months ago
James Hazlerig
@james-hazlerig • 2 months ago

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James Hazlerig said:

In class, it was important, Heather, that we move on with practicing your intake skills, and there wasn't time to have a lengthy and nuanced discussion of scope of practice and referrals. That's why I praised you for taking to heart Scott's teaching about scope of practice and then adjusted the scenario to let you rehearse the requisite skills. I'm also glad that you've brought this to the forum where we can take the time for a lengthy and nuanced discussion.

I'm tending to read this as, "No, you were actually wrong in class, but I reframed to move on because we didn't have time to discuss the matter in depth." Is this accurate, or am I misreading?

You actually didn't beat him, I just didn't approve his comment b/c I didn't/don't know who he is... oops?

Thank you. I am happy to be here.

I see your name is James :-) Thank you for sending the link. That is a nice and entertaining video.I appreciate it.


I just went to check out the video link you sent me and it was incomplete. It just says


Would you mind re-sending it?

I have had clients that have had wonderful success coming to me for "performance fright" but I was not aware that I had a challenge with it until I started to create my video! I am a musician and play guitar and sing and haven't experienced what I am feeling now speaking in front of my flip cam. Frustrating so thank you for sending this link.


Thank you Hazlerig!


Hi James:

Looking forward to meeting you and everyone in January. Donna aka Nudges

Hey James, I see you in January!!

Thanks James, I look forward to meeting you in January!

Hi James,

See you in Janurary.

I'm reminded of an old quote my great, great, great, grand daddy used to remind me,

"The unconscious mind is not a repository for problems, but rather a reservoir of strength," (isn't that just one of those quotes you wished you had made up?),I plan on tapping that reservoir extensively in Janurary, and Feb., March, etc.

Thanks for the friendship.


Thanks for the welcome, James. I look forward to the contact, exchange of thoughts and ideas. I enjoyed your post on the documentary and am sad to say I missed it. Looking for a copy if you can share via email or snail mail. Will be glad to donate to the cause. Ty

James, thanks for the note.


That would be great! Thanks!

Dear james,

it was great to meet you in Dallas!

Best Wishes in your practice!


William Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis

James, you are so generous with your stage advice and descriptions. Even though I have no intentions of doing stage hypnosis, it's fun to live a little of that life through people like you. Your pirate code was such a cool idea.
Nice ideas! Ill try a few of those out!

James, youre 100% right. No promoting was done, it was a little rushed (almost from one day to the next).

No-one except for the owner knew I would be there to entertain that night. Youre spot on when you say that promoting the event will fill the venue with the type of people I "need" to be there.

I plan to do another show, this time with promotion, and maybe on a different night when there is no other entertainment organized. This way people who come to the place wont have come to see a comedy show but rather will be primed for the hypnosis. At least Im sure people will be talking about what they saw on friday night, which can only be good for the next show!

Thanks for the input!

I wish I can't seem to find the site again, I'd hang it on the wall in a heartbeat though, I am still looking for it though so if I stumble across it again I'll port you a link :)(that or take up making clocks lol who knows it might be a good niche market for hypnotists)
thanks for the post :) it's actually a clock, with the different part of the spiral being hours minutes and seconds.. I think it's cool too, I'd love to hang a clock like that up :)anyways thanks again
Hi James,Yep you are so right on all. RTC could be something to hold up my sleeve and the movie theatre dissasociation is worthwhile as well. Thanks so much for your input.regards ... Brett
Hi James, was this meant for someone else?
Ahhh James thank you oh so much. The fast phobia cure was on my agenda and the anchors will certainly be added to the repertoire.thanks again ... Brett
Hi James,Somewhere deep in the canyons of my mind I have a memory of you leaving a post about a client who had a fear of going over bridges. Is that so or was it someone else? If it was you can you either point me to the post or talk me through what you did to help your client have successful change.cheers ... Brett
Stop by sometime, will have lunch. .... just read some of your post. I hope to be at the renaissance festival this next week, I'll be looking for you.
James go to www.safeonstage.comThanks,Justin
Thx, James...and, Ditto!
Hi James, thanks for the vote of confidence! I seem to divide opinion quite radically, but it makes for interesting debate...
I'll gladly tell you what I can.
Hi James,Yes there a couple of trolls in the midst and my lesson is to tamper my natural instinct which is to bite their heads off. I see them as snipers. One of them in particular and I don't have to mention his AKA. He fires a shot, retreats ... and no-one knows who he is, where he is or what he is. Enough of that. Keep up the valuable postings. cheers Brett
Ossu, James! A new group, just for you:http://www.hypnothoughts.com/group/hypnosisandthemartialarts?xg_source=activityPlease join! Kelley
Your calm and centered presence here is a gift. May it come back to you...you are wonderful!
super great to be here!missed you too,Eternal Smiles,Leo Gopalwww.LionInstituteOfHypnosis.com
Thanks James, I'll check it out. Hoping for a west coast class, though. But we will see.
Good morning, James. I love when I can agree with everything you say. That's happened a couple of times lately.
Hi James. The DVD I liked from Debi is the rapid Inductions. Haven't seen her affect bridge. She works with Cal Banyan on some stuff so would assume they are similar. Simply grow those feelings that has everything to do with why your here today. Let it grow and become stronger. Let it be more alive and more real. (pump it up until you think it has power enough) Now follow those feelings back to when they started. What ever patter you like. I would trust buying from Debi, Take care, Kent.
Good luck tonight! :) I'm going to try and make it and bring some friends.
I look forward to seeing your show tonight at Blu! Break a pendulum, brother!
I'd like that you install it to me :PCould you do it online?
Congratulations on all the awesome work you are doing James! You'll need to start hiring more people soon!-Robert
James,It was great seeing your new practice, and just being in your space! What a lovely set-up... the whole property was relaxing. And all the people and vendors around you were so nice and friendly. I had so much fun reconnecting with you! Thank you again for trading sessions. I really enjoyed mine! I hope you have a good time in San Antonio at the class!
Hello new friend. Yes Shamanic practices are the foundation of modern hypnotherapy. I have journeyed with a few community shamanic circles in Santa Fe, and Northern California. Easier to divine and heal with support from the spirit helpers. Nothing clears the psyche like a good dismemberment in the lower world! My drum is a little dusty, with all these formal, modern studies. What's your connection/perception of the link from old school to new school?Pain in the neck opened the door to my healing path, which is of course the classic archetype of the shaman!Much Joy!
Hi,Since you said that you are looking for new information,colleagues and professsional camaraderie,i think I know just whom you are looking for,the name is Steve G. Jones,Clinical Hypnotherapist,one of the best in this field in my view.RegardsRoss Smith
James,I moved the Elman Sacred Cow to a separate discussion.http://www.hypnothoughts.com/forum/topics/sacred-cow-elmanTake a look and let me know if you're ok with the way I did this.If you have any concern(s) or suggestion(s) let me know.Michael
Heres a group that I created to help people practice their language pattern skills. You may want to join the group, its been a ton of fun so far :)http://www.hypnothoughts.com/group/hypnoticlanguagegamesandhttp://www.hypnothoughts.com/group/hypnoticlanguagegames/forum/topics/hypnotic-language-chat
Thank you my friend,May all of your wishes come true for the very best!Keep On Trancing!JohnTrance-Master.com
I'm originally from Austin. A good friend of mine lives out in Bastrop. Was reading your blog and.... "Hey I know that place!!".Just thought I'd say hi.James
Thank you for writing such an inspiring blog James. It's always so good to be reminded that we are not alone here:-)
Thanks James!
Its been Ages, How are you ?
And thanks for the welcome. :)
ya that would be awesome. I'm still learning and dont know much but I would love to practice sometime with yall. Thanks
Hi James! I'm so thankful that your sister is doing better!I see you do ren fests/faires. Have you checked out our MI fest? They shot a movie there this year - cool! (MI is Hollywood Midwest due to our tax breaks )Do you find you do well at the faires you work??
hi can you teach me a impromtu street hypnosis tecnique that works in an uncontrolled environment
Sorry it has taken me so long to comment back... I am still in the renovation mode and building my business here in a new city. I have done weight reduction successfully for a lot of people. I usually do a class of 6-8. It is a six-week class and I provide a chapter of a workbook, a menu and a CD each week. I have them sign a waiver on the menu, as I am not a dietitian. I have gathered information from everywhere for the workbook. I add and subtract periodically. The whole program is based on a low glycemic food plan. Not no carb, not no fat... The workbook contains recipes every week as well.Here is another thing that has worked well... I may meet someone who is interested in the program but may not be financially able to participate... I give them the option of rounding up at least five more and using their home as a meeting place and they may participate at no charge.I also do private sessions and those are usually more involved with regression to cause and parts therapy as the weight is being used by the SC for some other purpose.
Thank you!
Hey James,It's nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy Hypnothoughts!Sherry
thanks for the info.think i'll have to look into investing in a couple now.cheers,cj.
I'm interested in being a friend due to the forum discussion regarding your phone therapy with your sister.How is your sister doing???? I hope she is better.I'm just starting in hypnotherapy classes in the next couple of weeks but I am primarily a healer - I am an RN wtih Reiki I and II certifictions as well. Excited to be continuting my education.
James, I have used my own weight reduction to build a program that I call, "The Thin Workshop" which I teach in groups and also have the audio portion for sale on Amazon. What I have learned since I have started is that EFT is a valuable addition and I use it a lot! I am now about to incorporate EFT into the Amazon in the form of a DVD. I find that most who are significantly overweight are so not because of what they eat, but what is eating them. That is what my group program does.
I am glad you enjoyed the Energy Induction (the explanation is on the core set too). It's a fun piece and works great when you set the context for the person. I've done some Mesmeric inductions in a similar way with fun effect.
The fairy dragon thing is included in the set at http://www.briandavidphillips.com/products/core.html - I've used it for street, clinic, and stage (particularly when doing the trance wizard persona). For a Renaissance Faire that sort of thing would go over very well as would the Tarot Trance type work I do (which I've also done with AD&D images, Magic: The Gathering cards and even sports trading cards) as well as crystal ball trance. The sky is the limit, just be playful and have fun. Heck, for a RenFaire, straight out relaxation hypnosis would go very well, I just like to dress it all up with some playful wizardry. :-) This weekend, I will be performing a hypnotic seance for Ghost Festival that will make use of some of the same bits.
Hey James I actually Live in Canada. Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan the rectangular province almost smack dab in the middle of the country. But that's cool to know I ll have to see if I can make it down there sometime!
Well, I have a purple wizard hat that I use for that purpose. :-)
in case you got lost (as i do not see you on the chat room or on skype yet)www.incrediblemind.ning.com (you can sign in using the same ID you use on this site)and click on Chat Room on the Left...www.skype.comAnd invite me: user name: GopalaGJAll the best,Leo'
You mean, the Cerbone Butterfly Induction, sometimes renamed on the Internet by various practioners, the Butterfly Fingers Induction (so much for my name in the mix huh?). Glad you liked it, used it and enjoyed it. I am hosting training seminars, and I am to some degree, reinterpreting how we do what we do, hope to see and meet you in a class sometime.Keep on Trancing!All My Very Best,Hypnotically,JohnTrance-Master.com
i suck at typing... LearnClinicalHypnosis.com
www.LarnClinicalHypnosis.com and www.SubliminalScience.com both have the info for Austin....Or call the office, and get my cell# from Paula. The office number is on website. love to meet you even if you dont make it to class!
James,Thank you for adding me as a friend. I am originally from Chicago. Joined the Air Force and when I got out moved to Phoenix. Then 7 years ago moved to Tulsa. It is great to meet you.
Thank you very much.I really do apreciate it very much.I hope that you will hypnotise me at some point.
James:Also looking forward to meeting you one day as well.It's great having you on board as a friend.Hypnotically yours,JohnAKATrance
Glad you like the music. Would you believe it was improvised? The other musician and I had great rapport and would go into these trances where the music would just flow through us . . . I still can't believe a lot of what came out.
Great music. I absolutely lurve the mandolin. So hypnotic!
Thank you! Glad you are enjoying them.
Thanks James. I see alot of familiar faces here, how did I not notice this place sooner?Be Well,Leigh
OMG! Melodie, yes she's such a sweetheart!Thank you for the welcome and add!:o)
James:You are quite welcome for the Alpha University info. We have great plnas for the future for hypno-education!Conrad
James, thanks for the kind words about Bob Asprin. I had no idea that you were SCAvian as well! Well met in sad times, I guess. The Tarkhan formerly known as Jubei.
I'm excited to join! Thanks, Melissa Roth, for telling me about hypnothoughts!