Hypnosis & Brain Sciences research

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Hypnosis & Brain Sciences research

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Each month, there are zillions of new research papers from different branches related to brain sciences coming out - cognitive and affective neuroscience, social neuroscience, cognitive anthropology, complexity science etc. in lots of different journals.

I am pleased to see some of the current neuroscience moving past the reductionist, linear paradigm and starting to embrace the complex systems paradigms - the more "holistic", non-linear, contextual, ecological, embodied, dynamical, networks based etc. conceptions.

I am positive that there are many gems of a research scattered accross these fields, that could be inspiring for fresh perspectives on different (not just) hypnotic phenomena and dynamisms, and perhaps provide some useful insights translatable to a beneficial practical use.

(...and maybe even bring some fresh air to the thorny "Hypnosis definition" related issues, for some? :) )

So let's gather those at one place, bit by bit, and see what curious insights emerge with time... feel encouraged to share what you encounter together with your related thoughts and ideas!

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