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I rehabilitate secret agents and train human beings - I am the Spywhisperer.


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Hi IonaI saw your blog post on the research on hypnosis and synaesthesisa. Please do come and take a look at the Hypnotic Creativity group. It would be fabulous to have you contribute! Very best wishes, Sophie
Thanks very much for the kind greeting - and yo ucan be sure I'll be checking the material out on your sites.Thanks again, Iona!j
Wow, I am blown away by your writing. I won't pretend like i understood everything (lol) but I am a Political Science student so it was a very cool perspective. "Public intelligence in the public interest" how can we get to this? We've got massive social networks that are able to mobilize people stronger and faster than ever before, but what do you think the solution is, how can we make people care? The 'truths' seem pretty scary, to me anyway. But most people seem to stay apathetic and cynical... And I'm still curious about what you do with agents, is it therapy?
Spy Whisperer... that sounds really cool... but could you let me know a lil bit more about it? If not that's fine. Just sounds really interesting. (and I had to let you know, you're sooo beautiful with that smile in your picture)
Quickie Alchemical VisualizationEXERCISE of the FLASKVisualize yourself as being in a clean , clear, crystal flask one quarterfull with pure water. You are floating and bathing in a pure clear warmwater. This water is the water of life, it is the universal divine,purifying, vitalizing and healing, cosmic essence that your consciousnesshas its being in.Visualize a gentle fire below your flask heating and quickening thisspiritual water. You feel very comfortable in this water as it invigoratesyour being. You float very effortlessly in this water and you begin to feellighter as the water begins effervescing through the heating action.You gradually feel lighter and lighter and as the water vapors all aroundbegin to rise get caught up in the action and begin to float out ofthe water, you feel a rising and an elevation. You are above the water andcontinue to rise with the steam up to the upper half of the bottle. You feelan exhilaration, and you realize a freedom within your soul. You absorb asort of power and a blessing from this elevation . Your consciousness seemsto expand and you feel very light within your being. The Spirit within yourejoices. As the vapors slowly condense and begin to descend, you slowlydescend along with them. You feel the downward descent, lower and lower youdescend as you return and are immersed again into the effervescent warmwaters below.2 As you float effortlessly you continue to feel ever more theliveliness and the stimulation of this spiritual water. As the effervescenceof the water continues through the heating action of the fire below theflask, you again begin to feel ever so lighter as you again feel thefloating and the elevation. You once more get caught up in the rising vaporsand are elevated upwards into the upper half of the flask. Once again youfeel elated, and you receive a force from the vibrations of this higherlevel. Your consciousness again feels a freedom that is truly belonging tothe spirit. You can feel the rejoicing in your soul as it receives ablessing and a force from this spiritual expansion and elevation.As the vapors slowly condense and begin to descend, you slowly begin todescend along with them. You feel the downward motion, lower and lower youdescend as you return and are immersed once more in this invigorating,clear, effervescent warm waters below.Slowly as the vapors condense you begin to descend again and are immersedonce more in this invigorating effervescent water. You enjoy the cleaningaction of this bathing.As the fire below the flask keeps heating the water the effervescenceaction continues and you are elevated once more with the rising water vaporsinto the space above. You again absorb the higher energies of this elevationand you feel the freedom that is expressed in this flight of your soul.As the vapors condense, you slowly descend for the last time back intothe warm waters below, bringing with you the higher energies absorbed fromabove. You are immersed again in the water. The fire under the flask slowlyextinguishes and the effervescence slows down.Slowly you come back to objective consciousness and when you are ready open your eyes.
Well... I was looking for Oregon hypnotists and your name came up. Soooo, I though I'd see if you're still active.Looks like you are.I went to your web site http://ionamiller2008.iwarp.comWOW. It's wonderful how much a person can realize about their surroundings like you have, then put it into words.
Hello Iona, What a beautiful name!It's a pleasure to meet you.Sherry
Hi Iona,Thanks for sharing with us your mentor's excellent "pudding recipe," of which you are the proof.This is not the only recipe which has formed the basis for an entire series of cookbooks, but in your inspired hands that is exactly what happened. I look forward to reading them.Don
Thank you too!John Cerbone, FNGH, BCH, CIThe Trance-MasterAuthor of the book: Hypnotic Scripts That Work!- - The Breakthrough Book
Someone inquired to me about UFO/ETs.This is a manual for how NOT to contaminate your clients unnecessarily. It is important to work within their belief systems without introjecting your own, one way or the other. Rule all these out before making presumptions.LOST IN TRANSLATION: The UFO Phenomenon as an Informational VirusLOST IN TRANSLATION. The UFO Phenomenon as an Informational Virus. by Iona Miller, Certified Hypnotherapist (American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, ...
Self-Actualization TestSELF-TEST OF SELF-ACTUALIZATION NORTHRIDGE DEVELOPMENTAL SCALE(this preface by Iona Miller)(SELF-TEST YOUR SELF-ACTUALIZATION)Caution: Do not read to the end of this file if you intend to take thisself-test, or you will skew your results. Read this brief introduction,take the test, and then read further about the development andmeaning of the test. For self-scoring, click the link at the end of thetest for directions on scoring and interpreting your results.We all have the potential for being creative and even extraordinary humanbeings, yet many of us never develop this capacity fully, due to a variety ofblocks. When we see the creativity of others, we may often wonder how we cantap our own creative potential. Psychologists have been trying for years todetermine what distinguishes the creative personality from the population atlarge. Being scientists, they have devised means for categorizing and measuringthese distinctions. Some of the most interesting work along these lines has beenconducted by Piaget, Erikson, Maslow, Arieti, Tart, and John Gowan.Gowan synthesized the best research on consciousness and development towardself-actualization, which Maslow defined as the manifesting of one's potentialcapabilities. However, it is more thoroughly described as a process/goal withoperations on three distinct levels: 1). the creative; 2). the psychedelic, and 3). theilluminative. Those in whom this process is stabilized, rather than merelyemergent, are termed self-actualized. In the perennial philosophy this process isknown as Self-Realization, a living connection with the creative inspiration of thehigher Self, which Plato called the Daemon or genius.Gowan reworked several standard evaluation tests to determine levels of mentaland emotional health in graduate candidates. Because the scale extends beyondthe traits of healthy adult adjustment, it also is an objective measure of someaspects of spirituality. He reasoned that not fostering these extraordinary traitsand transcendent experiences concurrent with the adult tasks of career and familybuilding is roughly equivalent to lack of sexual maturation in an adolescent. Thestrong ego, fearing loss of control, may be reluctant to enter the soul-revealingstages of psychedelia.More recently these creative and transpersonal qualities have been compared on apar with I.Q. as E.Q. (Emotional Quotient) and S.Q. (Spiritual Quotient).Gowan emphasized that when the opposites of cognitive and emotionaldevelopment keep pace with one another, a more balanced individual emerges.This balance is reflected in both inner and outer life. This test will help youunderstand where you are in your personal individuation, what is blocking you,and what developmental tasks remain as options for further exploration anddevelopment.THE NORTHRIDGE DEVELOPMENTAL SCALE(from the book Development of the Psychedelic Individual)by J. C. GowanThis test attempts to find out how well you know yourself and your own development. There are no right answers. You are asked in each question to respond to one of the four alternatives IF YOU WISH. if none of them is "you," please mark response 5. You can work rapidly and take your first impression. You should finish within 45 minutes. WORKS ONLINEOF JOHN CURTIS GOWAN ON CREATIVITYSYNOPSIS at, ESP, and Meditation;the JOHN CURTIS GOWAN Memorial Websiteof Psychic Phenomena, Mental Health, and Paranormal PsychologyBOOK I:TRANCE, ART, AND CREATIVITYA Psychological Analysis of the Relationship Between the Individual Ego and the Numinous Element in Three Modes: Prototaxic, Parataxic, and SyntaxicKeywords: archetype, art, biofeedback, collective unconscious, creativity, dissociation, dream, drug effects, ecstasy, ESP, glossolalia, hallucination, hypnosis, meditation, myth, mysticism, numinous element, parapsychology, peak experience, psychic, ritual, self-actualization, tantra, trance.JOHN CURTIS GOWANCalifornia State UniversityNorthridge, California____________________BOOK II:OPERATIONS OF INCREASING ORDERAND OTHER ESSAYSON EXOTIC FACTORS OF INTELLECT,UNUSUAL POWERS and ABILITIES, ETC.(as Found in Psychic Science)Descriptors: Adamic ecstasy, altered states of consciousness, accelerated mental process, apports, auras, clairaudience, clairvoyance, dowsing, empery, elongation, gemeinschaftgefuhl, genius,healing, hologram model, incorruptibility, inedia, invisibility, infused knowledge, jhanas, levitation, mortem excursus, materialization, miraculous sight, non-somnia, poltergeists, precognition, psychometry, psychokinesis, psychic heat and surgery, precocity, reincarnation, siddhis, SHC (spontaneous human combustion), stigmata, telepathy, teleportation, time warp, transfiguration, translation, vision through opaque JOHN CURTIS GOWANProfessor (Emeritus)California State University, NorthridgeA. B., Ed. M., Harvard, Ed. D. UCLA_____________________________BOOK III:DEVELOPMENT of the PSYCHEDELIC INDIVIDUALA Psychological Analysis of the Psychedelic State and Its Attendant Psychic PowersJOHN CURTIS GOWANCalifornia State UniversityNorthridge, California_______________PAPER:THE MEASUREMENT OF PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AND SELF-ACTUALIZATIONTHE NORTHRIDGE DEVELOPMENTAL SCALEJ. C. Gowan____________________BOOK IV: DEVELOPMENT OF THE CREATIVE INDIVIDUAL"Nothing at last is sacred but the integrity of your mind."--Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Self-Reliance"I went to Ralph Waldo Emerson Elementary School, so I got a good dose of him while very young. Emerson said, "Imagination is not the talent of some men, but the health of every man." I took it to heart.I am interested in extraodinary human powers, among them creativity. For me creativity is drive combined with flow. I am a creative geyser, so I have always been interested in theories about its nature and nurture. My main mentor in that area was JOHN CURTIS GOWAN (deceased), author of TRANCE, ART, AND CREATIVITY. He described a spectrum of experiential phenomena facilitating a variety of expressions. I have written extensively about his work in relationship to qabala. The two systems are in total accord as maps of consciousness.Besides taxonomies, I am also interested in the ontological and epistemological notions of creativity ~ from first causes to root metaphors ~ cosmic creativity and personal creativity, including how we know what we know.
Chaosophy Journalhttp://chaosophy.50megs.comOur notions about ourselves and the nature of the world (worldview) around us are filtered through our prejudices about "the way things work". We never apprehend reality directly--only our world-simulation which is congealed from the convergence of our sensory input channels and the information-creating processes of chaotic neural activity. The brain filters and creates reality.Brains are chaotic systems which create internal perceptual patterns that substitute directly for sensory stimuli. These stimuli are evoked potentials or evoked fields--standing waves in the brain. Imagination has the ability to induce real-time changes in the psychophysical being.Imagination embodies the power of transformation. It may be accessed through obvious imagery, such as dreams, vision, and other sensory analogs, or viewed directly in symptoms, behavior patterns, emotional patterns, mental concepts, and spiritual beliefs.The imaginal process is our primary experience and it permeates and conditions all facets of human life. During experiential psychotherapy, the sensory-motor cortex system is influenced through imagination. Psyche affects substance at the most fundamental level, through chaotic neural activity.
Dreamhealing Bookhttp://dreamhealing.iwarp.comScientific revolutions and paradigm shifts happen in various disciplines on a regular basis. Some practitioners in a field are quick to adapt new models into their conceptualizations and work, while others who are reluctant to change cannot make the leap in consciousness. Continuing to adhere to outdated, but familiar philosophies and practices, they represent the established order and its preference for the status quo.The healing arts, both medical and psychological, have not been exempt from this persistent human pattern. But our understanding of the fundamental nature of reality through scientific understanding is progressing exponentially; advances have been phenomenal.<><>Increasing popularity of the alternative health movement, human potential movement, recovery movement, and self-help has shown that a large segment of the population are changing their approach to well being. A variety of so-called healing techniques have become available with widely varying credibility and results.Whether they have any scientifically traceable therapeutic effect, or not, most are rooted in the idea of treating the WHOLE PERSON, rather than mechanically treating bodies in a maintenance factory. Complementary health practices encourage preventive maintenance as well as physical and psychological self-care and self-regulation, not just crisis management.
Mind Control for Dummieshttp://mindcontrolfordummies.50megs.comReverse Engineering Your Psychophysical Control Systems"Control follows awareness." - Special Ops maximPARADIGMS, PARAPSYCHOLOGY, PARAPHYSICS, PARANOIA, PSIONICS, PSYCHOTRONICS, PSYCHIC ESPIONAGE, PARANORMAL, PARAPOLITIX"Man is free the instant he wants to be." - VoltairePSY-STRAT for Modern Living: Breaking through Collective DeceptionsPOSITIONING YOURSELF IN THE BATTLE FOR YOUR MIND:STEALTH, HEALTH & WEALTHTHE RE-EVOLUTION WILL BE INTERNALIZEDWITH TV, HYPNOSIS BECAME OBSOLETE; WITH HAARP, DRUGS BECAME OBSOLETE, AT LEAST FOR MASS MIND CONTROL.Paranormal * Altered States * Cryptocracy * Espionage * SpyFi * Digital Drugs * PsiSpy * Occulture * Ritual * Subliminazis * Neurotheology * Brain Code * Beliefs * Neurohacking * Paradigm Shift * Psi Wars * Mind Control * EMF * Psychotronics * Manipulation * Countermeasures * Persuasion * Personality Cults * PsiFi * Disinformation * UFOs * PSY-STRAT * Wizards, Spooks & Psiwarriors * Mind Reading * Spiritual Warfare * Thought Injection * Invisible War * Soft Kill * Intelligence * Deep Politics * Cults * Collective Deceptions * Political Witchcraft * High Weirdness * DMT * Metacognition * Conspirituality * Remote Viewing * Nonlethal Weapons * Targeted Individuals * Beamers * Stealth & Health * Bioenergetics * MPD * False Memories * Memory Code * EM Hypersensitivity * NLP * V2K * Reprogramming * Torture * CIA Family Jewels * Thinktanks * SRI * MRU * Tavistock * Holosonics * Hyp-Gnosis * Psychic Self-Defence * Fear Media Propaganda * ELF * HAARP * Scalar Weapons * Synthetic Telepathy * Brain-Computer Interface * Cultural Engineering * Constraints * Counterculture * Subcultures * Internet * Convictions * Mind Shift * Consciousness * The Watchers * Archetypes * New Age * Geomagnetics * Sensory Dep * Ceremonial Psychodrama * Meditation * Self Hypnosis * Brainwaves * Zombies * Neurotransmitters * Assurance * Leadership * Religion * Mind Maps * Strategy * Psychetypes * Disguise * Neurofeedback * Brain Fingerprinting * Confidence Rackets * Initiation * Indoctrination * Censorship * Virtual Reality * Rapport * Manipulation * Transhumanism * Self Talk * Myth * Entrapment * Ideology * Brainwashing * Manchurian Candidate * Groupthink * Subpersonalities * Obsession * Compulsion * Consensus * Coercion * Trance * Paranoia * Taboo * Bondage * Fetish * Seduction * Thrall * Enchantment * Romance * Love * Ecstacy * Magic * Magick * Signs & Portents * Telepathic Hypnosis * Mind Traps * Images, Illusions & Motives * Denial * Self-Delusion * Infiltration * Profiling * DID * Divided Mind * 5-minute Remedies to Mental Poisoning * Distraction * Deprogramming * Deconditioning * Glossary
Iona's 2008 Homepage MILLER Portals 2008Imagination is not a talent of some men, but is the health of every man.--Ralph Waldo Emerson* Changing your mind because of emotion is faith.* Changing your mind because of thinking is philosophy.* Changing your mind because of facts is science.* Changing your mind because of manipulation is mind control.IONATOPIA PORTALS 2008I now have three main Homepages with menus, because I've had to move on as each filled to capacity. The original isIONASPHERE 2000: http://ionamiller.org2000-2007 is hereIONATOPIA 2007: http://ionatopia.50megs.com2008 and full menu is hereMENU: http://ionamiller2008@iwarp.comMy portals each contain one main subject and are compilations of my writing on those topics.Weird ScienceFuture Sciencefuturescience.chaosmagic.comSpiritual Physicsspiritualphysics.50megs.comVirtual Physicsvirtualphysics.50megs.comMy Zero Humanphotonichuman.50megs.comEmBEDded Hologramshttp://embeddedholograms.iwarp.comPsiona Parapsychologypsiona.50megs.comBeyond MK Ultra - MRUbeyondmkultra.50megs.comClimate 2012climate2012.50megs.comNeurotheologyneurotheology.50megs.comParamedia Ecologyionaparamedia.50megs.comDIY Mind Controlmindcontrol.chaosmagic.comBiophysicsbiophysics.50megs.comIona Brainstormionabrainstorm.50megs.comElectronic Voice Phenomenaevp2007.50megs.comEspionage Centralespionagecentral.50megs.comOccult Espionageoccultespionage.50megs.comMind Control for Dummiesmindcontrolfordummies.50megs.comBacon is Shakespearebaconisshakespeare.50megs.comTriangle Book of St. Germaintrianglebook.50megs.comSoul SupportConscious Alchemyconsciousalchemy.50megs.comCreativitycreativity.chaosmagic.comChaosophy Journalchaosophy.50megs.comThe Modern Alchemist Bookthemodernalchemist.chaosmagic.comTemple of Living Lighttempleoflivinglight.50megs.comEmergent Healingemergenthealing.50megs.comEdgeworks Hypnosisedgeworkshypnosis.50megs.comMythic Livingmythicliving.chaosmagic.comHarmonic Continuumharmoniccontinuum.50megs.comSynergetic Qabalasynergeticqabala.chaosmagic.comMagical Perfume Bookmagicalperfume.chaosmagic.comEnergy Psychologyenergypsychology.50megs.comDreamhealing Bookdreamhealing.iwarp.comSpiritual Alchemy SuperPortalhttp://spiritualalchemy.iwarp.comWe all know that art is not the truth, art is a lie that makes us realize the truth. ~PicassoIo ArtIONATOPIA 2007: ionatopia.50megs.comIONASPHERE 2000: ionamiller.orgPop Occulturepopocculture.50megs.comKnow Brow Artknowbrowart.50megs.comDigital Universedigitaluniverse.50megs.comKabbalah Luminatakabbalahluminata.50megs.comScience-Artificers Guild, Int'lhttp://science-artificer.iwarp.comScience-Art Renaissancescience-art-usa.50megs.comSacred Geometrysacredgeometry.50megs.comIona Millerionamiller.50megs.comIona Miller Artionamillerupdates.50megs.comFANSITES 2005-2007TRIBE psiona.gaia.comGaian JNLRMI Associate EditorESPIONAGE SERIESThe Spywhispererhttp://spywhisperer.iwarp.comEspionage Centralespionagecentral.50megs.comOccult Espionageoccultespionage.50megs.comMind Control for Dummiesmindcontrolfordummies.50megs.comBeyond MK Ultra - MRUbeyondmkultra.50megs.comPsiona Parapsychologypsiona.50megs.comParamedia Ecologyionaparamedia.50megs.comDIY Mind
Conscious Alchemy SELF-MASTERY: 21st Century AlchemyWelcome to CONSCIOUS ALCHEMY, the art of modulating your own psychophysical chemistry for increased quality of life. Do you ever feel like you live in the Bizarro Universe, where everything seems totally backward? You try and try, but can't seem to get where you would like to be. Somehow, it seems the 'bad guys' thrive yet you can't make any consistent progress with your life. Or, maybe you would just like to enhance the success you have achieved even more.WHAT'S THE MATTER? We need to learn the art of living well, instead of living better. This means alignment of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lives. We can root out the disturbances of the past and transform them into assets, or strengths. We can remove the incongruencies of conflicting agendas in our belief systems and their fallout - our feelings. When we change our attitudes about ourselves and our past, we initiate a cascade of neurological changes that cover all four domains of our being. We can cultivate deeper awareness. The mind can change what "matters".ANCIENT/FUTURE METASYN: We can take responsibility for our bodies and health, reclaiming our inherent shamanic, yogic and psychosomatic self-healing power. This alone changes our compassionate spiritual relationship to self, others, and universe. The old-yet-new healing paradigm includes non-material but highly-effective shamanic, psychic and spiritual tech that can be applied effectively in any cultural context. Mind is more than a powerless prisoner of the body. It has the power of focus, committed attention and intentionality. Take responsibility for you own healing and well-being, of your own life, the self-organizing power of your own hyperdimensional organism.CHANGE N A HEARTBEAT: The average heart beats 2 billion times and you can change utterly in any one of them. Reclaim your innate capacity for changing the cellular, subatomic, and psychophysical processes of your energy body. WHAT you THINK and the excitation level of your overall system changes your chemistry, markedly. We are fluid fields, through which energy and matter dynamically flow and change. Lifestyle, diet, emotional state and consciousness play a huge role in health and disease. We can catalyze our psychophysical homeostasis and spontaneous healing processes, complementing any traditional care we may require.SELF-IMPROVEMENT: Who says Life is Fair? If there is no Justice, maybe, there is JUST US. Directed self-motivation is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and it can be learned. YOU HAVE THE POWER - the power to focus your attention where it will do the most good, the power to create instantaneous change in your moods, attitudes, and feelings. Through subtle, disciplined techniques you can do it by connecting with the creative Source. CONSCIOUS ALCHEMY means changing the psychological Lead of your unrefined personality into the Gold of creative self-fulfillment. Every day is a Vision Quest.
Edgeworks Hypnosis happens at the creative edge of chaos, by pushing up against our own boundaries. It happens by letting go of old outmoded patterns and making way for new self-organizing dynamics to emerge. Just as one powerful experience can create trauma, a single potent episode can mobilize healing - a quantum leap to recovery of body, soul and spirit. This holistic philosophy of treatment is an new emergent healing paradigm - holographic healing.Consultant, life coach, and transdisciplinarian Iona Miller is a writer, hypnotherapist and multimedia artist doing groundbreaking work on the relationship of chaos theory and emergent paradigm shift in experiential psychotherapy, new physics, biophysics, philosophy, cosmology, medicine, creativity, art, qabalah, magick, metaphysics, and society. See her annual CHAOSOPHY JOURNAL at homepage and http://chaosophy.50megs.comShe has spent decades in the mindbody helping professions consulting and working with medical and CAM personnel, as well as practicing hypnotherapy, with a specialty in sexuality and recovery. She has done extensive work in biofeedback, neurofeedback, neurotheology, hypnosis, meditation, dreamhealing, metaphor therapy, NLP, Ericksonian, Jungian and transpersonal therapies, as well as Transactional Analysis, Gestalt, and Consciousness Restructuring techniques. Miller's NEUROTHEOLOGY 2008:The Biological Basis of Spirituality;Post-Metaphysical SpiritualityNeurotheology, also known as biotheology, is the study of the neural basis of spirituality. Neurotheology deals with the neurological, psychobiological and evolutionary root of subjective experiences traditionally categorized as spiritual. Aldous Huxley introduced the term neurotheology in his utopian novel Island. It was adopted in the last decade for a new scientific discipline. The term is also sometimes used in a less scientific context or philosophical context. Keywords include 'deity', soul, Self, neurophysiological bases, meditation, self-transcendence, spirituality, mysticism, EM and acoustic brain manipulation technology, resonance phenomena, neurotransmitters.Neurotheology covers spiritual experiences of phenomena which are the basis of beliefs, built from four key interconnected components: perceptions, emotions, cognitions, and social interactions.* The perception that space/time orientation ceases; "spaced out"* NDE; ego death* Fear, alienation and self-consciousness dissolve* Nature mysic experiences or spiritual awe; bliss* Creativity and connection with Source* Ego submits to will of Self* DNA memory coiling back to the dawn of life* Sense of immortality and interspecies symbiosis* Oneness with the universe* Ecstatic trance; self-transcendence; psychophysical rapture* Sudden enlightenment, stabilizing over time* Altered States of Consciousness; temporal lobe visions* Pure Awareness; Illumination* Increase of N,N-Dimethyltryptamine DMT levels in the 1000 Petalled Lotus or Pineal Gland.Any attempt to marry a materialistic approach like neuroscience to spirituality naturally attracts much criticism. Some of the criticism is philosophical, dealing with the (perceived) irreconcilability between reductionistic science and spirituality. Some crit is more methodological, dealing with the issues of studying an experience as subjective as spirituality on demand. Just because the demystifying research is problematical or the unveiling of the workings of the mind is psychologically disturbing for some doesn't mean we shouldn't study it.
Induction of the Void & Plenum script is a long voyage into co-consciousness which is a guided tour to the Void and the experiential fullness of Nature, as the Plenum. Tantric love-making automatically induces a condition of suspension of thoughts at the moment of climax -- a momentary experience of what both Hinduism and Buddhism has termed the Void. But conditioning or training in hypnotic induction of the Void can lead to deepening this state and adding to spontaneity.This script was developed by Bernard S. Aaronson, Ph.D. and presented at the American Society of of Clinical Hypnosis in 1969. It appeared in the Journal of the American Society for Psychosomatic Dentistry and Medicine in 1979 (Vol. 26, No.1). The void experience, the central experience of Eastern and Western mysticism, was analyzed as a state resulting from a separation of self from one's senses, from one's concept of self, and a loss of opposites and polarities. Suggestions are also given for ego-expansion, an experience of the Plenum.In the quasi-anatomical mapping of consciousness characteristic of kundalini yoga, the seventh chakra, the center of consciousness located at the top of the head and associated with nirvana, contains the void as a central area. This experience of the void is the core experience of introvertive mysticism. It is an intensely positive experience without empirical content, except a consciousness of consciousness itself -- the ground state of the nature mind, in Tibetan tantra. All mental and physical objects are obliterated from consciousness, the self becomes aware of itself as the bare unity of the manifold of consciousness. It has been called "the Supreme Good. It is One without a second. It is the Self." Suzuki quotes the Great Prajnaparamita Sutra, saying,"Thus, Sariputra, all things have the character of emptiness, they have no beginning, no end, they are faultless and not faultless, they are not perfect and not imperfect. Therefore I Saiputra, here in this emptiness there is no form, no perception, no name, no concepts, no knowledge. No eye, no ear, no nose, no tongue, no body, no mind. No form, no sound, no smell, no taste, no touch, no objects...There is no knowledge, no ignorance, no destruction of ignorance. ..There is no decay nor death; there are no four truths, viz, there is no pain, no origin of pain, no stoppage of pain. There is no knowledge of Nirvana, no obtaining of it...When the impediment of consciousness are annihilated, then he becomes free of all fear, is beyond the reach of change, enjoying final Nirvana."The experience comes with the letting go of the concept of the self as a distinct and separate entity, and breaking down the separation imposed by concepts and logic, and a unifying vision. The conditions included are (1) meditation, (2) ego-loss, (3) loss of opposites, (4) meditation and ego-loss, (5) meditation and loss of opposites, (6) ego-loss and loss of opposites, and (7) the void.Subjects reported (1) a sense of unity which becomes at its extreme pure awareness without empirical content; (2) transcendence of time and space; (3) deeply felt positive mood; (4) sense of sacredness; (5) a sense of intuitively gained insightful knowledge which is also authoritative; (6) paradoxical or logically contradictory experience; (7) ineffability or inability to express the experience in words; (8) transience of the experience; (9) persistent positive changes in attitude and behavior.The alternative induction is the experience of cosmic unity, or the Plenum, a letting go into the flow of imagery. Subjects report feelings of joy, peace, spirituality, feeling in closer touch with the world afterward. The fact that spiritual experience can be produced in this fashion opens the possibility for study of the technology of mysticism and the development of an experimental and experiential psychology of spirituality.