NLP Discussion and Strategies with Master Trainer, Harry Nichols

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NLP Discussion and Strategies with Master Trainer, Harry Nichols

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These brief captions offer some of the subjects, however the great place I like to utilize the technology of NLP is in conjunction with Hypnosis.


A key area is in the Fast Phobia Cure, which utilizes several of the techniques from NLP together with hypnosis. I noticed Scot had posted an article about helping a little girl with fear of spiders. A single session and it just never comes up again. The Fast Phobia Cure was so startling to the psychology model, because they held that "one trial learning" (when all your sensory gates are opened instantly, and capture date) could never be reversed. Dr. Bandler discovered that there were actually people the world over that had cured themselves of these experiences. How did they do that? He modelled their experiences and then found he could replicate it, and get similar experience. The excited occurred when he presented this to a faculty at a convention, and had some volunteers from the audience come forward, and they found themselves without the phobia following that session. 

The audience was in awe, and hence forth had to declare that "one trial learning" was in fact curable. And completely! 

Here's a little more about what you will be learning, and of course there is so much to learn in NLP, it's exciting and a lot of un, as many of the people posted from the Toronto conference, where we just covered a few simple things. Contact me for more information, and if you are interested in hosting a group in your area, I'm happy to bring the training to you. 604-421-1722 

“Conversational Hypnosis Language Patterns”
You Will Learn…
• “Conversational Hypnosis” and how to use it for powerful and covert persuasion
• language patterns used by the world’s best hypnotist
• WARNING: How the media and politicians routinely use hypnosis to make you follow their lead
• The “Deep Structure” of communication – useful questions that create effortless change
• Massive communication problems cause by “Distortions, Deletions & Generalizations”

“State Elicitation & Anchoring”
You Will Learn…
• Elicit powerful states instantly using “Anchoring”
• “Collapse Anchoring” and how to eliminate negative or “stuck” states
• Eliminate stage fright
• The 5 keys to anchoring you must know
• How to anchor your coaching clients for maximum effectiveness
• “Chaining Anchors” – “Rewire” your brain and stop procrastination
• Circle of Excellence” – be in control of your state no matter what is going on around you

“Mastering Strategies”
You Will Learn…
• “Strategies” – uncover the subconscious “programs” that people run subconsciously
• The “Buying Strategy” – learn this trick that will make your products irresistible to your prospects
• “Negative Looping” and how to prevent this common source of unwanted behavior
• The “T.O.T.E Model” for effective strategies

“Rapid Reframing”
You Will Learn…
• Make problems and objections disappear using “Reframing”
• A tested and proven method for eliminating sales objections
• “Limiting Beliefs” and how you can lead those around you to a more empowering future
• The “Context & Content Reframes” – Become powerfully influential with these two NLP patterns
• “Parts” and how they are the source of conflict in people’s lives
• Live your life positively by following this simple strategy

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