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April 11, 1950

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Salt Lake City, UT

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Full Time Practice

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networking and community exchanging ideas and experiences learning new things about the practice of hypnosis furthering my own career as hypnotist and trainer helping others grow and learn

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I serve as the CEO and co-founder of the Academy of Life Management, a group practice in beautiful Salt Lake City. As a Board Certified Hypnotist and Trainer, I work with clients in person and on the net, depending on how 'allowing' my health is on any particular day. I love the internet for that reason - it really frees me up to continue working with people, even when I otherwise may have been unable to. As Mountain Region Lead for World Hypnotism Day, I work at connecting with as many hypnotists as possible to encourage and support promotion and participation in the annual World Hypnotism Day, and more. My background is in Psychology and Addiction Counseling, with special certifications and experience in Reiki, Breathwork, Life Coaching, along with various types of shamanic and energy work training. I've had the privilege and opportunity to study with masters from around the world. I love helping people find their passion and the core of who they are. I enjoy teaching hypnosis, and I also enjoy helping beginning practitioners find their marketing niche and quickly build a thriving, profitable business.


I'm fascinated by quantum physics, rejuvenated by gardening, delighted with cooking good food for good friends & family, entranced by spirals of all kinds, fulfilled by sweet time with my loved ones and my little dog, and excited to share and learn about hypnosis and other transformational arts.

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October 5, 7:00 P.MI will be teaching the Salt Lake Chapter of NGH...How to hypnotize a group.See you there,contact Gwyneth for more Information
Its nice to meet you gwyneth Im from payson
Hi Gwyneth,I was wondering if you there anyplace or is it even OK for me to put my newsletters up on hypnothoughts?Thanks for mentioning hypnothoughts to me also.
Thank you Gwyneth, I have been very busy and have not had time to join in right at the moment. Hopefully, next month will slow down a little and I look forward to talking to you.Dana
Gwyneth: I am delighted to connect with you and share a core passion for transformation! I look forward to sharing juicy insights on the way!Thanks for the info on Hypno day & more. Gotta return to the basics and start right here where my feet are, and work my way into the larger picture!I am most excited about breaking open & mixing up past life regression, inter life & natal regression, Holographic Memory Resolution and more!I love how it all leads to the same luminous reality!Peace & revolution!Jen
Hi Gweneth, Jody here...I'm very interested in speaking with you, since my gal and I are planning to relocate to Park City,Utah towards the end of the year. She is currently attending school in Orlando for fitness/nutrition. I am interning this semester @ HAA, and then will be joining her in Florida until she graduates in June...
Thanks for the invite...I see you incorporate many kinds of healings also. I love doing that. Look forward to knowing you better. See you've already met Carol and Sandy... were all togther in our local group ASPH. Blessings ...
Thank You for your input. I really do not feel accomplished but I do feel I have done a few things in my life.I am going to join the group you suggested sounds great, I love free bees.Looking forward to keeping in touch with you from time to time as work and life permits.Most Sincerely,Your New Hypno Sister,Diane
Hello Gwyneth,Thank you for your compliment. I'll have a look at your site and the information on WHD.
Hello beautiful, thank you for the friend request, we have some things in common don;t we? ;)May your day be filled with vitality and strength! kiss JADE
Gwyneth,This is Sandi Graves from Phoenix here. I am the contact that Carol Adler (ASPH) sent you to. I was on the teleconference with you and Tom before WHD and I so enjoyed your encouragement and especially the session at the end. That was great.Don Rice and I hosted an event at a local healthfood grocery store in Phoenix on WHD and had a very successful time. But then anything done with Don comes out great.I just sent Tom photos, press release-from after the event, and a small version of a poster we used for the event. Let me know if you would also like them.Take care,Sandi
Thank you so much for the comment and the information. I appreciate the enthusiasm here. Will be back in touch.
Sounds good... I'll look forward to hearing from you.Bob
Sandi Graves is the person! Her email address is Tell her Carol Adler from ASPH sent her to you!!!
Hi Gwyneth,Thanks for the friend add. I'm always happy to have another Aries as a friend!I'm also happy that you liked my website and it's fine if it gives you and your webmaster some ideas. I'm sure yours will be sufficiently different that there won't be a problem.Namaste,Daniel
The World Hypnosis Day... yes! I believe we have a liaison in ASPH (Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis) who is promoting it. I'll check out the contact information (I'm an officer of ASPH)... Where do you live?
Hi Gyyneth, just checkin out your wall here, very cool stuff, ~ Thanks
Gwyn - glad you are part of Hypnothouhts and will be attening the first E-summit!Today is a great day for the USA - I am involved in the inaugration proceeding of Barack Obama today - it is a wonderful happening for all Americans and I beleive the world at large. TV is fabalous.Have a prosperous year and Carpe Diem,Dr. Anna
Gwyneth!!! You're adorable! Can't wait to meet you in person!
GwynethProbably CREATING CHANGE. TaTa back to bed. I woke with a 'need' to check in on a friend.Night,Dan
Hi Gwyneth! I hope you enjoy your time here.
Welcome to HypnoThoughts!