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Induction-less Hypnosis?


Can you have hypnosis without an induction? And even if you can, would you want to? This quick audio discusses the topic and argues from the perspective of t...

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Hint -- Very few people will notice that the sound quality of this excellent presentation is not up to your usual audio standards, if you don't mention it. Excellent video-

I believe that inductions are necessary for hypnotic experiences, but as you wisely point out there are many ways to induce hypnotic reactions beyond conventional inductions. I highly recommend your your e-book to any one interested in becoming more effective...

Michael E.

Thanks, John.I nearly referred to you actually, as an example of someone who is using an induction even when it might look like they're not - and then moves seamlessly into the next stage of phenomena or whatever.

Interesting premise Graham, thank you for sharing this :)


Sorry about the sound quality on this. I wanted to get it out there quickly, so decided not to wait for my laptop to be fixed - hence a quick Keynote presentation on the iPad!