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Hypnotist, NGH Certified, serving the Capital Region of New York including Albany, Saratoga, Schenectady, Troy and the Hudson Valley. Specializing in Weight Mgt, Smoking Cessation, Sports Mental-Conditioning, Fear Release, Pain Management - Adult and Pediatric


Art - Hypnosis - Golf - Learning

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George Guarino
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"Mesmerism is just Hypnosis using an old name. Even the hypnotic gaze induction (absorption) requires an instruction (The hypnotist physically..."
George Guarino
@george-guarino • 3 months ago
George Guarino
@george-guarino • 3 months ago
Posted a response to "Thoughts of Strategies for Generating & Utilizing Stacked Realities"
"Hi David.  Good discussion. Good process to use in sessions, in whatever way you proceed. Burying the change-work at a level unknown to the..."
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George Guarino
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"Thank you Chris.  I can understand just what you're saying.  Good reasons to have it.  Thanks again. G"
George Guarino
@george-guarino • 6 months ago
George Guarino
@george-guarino • 6 months ago
Posted a response to "Camera"
"You'll never go wrong listening to Chris Thompson's recommendations.  He does a fabulous job producing videos.   Question Chris - what is the..."
George Guarino
@george-guarino • 6 months ago
George Guarino
@george-guarino • 6 months ago

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Hi George,

I won't get to go to Hypnothoughts Live this year, maybe next year.

I only have a part-time practice, so I don't see a lot of clients. I said that to say this. I have not used Subliminal Therapy a lot. I have other stuff I use a lot of the time, and only use ST when I feel I need to use it. I would like to talk with you sometime about ST, as I still am interested in it. So maybe we can get together by PM or on Skype and talk sometime about it.



Hey George, if you want language pattern examples, you can request them there and I'll do what I can for you.

Thank you very much for sharing this technique! I will test itmaybe tonight with my wife if she is positive. Hypnotherapy is a hobby for me but I hope I will spend more time with clients soon. I got my NGH certificate in Sweden last year.

thank you for the welcome to the group. i am just starting out in this area. it is nice to have a place to go like this site.

Hi George,

Still trying to navigate the waters of the site...Thanks for the welcome note!

Thanks for the welcome.

Thanks for the invitation George, look forward to learning much more.

Thanks for the invite!

Hi George. Nice to meet you. I'm now wondering what James Tripp said of me in his trainings LOL.
Anyway nice to meet you.
yours aye,
ps: My wife and I both loved your photos :)

Hi George. Thanks for connecting!

Thank you, George. I'm planning to explore Hypnothoughts thoroughly over the holiday vacation. :)

Hey George, yes, I'd love to build up my practice to do more medical hypnosis. I am seeing some clients now as of this summer. Slowly building up my practice :)

Thank you for visiting me on my online home (aka my website!) as well today!

I'm so happy our paths are crossing here and over there; please let me know if there is anything I can do to support you on your journey :).

George, I used your term "wise mind" with a client today and she responded very well to it. Thanks! ~ Liz

Thank you for the connection and kind words George! Looking forward to supporting each other on this journey :)

Hi George,

Effective trading has everything to do with being in the proper state, and as you know, NLP can be very effective!

Thanks for the friend request :)

thanks for the friend invitation. nice to meet you.

thanks for the friend invite!

Nice to meet you (virtually speaking) :-)

Thanks for the add George.... Yes, Life is just too short.... :O)

Hi George, thanks for the contact

Thanks for the welcome George!

Thanks for the welcome, George.

Thank you for the welcome


Thanks for the welcome George

Thank you, George, for your friendship request!

Thank you George for the friend invite. I'm still in my infant shoes, taking baby steps in hypnotherapy, but loved and love it all the way. I'm not as often on this site as I should due to many other commitments, but it's awesome to be part of this community. Am positive our paths will cross every now and then.

Love and blessings. Ina

I'd love to hear different approaches to tinnitus, apart from self-hypnosis..the client I have is especially affected, as the ringing switches sides and locations and has different "pressures" (no medical reason)....he's very spiritually aware and has some interesting thoughts about the reason...however, he'd really like to find different coping tools to try..

Hi George,

Thanks for the welcome! id you ever get to visit Sparta while your brother was here?


HI and thanks for the welcome. I look forward to sharing and learning on this wonderful forum.

my best wishes, John.

Thank you, George! Many clients enjoy "taking a walk" in this space, thanks to your special touch. :)

Thank you for the warm welcome to the Forum, George!

Thank you for the recommendation, George! I'll put "Training Trances" on my wish list! I have been studying NLP, but all through books and video classes. One of these days (when I'm finished with naturopathy training in the fall of next year), I'll take some formal training. I think I love it!

I also love how Melissa Tiers uses EFT and NLP both in her sessions. I've used EFT for years, and having her connect the dots for me (in that one can use multiple techniques together) was a fabulous light bulb moment! :)

I'm definitely practicing, practicing, practicing! Client numbers are growing (by word-of-mouth only), and so far the success rate is fabulous! <knock wood> It's absolutely my favorite healing modality!

Wildcrafting is the practice of foraging herbs in the wild, and <ethically> harvesting. :) My favorite wildcrafting subject is Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica). :)

Connecting ART and hypnosis?? Fabulous! I have no idea how to connect THOSE dots, but it sounds amazing! (I'm also an artist! haha)


Hi George, Thanks for the welcome looking forward to connecting with you


Thanks for the welcome!


Hello George, thanks for the friends request.

Thank you for your welcome George. I am looking forward to a rewarding experience as a hypnotherapist. These early days are busy, as I write a business plan to help formulate success.

Linda W

Thanks George. Glad to know you. Love your twitter stream :)

Thank you for the welcome, George! :)

Thank you for the friend request. It was great to meet you at the convention.

Hello George, and thank you for the friend request. I'm looking forward to sharing experiences and ideas with you!

Hello George. Thank you for the friend request. It's always nice to meet new people who share an interest in hypnosis and our miraculous mind. What a gift we were each born with. Wishing you wellness on your path...Enjoy!

Hello George, Nice to meet you. Looking forward to some interesting discussions about our favourite topic - hypnosis.


Hi George! Thank you for adding me as a friend. Looking forward to becoming better acquainted here! BE well, Namaste Michelle

Hi, Thank you for inviting me as your friend!

Hi George. Do I know you from another lifetime ago? SUNY New Paltz circa early 70's?


Hi George, thank you for connecting. I look forward to our interaction.

Thanks George! Yea we don't get much credit, but if you live in the bible belt like me you sure get beat up on LOL It does feel good to know it worked.
Hi George, thanks you for the friending. I really enjoy your posts. Keep up the good and noble work you do :)

Hello George, thanks for the invite, and since you're intohelping students withexams and study,which may begin with your unconscious now ,as you may become fascinated to know how I most often address the entire class at a time as I'm a teacher at the University and when you begin the process of considering how I have been very successful to the point other teachers and admin staff refuse to accept the evidence staring them in the face with statements such as "there must have been a mistake" or "someone graded them wrong" but the truth is you would findit's best towrite many different scripts which include a form of induction within the story line blatantly using simple direct suggestions and of course any and all resistance is used to takeyou deeper into believing and accepting all suggestions so you can actually welcome resistance and write scripts in such a way as to elicit them as you distract them at the same time and as you think aboutjust how your mine workingpicturing medoing thiswith my girlfriend who is a fellow teacher, by directly telling her about Psychological phrases and how to use them as you should always have an outcome in mind whenever communicating with someone like falling in love with me and you can do that now you may hear me telling herand of course you may notice how shehas and does deeper each time and you know this when she is talking about the future with you 30 or 40 years from now because she is convinced as I am that my life will be advanced to greater than 120 years so because she is 31 years younger than myself she finds the confidence and reassurance that I will be here for her with gives her a special sense of security that all women want, but it's all about the creation of feelings and nothing more and never allowing any negative aspects of language to interfere with what your intentions are but using your conversations to bring you to those wondrous feelings of success with everything you do and say while creating the most inspiring and efficient use of language patterns that create success in others so you may find yourself more successful as the great man from my home state of Missouri is famous for saying, "You can get what you want, if you help enough other people get what they want". Its all about other people and the love of human beings and the Philosophy of Human Social Behavior as I am and you seem to certainly be yourself. I'd be happy to share some scripts with you and if you can find them successful then by all means you may employ them. Of course most people do best by reading and listening and it doesn't matter about the directness because you should always welcome resistance and flow with it and use it as it's your best friend you may begin to understand how great a friend you're comprehending so use it wisely and often to gain greater depts of success and insite into your own intuition.

Your friend Dennis

Thank you for your invite, accepted with delight and happiness. I love this community and look forward to getting to know you and learn from you.
Hi George - lucky you, full time hypnosis! Wish I could do that! I live in a small rural area of NZ and have to work 4 days a week as caterer, but can see clients on my days off - and I do! The downside is I know most people here and it is hard to charge them, especially when I know they have no job and no money, but a freebie is no problem, as I am getting more experience and that is always useful. I also use E.F.T. alot and I love that.
Thanks for the compliment and the add! Looking forward to great discussions with you in the future. Trance out! Stephanie
Thank you George for the connection. I look forward to learning from you and your vast knowledge and expierence. It is refreshing to meet someone so open and welcoming. Best to you, Ty
Hi George, pleased to meet you. Look forward to geting to know you :-) x

Thank you George for the adding, let me know if you want to promote some events in my program Hypnosis with Ana Maria through

Blessings and tons of love.

Thank you so much for your invitation George.

Welcome George.


Greetings George, thanks for connecting.
Greetings George! Thanks for connecting :)

Hi George! Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Joyous New Year to you!!!

Hope all is well & that 2011 brings you much happiness!


Hi George,

My chewing tobacco client canceled, but assures me he'll be back after the holidays. I'll let you know how it goes! Thanks for the invite, nice to meet you.

Hello George...I'm looking forward to reading your posts.thanks for sharing the good info.Samantha
Thank you for your friending.... a pleasure to know you.
Thank you, George! Nice to meet you...Kelley
Thanks, nice to have a new friend!
I wish you all the best during this holiday season and may 2009 bring you plenty of personal and business successes!All the best,Marc
Hi George,Welcome to the group. I'm sure you're going to enjoy connecting to other people of "like mind".Carol
Hey!Thanks for the sage advice G..I've, I guess, non-intentionally been using waking hypnosis with my patients for several years, now I'm learning!I'd often lead folks into it through visualization to get them deep breathing (picture yourself as a kid, taking deep breaths and wishing on birthday candles or else blowing the seeds from a dandelion). It always worked and the cardiologists were always happy with me for doing so, made the patients relax during cardiac catheterization procedures - the patients seemed to like doing it as well.Now, I think I use lots of NLP and waking hypnosis with my patients. I work ER in the "cardiac" observation unit. A lot is instinctual for me, but now having classwork behind me, I can really be effective in this area and I feel so blessed and thankful for gaining this knowledge! My patients usually sleep very well and have less episodes of pain than others. Sometimes I get some guff from co-workers because I have "easy" assignments - ha, little to they know - lol!I've already promised my boss a mini seminar for my co-workers once I am certified, so my "secrets" will be out then, though a few of my co-workers think I'm daft and I'm sure won't accept my info, even though all of my classes are covered by the State of MI for continuing education credits for registered nurses.... some people will never accept, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.Sometimes, I feel reluctant to use hypnosis in my work though, since society is so litiginous (is that how to spell it? lol!) at least, I feel like I don't want to use the word "hypnosis".... I hope that in the future that won't be the case. But I am a bit afraid to jeopardize my nursing license, you know? Right now, I'm the sole breadwinner in my household. I think there is a fine line here. I do feel comfortable in leading people through positive visualizations (basically hypnosis, I know...) though. I just can't lend the name to it. As long as it helps, I don't care what it's called, but when someone can sue and WIN a case about their coffee being too hot, I'm not taking any chances.Much love and light to you and yours!Shanti

Hi George! How's tricks?I'm still in classes, by mid-Nov., I will have my C. Ht. and I'm so exicted.I'm glad to count you as a friend, judging by your questions and comments to me and others!Please keep in touch!I've had some success in practice sessions, just hypnotising my son who is 11. He is very open to the idea and we've had some really good successes so far! This makes my heart soar, to see him being able to benefit!God bless you for having the heart to help "the least of these", to me is the kids.Shanti
Ola George, May you continue to walk the good Red Road.Check out my new web site: www.curanderotherapy.comPeace, Red Crow
Feir - Thanks for the idea. I hadn't heard of that site yet. Perhaps they do have something I can use. G
Hello there George, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, I see another Italian here, I am a Abbruzze, glad to meet you.
Hi George,Many thanks for your message, I'm glad you are enjoying the cards, please find below my top tips for using them:1) Play card games with other people2) Write out 100 examples / variations of each pattern3) Choose a card a day - listen for other people using that patterns & work it into your own conversations4) Pull out a couple of cards when you're on the phone & work them into conversation5) Pull out a couple of cards when writing emails & work them into emails.Best wishes
Hi George,Thanks for the "Friend" invite. I am newly certified in Hypnosis and NLP. I see you work with people on their Golf game. do you use Hypnosis only or do you also use NLP (T.O.T.E.) method to improve their game. What do you use? Just curious to learn all I can.Bill
George... You know don rice huh? hes been a huge mentor for me too .. he even calls me pretty Beth .. rotfl
What's the good word??? George, didn't you peg me for Mary Poppins pablum ? the word is: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Of course, if you're trying to put someone in trance, "sleep!" works pretty well, too!
Hi George! Nice to see you here!
Hi George,Many thanks for your message and for using the cards. Unfortunately I am unable to send out sample decks, I get an overwhelming amount of requests for samples/review products daily. If you would like to try the 5 decks risk-free you can purchase them at a great price from If you find they are not what you are looking for you can send them back to us for a full no quibble refund.I hope this is an acceptable compromiseBest wishes
Hello George,The canyon view is fantastic. Trying to schedule time soon to get back up there for a day or two ..The wonderful thing here we can all learn and share much. Keep in touch..
Thank you for the invitation of friendship. Nice to meet you.Stephanie
Hi George,Welcome,Marc