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February 23, 1951

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Mesa Arizona...

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Was time for an update ... Noticed I hadn't changed anything since the beginning I have a part time practice here in the Valley of the Sun. Past Secty of the ASPH, our professional organization here in Phoenix. Still very active within our group. I also do 2 live radio shows a week. Talk radio. I also do stage hypnosis which I love doing. One thing I love about this site is we can all still learn. Don't let fear enter your minds..jump right in and test the waters.. you might just be surprised at what you find.


Hypnosis, Spirituality, Metaphysical, Reading,Learning, Many interests.

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I love the customization you have done here on this page. I saw some of your comments in forum and clicked to you here. I just had vibe to do so and followed it. I sent you a friend request as well.

Hypnotic Waves

Hi Elizabeth! It's nice to meet you.

Hello Elizabeth! Love your page .. Im looking forward to getting to know you better. Have a blessed day!

Thanks Elizabeth. Glad to be part of the group.

Likewise, my pleasure to connect with you. I'm in Phoenix so I'll treat you to a coffee some day.

Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks for connecting! Look forward to learning from, and sharing with, you :-)

In joy,




I will look forward to checking that out!

Sounds like you have a great life going on there !

Your friend Orion!


Thank you for the friends request!

I am honored .

It's about time I had the charm and wisdom added to my friends list that only a woman can bring.

Yes I am a sexist...I believe that women are the superior of the two sexes of humans as well as animals .LOL I laugh but you know if you think about it....it is true!

When do you start the PTN broadcast?

I didnt see it listed yet and the other link... said page not found . I would love to listen in to your shows !

Your new friend , Orion

Hi thanks, I found I am already signed up there, although I may have a glitch with that,it was a few days back I tried. So I think I can access them there once I find my way round. Perhaps you have some dates of ones you think I would like or get a good idea with. Skype hmm well I did buy some second hand from Ebay only I have not got them out of box yet. I must let this inspire me to work it out.

I had a chat over the phone with the younger friend who wanted to 'interview' me about my adventures in the 60's. My partner had passed that message on to me as she is a work colleague of his and we had a very interesting exchange. She has an interesting angle on empowering people through helping them talk about their stories, so should be helpful to this as well as getting some more written up.

Also a bit of good news is my friend who focuses the original healing circle has now joined the dolphin healers group. He is also letting me use his story about discovering his past life as a medicine man, in the book about the healing circle and the dolphin site. It was quite a surprise to him as a scientist. He now has a Reiki healing practice outside of his 9-5.

So things are flowing forward well.

You'll be the first to know once I have unraveled the mysteries and wires of Skype.xxx

Thank you so much for theinvite andlink, listening to that will help me prepare. I do listen to quite a few similar shows only most have a sales promo of $97 involved, some are good, just too many tempting overspending. A few give just useful content that can be applied. Anyway would love to experience the vibration of yours which I'm thinking will be more like the later with less of the regular new age celeb gurus involved.

Do you have any recordings of previous shows so I can catch up on it.

*love and appreciation *

Hi Elizabeth, how could I listen to your radio show, have you a link here or could send me one *love*
Thank you for reaching out in welcome to a newbie. I look forward to sharing and getting to kown the members of the group. You are appreciated for taking your time and showing your gracious welcome. Ty
I've been in Nashville for 7+ years, from Atlanta. I LOVE Arizona. I'll bet it's beautiful where you live! :O)

Thank you for accepting my Request Elizabeth, looking forward to meet you.

Have a lovely week!



Have a good day!


Thanks for adding me as a friend. Renee

I was not ignoring you...I forogt that I was a member here...
It's a small world!
thanks for adding me as a friend. I lived 15 years in Flagstaff before returning to Indiana.

May your imagination and voice radiate as a beacon of hope to many people in 2011. I also hope you have fun!

Hi, Elizabeth. I'm happy to be your friend!

Greetings Elizabeth: Nice to connect with you. Enjoyed visiting your website, and look forward to listening to your show......................Andrew

Hi Elizabeth, thank you. I love your hair by the way :-)

Hi thanks for the welcome and the invite!

Thanks, Elizabeth, for welcoming me.
I feel the same way. You'll have to tell me some day whether I'm a good subject.
That's right . . . and just allow that thought . . . to take you deeper . . .
Funny thing is, in my normal waking life, I forget numbers all the time - phone numbers street numbers, lock combinations, etc. etc.
Hi there.... seems like I have to get out online more..havent seen many of the old friends from yahoo days lately ..and paltalk opened the door for me to be hacked...had to get a new pc ..but would love to run into my old friends more.. Also writing a book..almost done so I have been focused there a bit..huggs Blonde...Alice
Hello Elizabeth:Thanks for the invitation. What a great community Hypnotherapists are. I'm sure you've read my bio; I'll add a bit more about myself. I'm into 'color' big time. I was a contractor for nearly 40 years, and in that time I sharpened my acuity for vibration, to te point that instead of seeing the resonance, I see the frequency driving the color. I became a student of "A Course in Miracles" which allowed me to understand my projection as to what God is. From this I began using color resonance in my personal meditation. I use this system for Past Life Regression. It is very useful in showing my clients that there is more to us that a "body." Looking forward for a response.
Hi Elizabeth,I posted a video on the 'Wounded Healer Chiron' though you may well know it from the healing site
Hi Elizabeth,delighted you befriended me I can see we are on a similar wavelength and look forward to sharing. I'm going to put some mind blowing videos on re the mind reading that I've just come across.love Teri xxx
Actually, I do know what you're talking about. Helping someone turn their life around has to be the most uplifting thing I've ever done, like showing someone who's been driving around in first gear how to use the shift.
So, I guess that means a man CAN have a baby!Bill
Hi Elizabeth, Thanks for adding me as a friend.
Yup Elizabeth sure enough you spotted me, and I'm happy to accept the invitation for Saturday.NamasteKeithanthony"Make a decision and take a position"Keithanthony 2008
Thanks Elizabeth for considering me for a friend, I miss now America even more! So something positive came from being under your own comment about Linda, who in contrast to our genuine members every bit of her is bogus!Nevertheless I wish her well since the greatest thing we have to offer the World, and each other is that we get better not by chance but by change, even Linda!NamasteKeithanthonyYour life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.Jim Rohn died December 5, 2009 rip

Thanks for add me Elizabeth.
Elizabeth, I emailed you this question but didn't hear back from you. Can I call you for the radio interview on my land phone or is it absolutely essential for me to register with skype and set myself up with skype? Also, you can find my press release by going to google.com and writing in the search: prlog.org/returning toI look forward to hearing from you soon. jt
Thank you for your request Elizabeth!It's an honour to have you as a friend.
Thanks for adding me Elizabeth. Oh, and I LOVE Arizona. Have a super day!
Hello, Baker, Louisiana is 5 min. away from Baton Rouge, LA. and about a hour and a half from New Orleans. Next time you visit your friend look me up aswell.
Elizabeth, It's a pleasure! Walt
I love Phoenix, its a beautiful town. In fact, I think I have been to Mesa once. You are lucky to live in such pretty place.
Hi Elizebath, thank you for sending me the friend invite. I am living in Tokyo, guess that is not too different from Mesa, Arizona, except Tokyo might have got a lot more people. Wish you the best success in business. Best regards. jh
HI lizbeth,HOW about that!!something you do not see very often.A lady in a dress,and you look darned nice too,thank you for the greeting.rt
nice pics!!!!
Geee..... thanks for the add.. !
Thank you, I will.
Elizabeth, you just called me an infection....twice!!!! I'm not sure what to think. I do need some healing, and your sweet kindness is like good medicine for me. I guess I can let you off the hook this time, but next time you get stuck in my hook, I'm a reeling you in as a keeper.Bacterially speaking,Steve the infection
Hi Elizabeth, thanks for adding me. I'm just getting started on here. I'm thinking about trying to "transfer" all my face book hypno buds over to this site. My face book has friends, clients, potential clients, family AND hypno-buds! Would like to separate that out and this seems to be the perfect place. :)
Thanks for sending me a very kind message, I can never get enough of those, howd you know, I miss you and your smile too.
Hi Elizabeth, Just came on to pay respects for Gil. thought I would stop by your page and say hello. KISS JADE
Hello Elizabeth,How are you doing? Over the past year I've sent you emails and left you some voicemails yet you've not responded and I'm just wondering why. If I caused anger, frustration, or anything similar to you. Otherwise why would have not answered my requests for contact? Have a great and wonderful week and I hope to hear from you.Sincerely,Bob
Welcome Cynthia - Have a great 2010. You may enjoy our free e-subscription - please see below.Carpe Diem,Dr Anna - publisher, therapist and speakerCelebrating 74 grand years on the planet!Free e-subscription to Subconsciously Speaking http://www.infinityinst.com/sub_speak.htmWe send Articles of Interst every Friday & Announcements during the week.
Hello again Elizabeth,I sent the last one before having coffee and said my website incorrectly. It's wehavechoices.com. Two cups now so all is well. Keep smiling,Bob
Elizabeth,Congratulations on your new radio show(s). I'd love to be a guest on one of them and if you'd care to hear me on the radio, please go to wehavdchoices.com and click on calendar. There are four or five shows I've been a guest on so just click on one and you'll hear me being interviewed. I'm very excited for you and wish you the best.Fondly,Bob
Dear Elizabeth,Congrats! I used to have an Internet Radio Show on Hypnosis. I hope you enjoy the process!Sincerely, William Mitchell
Hi Elizabeth,Sorry it took so long to get back, full plate :o).Thanks for being my friend!"D"
Welcome To Hypnothoughts.You'll come across some interesting new waysof thinking about things on here.Regards,John Petrocelli, CHt - DirectorNYC Hypnosis Centerhttp://www.healthwithhypnosis.comhttp://www.hypnoclass.comhttp://www.sleepwalkersworldwide.com
Thanks for welcoming me to HypnoThoughts. I look forward to meeting other hypnotists and healers.Melinda Utal-Martinez
Are you still alive Elizabeth? If you are, you must hate me as you've not responded to any attempt to contact you that I've made. Please for both of us, clear the air and perhaps we can do some really cool things together but we'll never know if you don't respond.Your friend, ?Bob
Hello Liz, good to hear from you.Im fine, not much business going on, but i keep doingdemo's of PLR to try and attract clients.How did the prom gig go?Take care,Chris
Hello stranger, what happened? I've sent you a few emails as well as voice mails and haven't heard back from you. Are you okay? Do you still wish to do a certification course out there in beautiful Arizona? I now have a video on my website so people can get a bit acquainted with me. You have my number (phone I mean) and my email so please contact me and let's get something going.Your dear friend?Bob
bless ya, thanks for dropping by.things are pretty quiet on this side of the planet,unfortunately.it sounds like your ready for a great time,and i send you all my best for the event.you must let me know how it all goes :o)and yes, smiles all round.
Thank you so much, looking forward to chatting and learning as much as I can on the site. All great things.J
Thanks for commenting on my wall! It does seem that we have things in common - including a neighborhood. :-)
Hiya, Just back on air after blowing not one but two laptops!! shows what getting angry can do.Thought this group was getting tired and not much was happening before thet1 Had a wonderful weekend, went to a place where we found the 75000year old stonehenge and in a nearby town carried out a n investigation into ghosts there with a full research unit and a tv crew, I found 10 ghosts and had a ball, it will be on National TV this weekend
Thanks. Welcome to Mesa, AZ. That's great that you are also a stage hypnotist!!! The Laughs Comedy club in Tucson has stage Hypnotists. Maybe you can perform there sometime!Happy birthday!I'm doing hypnotherapy part time, and it's my passion as a Scorpio - I get to the root of the matter.All the Best,MelissBliss
Goodness...I missed your birthday! Wishing you a very merry though belated Birthday! I love your Emerald Lioness.Blessings for a fabulous year ahead!Debbie
Great to hear from you .I have for some time now worked with new amputees and only because I know what they are going through is it easer for me to understand how they feel. Most doctors will not understand your field and dont want to . what I did was volunteer my time with the clients and work with them and most become a long term client . There are so many different problems with a new amputee that it takes many different sessions for different reasons . Pain, self worth, fear, depression, and many more .I understand your frustration with the doctors but it is slowly changing just dont worry about the doc's , I think the nurses are the ones now understanding and then the doctors will come . If you can find a new class of first year nurses , try to have a talk with them about your practice , they are very open to the healing arts. I get calls from the nurses when a client looks like they are having a bad day.. I have one client I have worked with now for two years , once a week . Times are changing. Get good at what you do and watch, just put yourself out there and it will come back tenfold.When I leave the hospital I walk by the smoking area and try grab a few smokers that want to stop. I always have my stop smoking program with me as Im sure you know you need more clients then you have . If I can help with the smoking I find many more things to deal with and thus a new long term client.RT
Thanks for letting me be your friend here on HypnoThoughts. It's nice to see how your practice is developing.Thal
Hi Elizabeth -thanks for that. Yep, can you imagine even trying to separate them?!
Hi from CanadaHope this finds you well . Nice to meet you . I have a client in 10 min, so I will sit down later and write more about me and learn about you .Thanks
hiyes i do many forms of healinghow about youdez
Hi Elizabeth..Thanks, That Orb in particular was one staying around in a lecture designed specifically about Orbs. It is so amazing to just call them in! But how in your face is that cheeky one! Finding out more and more about them every week. How are you? what exciting news from your way? Blessings..Art
Dear Elizabeth, how wonderful to hear from you..thank you1 I am just back from Botswana consulting and a little visiting of wonderfully strange places. They see things there, Rock Giants, Unicorns, huge spirits and peopple walking on the saltpans who just appear and disappear all the time, glowing lights, wonderful real surprises. I hope you are fantastic. Love and Blessings..Art
Sorry Elizabeth, I didn't mean to hang up on you. I have never seen a format like that and I hit some buttonand you were gone.thank you for trying to contact me, that was sweet! TTLY KISS JADE
Nice to meet you. I hope to talk to you more sometime.
Thank you for a nice chat I wish you well as you pursue God's leading to serve,William Your new friend!
Nice to meet you...hope to chat with you soon
hi elizabeth i really dont know my way around this at all I thought my group was called Edgar Cayce,Medium /phychic abilities in hypnosis would apreciate some help !
Hi Elizabeth, how are you? recovered I hope?
Thanks for the comment Elizabeth, & welcome to the ( g.i. & g.m.) group... very cool
I'm back in Arizona, send me a message and we'll go grab that cup of coffee somewhere.
I notice you are a cougar. Since my last hypnotic regression, I am a cub!!! Meowww!
Hi! We haven't spoken since last year. Glad to see you, you're looking wonderful. What can I teach you about ERT. How can I help. Paul
Hey Ms. E. You jumped off the chat before I could answer.... Catch me again. sometimeAino
I love it .. Me flying over? Me falling over? laffs so hard.. I'm Just me...falling .. flying.. ,loving life.. Did you say World Congress of Hypnotherapists.. Go Art !
So what are you doing falling over? you trying to fly or something? I Have just been asked to speak at the next World Congress of Hypnotherapists! had to tell someone!!
In someways....the illness models or allopathic models... don't have the research backed up for well being...lot more studies about illness then wellness ....I for most part I hypothesize, believe that most illnesses in psych are psycho-educational problems...it is a problem of education or learning..it that is the case the first thing I usually taught were negotiations....both internal and external...that would not apply to clients that have organic problems...how were they going to get what they needs otherwise....just a thought!
Hiya...was wondering when you'd join thiis superconscious group! great to see people's atitudes to the soul...How have you been? Love, Art
awesome photos where you in helicopter ?
thank you elizabeth for making me your friendI dont get to spend much time in here keep reading interesting stuff and then cant find it again,was it you that spoke of the RIEKI healing bowl ? I to am Rieki Master I have healing table but I like your idea better ! crytal bowl for me from now on
E.....I have moved a little form the psych field more into wellness....my specialty now is breathing and allocation of CO2 levels....since it can have such a profound effect on the physiology and emotions and cognitive wellbeing ....I hope you carry a paper bag with you hehheheh for the clients that are...overbreathing...jk
Hi Elizabeth...thanks for you invitation...I am honored....I will add you as a friend....jk
Elizabeth. Didn't know you were a cougar. I just underwent hypnotic regression and am now only 23 years old. Does that qualify me as a cub???? Looking forward to your answer.Paul
Thanks for the warm welcome

Happy New Year 2009 !

And what a lovely way to start 2009 with lovely wishes from you, thank you and a thousand Blessings and good wishes to you and many wonderful conversations also. Just been researching the oldest construction on the planet, a Stonehenge construction here 75,000 years old! Many Hugz...Art
Blessings for a wonderful 2009 and a safe holiday...Art
hii have been doing health and healing modalities for over 21 years now so yes you could say i do healing hehehope you have a great 2009be welldez
Hi Elizabeth:I will be doing 2 shows at the Road Runners Regional Rodeo at Wild Horse Pass AZ on Saturday & Sunday January 17 & 18. Shows are at 5:30PM....Hope to see you there. I will be in Chandler from January 12-20 if you would care to meet me for lunch in Phoenix, let me know. Also, you might consider taking our Stage Hypnosis Seminar in New Orleans on February 4-8, 2009 where you can learn stage hypnosis and also "Lecture/Demos" to bolster your new practice. Please see: www.stagehypnosisseminar.com or call me at 978-609-7104Our students earn between 4500-$3000 per show. it is EASIER than clinical hypnosis.Best wishes,Jerry Valley
Great photo,s Elizabeth
Hi Elizabeth,The Merriest of Christmases.Your friendSteve
Merry Christmas Elizabeth!!!! Love, Art
Hiya, Sorry I lost your email addy so I reply through here....Looks like people are stopped in their tracks about my reply on the two groups that idiot advertised on, nobody else replied!!!! But it goes that he CANNOT advertise as he did and to go on with such comments wrecks everything that hypnotherapists stand for.
Hi, haven;t been on in awhile, I agree, everything you do becomes what you are and you use it, that;s what makes us so unique@! happy holidays. jade
Thanks for reading my blog and leaving comments. I look forward to more exchanging of comments and thoughts.Have a great day !Marc
Congratulations on no hands under the chin and CONGRATULATIONS on putting forward so well our thoughts on hypnosis. People make my blood boil by cheapening hypnosis and hypnotherapy and I am sick of it..thank you fellow ethical person and let's talk MUCH more!!!!
Hey you know how that group works with the language patterns work right? Basically you use the random patterns :) Anyhow, that was a good passage...
Hi Elizabeth, Finally back from Botswana, had hectic days of 12 hours plus lecturing afterwards, but heaps rewarding. How are you? let's talk, Oh lady-who-doesn't-photograph-herself-with-hand-under-chin (why do they do that???)
I know you got the Shamans Way which is a good start, the foundation has references I am sure. It has been years since i read it. sandra Ingerman wrote Soul Retreivals works out of Sante fe, NM, good for hypnosis integration.lots of books and traditions. Healing & extraction, there is alot of really great things that can be incorporated into the hypnotic trace or "waking state" Do you have a direction of interest yet? I am not going to waste my time in that group when I can put my writing or energy into something else. So, I am done with it. You were the only one who seemed interested so that is why i contacted you. Let me know if you want some book references. there are online groups as well, but I can;t vouch for them, since Idont belong to any. lol I am a natural, but have had formalized training with Mark harners foundational studies. Not the only source, or nescessary the best. Depends on what you are looking for. But the shamans way is a good start. KISSJADE
Hi Elizabeth, thanks for the add. I'm in the Fort Wayne area. How do you like AZ. It's kind of hot, huh? Not as green as IN either.
HI Elizabeth. I am in the shamanic group where there isn;t any activity. I have posted twice and just posted a recent experience, if you are interested. have a god day, JADE
Hi there Elizabeth.I was just looking at your page, and really enjoyed looking at your photos.So can i ask how did you get into hypnosis?Take CareChloe-Marie
hi eliz nice portrait is it possble to learn anithin in french
Hello Elizabeth,You have good ideas and a special thanksgiving weekend to you in a rears, (almost after the fact).Didn't go into the abyss, I'm training my money to tell me what it wants to do and it wants to stay with me more than usual.Have some business cards made up quickly for handing out in Dec. for January news year goals.Have it say in big enough letters."Put this in your wallet,Get it out in January." (if they call, you already know they are suggestible to you).De-stressRe-set energy level, maybe even a little higher.Set some simple small positive goals, no need if you are perfect now.Use positive lasting hypnosis for your benefit.Certified HypnotherapistBetter make it a folding card.Thanks for taking the time to think of me.Happy HolidaysEnjoyMe.
Hey, Elizabeth. Thanks for the add!
Yes Elizabeth,That is me, and mind you in a skirt. My profile picture is from that event too. Normally it would be a cold day in h***, when I wear a skirt...lol and here I am dressed in a skirt driving 10 wild dogs... But it was a re-enactment of a two day trip to our hot springs 62 miles away, with a camp out, set in 1906. Fun and can't wait to go again. Next time, this spring I will be with a friend, and our story line will be involving two nuns (in full habits).
Hi Elizabeth, Hope you are well Sorry I've been quiet but I am back on air finally, my computer crashed, I have it working again,.Hectic week coming up in Botswana again, I'll be working 12 hour days plus at least one lecture on the souol and Astral Projection, peopel love that one when I give exercises as to how to actually travelTalks soon Regards Art
Good one, my hair in High School was down over my shoulders, I was a drummer and it got my Dad going, EXCELLENT!Have a great night!John
Yeah, when you donate your weight you can let it go for good...in more ways than one ;). Come check out the website if you're so inclined: www.donateyourweight.com. Hypnosis is part of the process and we're building a network of hypnotherapists. If you want more info, let me know. Have a great day.
Thanks for the add Elizabeth, have a good day.
Hiya yes it was fun and extremely busy! 12 hour days with every type of case from bipolar to cancer help, they wantme back 1st week December again..How have you been?
Hi,Great to hear from you!I have chemistry tomorrow trying to get that thru...I love eternal smiles, :)Hope you have many :D
Hi :)Thanks for the Invite :)Eternal Smiles :D
Thanks for the welcome Elizabeth! I look forward to finding out more about this site and the people here.Cheers Nigel
Thanks Elizabeth. I look forward to getting to know the ropes...
Hello Elizabeth, maybe I am psychic as you are moving forward in your career it seems. Stay on track and allow yourself to get excited about co-teaching this class you're referring to and watch it happen. I'm very excited for you and hope your class fills up and you generate a ton of cash while co-teaching the class. This is a good way to also get known throughout the area as well as the country as you travel, teaching as you go nationwide.Respectfully yours,RJB
Thank you kindly Oh lioness mate..good to have nice friends!!
Good evening Elizabeth,I've got a feeling that you;ll be having a full time position in this field possibly starting sometime in February. I don't know why, it's just this feeling keeps coming over me so watch what happens in the next several months. I also see the strong possibility of travel coming to you also so watch for the opportunities as you may find yourself in some sort of a teaching position. Maybe I'm a Psychic.Respectfully yours,RJB
Hi Elizabeth,Govt suff sound dicky, particularly SA govt LOL tell me more about yourself and lets catch up next time you're here, I agree we have much to talk about...use my email on my website also if you wish..Talk soon, Art
Sometime, you'll get here and cruise the Bridge of Flowers...come in the month of June when it is all Irises and Roses. Lovely!I am still away in Saugerties, NY doing the Labyrinth Facilitator Certification traiining with Rev. Lauren Artress. This is AWESOME! So find me a labyrinth in Phoenix and I'll come THERE! I have to facilitate 3 walks of at leat 10 people in each workshop, in order to finish the certification.All best, pinkie,debbie
Hiya, I'm an Aussie living now in South Africa...Sprituality and metaphysics I've been studying for 36 years...let's talk!
Hi Elizabeth Pink Wings (that have been muted here!),Please check your messages.....I left you two.Come visit Shelburne Falls and see the neon pink angel wings here in the angel store!Still conjuring up ideas for a specially themed stage show .......blessings,Debbie
Hi Liz, I am Bob Burn's friend, he is spectacular and he talks highly of you, just wanted to say hello to you, you sound like a neat lady!
Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm looking forward to meeting more hypnotists here.Cheers,--KC
Thanks :) You can tell by the smile that I thought so too.
yeah, i know what you mean about the lighting.i couldnt believe how dark the room actually was.i totally love entertaining people with show's n demo's.cheers for checking them out.wishing you a great weekend,chris
hello Liz, nice to hear from ya.its all gone quiet on this side of the world :osi think im gonna teach a class next year.hope yours goes well...im sure it will.not sure if i sent you a link to a clip of me doing a recent show,but here's a link, there are 2 clips.thought you may like a giggle :o)http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=dFwCM5Bey6Qtake it easy, have fun,chris.
I see FAQ Mark has been in touch with you too....I wish I had your experience as a stage hypnotist to go into practice with....would be great for the rubber chicken circuit of service clubs, and interviews, etc. A friend of mine has been raving for years about Sedona and the spirituality and energy of that whole area...it sounds fantastic. Good luck...no, make that FABULOUS LUCK with your new practice and keep in touch and maybe we can share some experiences and be a source of encouragement to one another over the little speed bumps along the way.Best,Mike
Thanks for letting us know about the issue. It's probably some bug in our new friends feature. We are looking into it and will get back to you.Please let me know if it changes.Thanks,Mark
many thanks
Hello again Elizabeth, My best friend from high school lives in Carefree and my favorite place as I said is Sedona. I can actually feel spirit move within me each time I visit there. My website is www.wehavechoices.com and my most recent book (published) is "The Inner Dynamics of Successful Relationships" and it has been endorsed by four Mary Kay Directors. I plan on coming out sometime after the holidays as it's warm there compared to Pennsylvania. Lets stay in touch, create a great day for yourself as life happens from you so make it happen.Sincerely,Bob

Hi there! Wow, class with Dr. Anna was awesome, more than I expected. Next classes start next weekend - pretty geeked about that. It seems like I've had to wait soooo long for classes to start. I am fortunate because this is the last set of classes she is teaching (!!) What a gal - love her! How are your certs. going?
Thank you for adding me Elizabeth!Cheers!~Val
Hi Elizabeth, thank you for the add
did i mention that we have a local angel shop called "wings of light"? i think you'd like it....they have a nice neon pink sign in the window.
hey elizabeth of the order of purple pink wings........i left you a couple of messages in your message box here. go look!
hi Liz, how's things?thought id drop by, see how everything was going.
I'd be up for a cup of coffee when I get back to the United States. I'm not sure exactly when that's going to be, right now I'm living in an island paradise in Southeast Asia. Maybe a month or two. Send me an e-mail ( aaron at betaprime dot org) and we'll set something up.
Would you mind if we tried to match schedules to visit you on our way to visit my mother-in-law in Yuma?
Where are your pink wings?
Elizabeth.......check out my blog entry for a very special event we are holding here in the western mass. boonies.....maybe you can come out for this and be part of our little hypno contingency sitting at the feet of a great, and super humble ,living master. Whadda ya think?
Really enjoying your photos, Elizabeth!
Hi Elizabeth!Im'e back for my all too brief foray into the Stone Age, (or looking at ancient remains in Cornwall). Iv'e uploaded a couple of photos of arguably the best dolmen (a type of burial chamber) you will see in the UK.In Cornwall they exhibit fairly high radioctivity due to the granite from which they are built. This one measured twice the ambient reading outside. People who have spent a moderate time in them experince altered states of consciousness- strange lights, or in one case a ghostly reflection of himself. Unfortunately time was limited & I didn't have time to pursue this further. it'll have to wait till next year.Have you been doing anything on the "supernatural front" of late.I look forward to hearing from you.Martin
Sure have them contact me. Thanks
thanks for the comment I look forward to hearing more from you Shaun
Hi Elizabeth!Im'e away for a couple of days now doing some research on stone circles, holy wells, etc in Cornwall. If there's anything I think you might be interested in, you will be the first to know on my return.Best WishesMartin
Dear ElizabethThanks for the invite...I recognize some of the vistas in your picture gallery.... (one of these days I'm going to have to post some photos - I've got some of Sedona you might enjoy...)I'm looking forward to getting to know you better, but unfortunately, it'll mostly have to wait for a month - I'm leaving for Australia (primarily pleasure, a little business) next week and won't be back until mid-October.Congrats on the development of your resume... I've also had some exciting recent developments, particularly in my interest in using hypnosis to prevent/reverse needless disability in injured workers In the last couple weeks I finally got a workers' comp insurer and some docs to agree to a pilot study. Now I've got to invent some protocols and languaging - since this appears to be more or less virgin territory.Anyway, gotta run for now..."talk" to you soonBob
Good Saturday Elizabeth,Thank you for adding yourself to my list of friends, I look forward to learning from you and being able to offer you a different view of all things hypnotic!Have a fantastic weekend.Warmest RegardsRobert.P.S Well Done on your Ch.T !!
Hi Elizabeth!Thanks for offering to be my friend. I see from your hobbies that your interests are broadly the same as mine. Why couldn't we do something sensible, embroidery or stamp collecting? But seriously, many thanks for your invitation, & I will leep you informed of any spooky goings on in the UK.Martin
Hi Elisabeth!!Thank you and nice to meet you too :o)
Hi Elizabeth...thanks for the warm welcome to the group. I'm looking forward to learning from everyone and especially your "secrets and war stories" on stage hypnosis. I just came back from Vegas and caught Anthony Cool's act as well as Michael John's...both good hypnotists and performers! Take care and hope to talk with you soon.
Let's do some talking.Peace, Red Crow
Maybe you know me on different levels.I used to do shamanic work shops and sweat lodges insouthern Arizona.Have a good oneRed Crow
I am Cherokee also.
Hi Elizabeth! Happy graduation and a congratulations is in order I see with your new shiny letters! Feels good, doesn't it! I see we do have similar interests and I would love to chat sometime! Arizona looks gorgeous! I have a cousin in phoenix!
Congrats on getting your C.Ht. Getting mine this month. You'll do great, just stick with it and learn all you can. Enjoy!
thank you...I interested in learning more about the site
i dont actually do investigations n stuff.but i am a practicing psychic/medium tooand yup, stage hypnosis or street, is all good fun ;o)
Oh boy. . .meet half way, huh? That may have to wait a while. But in the mean time, I would LOVE to continue chatting with you and getting to know you better.I see that you do stage hypnosis. That must be wild--tell me about it!Can we correspond just through email instead of through this site?
Thanks for the welcome. I have also just starting my practice and have one more class before graduation this month. Looking forward to learning more from this site. Good luck to you.
Hi Elizabeth, thanks for the invite. I am only just starting as well. Decided to focus on 'Transpersonal Hypnosis', which seems to cover the areas I am interested in. I would like to know about 'Source Intergration' tho. Good luck with the stage hypnosis:)
Hey, I think I just sent myself the message I wanted to send to you. Here it is again: Ahhh....simplicity.That was my first instinct to hit reply, my second instinct, when the reply to address came up: do-not-reply@hypnothoughts.com, that maybe there was a different way through the website.But I am under your spell....(for this moment only), my wish is my command........and so it is written....and so it shall be dumb. I will await an email reply to the reply to the reply to the reply......whoa...hypno trance I love you. I will reply with a test message because what I have for you is huge and more person to person orientated.Talk to you later.
Cool! Those pictures you have on your site are great, by the way! I hope we can stay in touch! I have stumbled on this site. Don't know much about hypnotism at all. I'm into energy work, though.Barbara
Thanks for the invitation. I gladly accept.australia is far away but look forward to communicating with all of you
Hi Elizabeth, Thank you for your email. How do I respond back email to email?
Hi Elizabeth -- That would be great, thanks!
I wish we lived closer so I could get to know you better. I envy you living in Mesa, Arizona. It must be more laid back than here (I live near L.A.). It's crazy here. I want to move up north, like to Portland, eventually. Right now I have too much crap in my life to deal with. I am working on dealing with getting rid of a lot of clutter, and probably once I've gotten it down to a manageable size, I might see my way clear to move.It sounds like you have a lot of neat things going on in your life. I am working dilligently on self-exploration and moving forward on my true path. It sounds like you are, too. That's fantastic, and if you have time, I hope we can continue to keep in touch and learn more about each other.
Hello Elizabeth,thanks for the request. Gladly accepted.
Hi Elizabeth -Thanks for adding me as a friend. Looking forward to getting to know you!Philco
Hi, Elizabeth, thanks for the friend request. It's nice to have a friend in AZ, I used to be in Yuma quite frequently and have always loved the Flagstaff area, and of course the canyon. I'm still getting my feet wet here, but I am looking forward to the insights that we can all offer each other.Rob
Hey, thanks for the hug--I needed that! Hugs back!
Hi Elizabeth, a new friend out of the blue, thanks for the invite. How about a question or two right off the top of the bat.....in a nutshell, what is "Source Integration Therapy?" Is that the taking of a conflict back to a common source one?Is your spirituality interest tied to a specific religion or the stand alone kind. And I don't know how much I am into metaphysical, I am, how would you describe your interest? Wow, I'm asking questions just like we're old buddies, well young buddy and me. Nice to make your acquaintance.Steve
Hi beautiful Elizabeth!I'm very excited, Just signed up for my very first basic hypnosis classes with Dr. Anna and had a chance to visit her lovely backyard garden. She's a good girl, I liked her right away and I'm so happy that she will be teaching me! I think I am going to benefit very much from her years of experience and creative elegance. CAN'T WAIT! I got a couple of my texts and I'm sure I'll have read them all through at least once before classes even start. Seems like when I decided to do this, the winter classes had already begun, and it feels as if I've been waiting for soooo long. But in the meantime, talking with people here, watching their videos - I really love this community, it is both a healing place as well as creative one - I'm feeling very good about this new start. SO MANY BLESSINGS to you, in all ways!Much love and light to you - ShantiShanti (Allie)
Elizabeth,also check out my two videos for Stage,www.mitchellhypnoshow.comand www.mitchellprogram.comThanks, William
Thanks ,nice to learn of your passion for hypnosis and things spiritual. Good luck with Stage hypnosis,I love doing stage shows,but it is much more nerve racking because every show is different because the volunteers are different! I liked your pictures too. Stay in touch,William Mitchell CH,CI,M.Div.
Hi Elizabeth,Thanks for the friend request, I am happy to hearthat you love this line of work too.All the bestMichael
Hi Elizabeth-hope you are having a great day.
Thanks Elizabeth! You look like you are having fun out there in AZ! Great pix. All the best to you!Claire
Hi Elizabeth,Thank for the friend request. I lived in Tucson for almost 20 years and those were some of the best days of my life. Couldn't find my passion until I moved back to So Cal where I grew up and discovered hypnotherapy as a profession.Great photos of the Canyon. I've done several trips done the river with AZ River runners as a swamper.Best of luck to you,Ted
Good morning Elizabeth!,Thank you for making a connection. I used to live in Scottsdale asa youth, still have family there. How long have you been practicing?john
Hi Elizabeth, Thanks for the invitation for friend.I remember when I was in Phoenix a few years ago that the phone book listed many hypnotists. (In Tulsa we have five listed.) The ASPH meetings must be interesting and informative with so many people available to be members.Don
Hi Elizabeth,I just got certified in NLP/Hypnosis. I am just getting up and running. I appreciate you inviting me to be your friend. Thanks and have a great day.Bill
Yes, Elizabeth Rose, for you of course....Come to Pnosis.com, click on The Eye, and see for yourself.Then sign up (on the homepage) to make sure these fly directly into your mailbox so you don't ever miss out.Pnosis....
I love your Shoe Thread! I'd enjoy jumping in there with a few comments of my own but right now I am wearing a pair of Fleet Footed Winged Sneakers to fly me to the Moon (my current goal) and I need to stay on the path! :--)
Are you a nurse too? Working in an urgent care facility? What an opportunity for hypnotherapy? In California, we have a 200 hour minimum for most certifications with the ACHE. Different in different parts of the country. I look forward to meeting with you sometime in the near future. Bonnie.