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I will NOT advertise in the forums, blogs, homepage, etc. in any way and will limit all promotion to the designated areas. I understand this site has a "no advertising" policy and will respect it and the members who appreciate this rule.

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When is Your Birthday?

June 15, 1939

Where do you live?

Southern california

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Full Time Practice

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More hypnosis expertise and best practices.

Areas of Interest:

Mental Gastric Band weight Loss; Banishing Pain; Accelerating Healing from surgery and injury.

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35 Years IT when Neuropathy disabled me. I discovered hypnosis, talked to my body, and I got well. Now I help others lean how to access the healing powers of their sub-conscious mind.


Art, Nature, and classical music.

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thanks duncan for the welcome...

Hi Duncan, nice to meet you. California is where its happening for hypnotists right? How do I download your gift?

Thank you Duncan!

Thanks for your kinds words, Duncan.

Thanks Duncan!

Thanks for the welcome Duncan. I look forward to stimulating conversation.


If only i'd clicked on your kind gift before clicking on the accept as a friend button, Doh!

Dear Duncan

Thank you so much for your warm welcome!Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day if you are in the States and if not, enjoy Thursday anyway!!! No reason not to!

Kind regards,


The link in the e-mail I received didn't work

many thanks for your welcome and your gift :0)

Thanks for the kind welcome! Very much appreciated.

Best Regards,

Hi,Mr. Duncan I wanna a student of you. but you choose me as friend. I dont reserve gratitude.


Hi Duncan,

I was able to access the recording from the link you sent me, but unfortunately not the ebook for some reason.


Hi Duncan thanks for your welcome Roger

Duncan, Thank you for the wonderful gift.


Thank you for the welcome Duncan, I look forward to reading it :)
Thanks, Duncan. Very kind of you!
Thanks for the welcome
Thanks for the link request. It was nice spending time with you at both conferences and look forward to seeing you in the future.
Thank you Duncan I will indeed!
WOW 65? crazyy! :P hehehehe im just waiting till i am 21 and can get my diploma, in england it seems to be weird in as far a age goes,
I have resonded to links for friending but my internet provider has blocked my entry stating the certificate of the site is not authentic and recoimmends to discnotinue contact or face a virus onslaught?
Please assist.

Yes, no problem downloading. I would like to take the gastric bypass course but unable to at this time. You must be finding it profitable.

What a great story! So many people have discovered hypnosis through their own journey. Hmmm, I wonder if that should be the way we market ourselves?Bill
I sure do Duncan - I'm glad it's working. Hey - If you have an article to share about your gastric banding I'd be happy to post it in the Hypnosis Health Info Article Library. I post all articles as "no follow" so there is no duplicate content problems with Google and then feature it in a blog post so Google will pick it up. Shoot me an email and let me know.Its great to have you here.Roger
Hey Duncan - Welcome to HypnoThoughts! It is great to have you here.Roger MooreHypnosisHealthInfo
A warm welcome to hypnothoughts community,I trust you will have an enjoyable and fruitful time here,Love and hugs,FableLawrie Shaw the Sunderland Hypnotherapist