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I will NOT advertise in the forums, blogs, homepage, etc. in any way and will limit all promotion to the designated areas. I understand this site has a "no advertising" policy and will respect it and the members who appreciate this rule.

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September 26, 1943

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Silver Spring, MD (just outside of Washington, DC)

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Full Time Practice

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Items of interest regarding hypnosis and hypnotherapy Contact with other hypnotists and hypnotherpists

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I am a hypnotherapist, developing a practice. I am also a writer, with one (unpublished) novel and I am working on a play. I have Ph.D. in mathematics I am 66 years old, happily married, and the proud father of three adult sons.


I don't have "hobbies", but I do have some regular activities, including tennis and choral singing. I have a history of political activism.

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Donald Pelles
@donald-pelles • 2 months ago
Posted a new announcement:
Looking for a roomate for Hypnothoughts Live 2017
I have a non-smoking room at the Orleans, two queen beds, from Tuesday, August 22 through Saturday, August 26. I am looking for someone (male) to share. Email me at...

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Hey Don, I approved your memebership, the group does still exist, sort of, has been very quiet for some time. It is nice to see you here and I hope you are well.
Yeah, Matt -- you too!
Hey Don!Great to see you here!- Matt Davis
Hi, other Don! Hope all is well with you, and that you're having a good summer!
Donald...Nice to see you at the IMDHA/IACT conference.. I need your email to email you the missing page. blessings..Zoilita
And I sing with the "Springfield Jazzsingers" Chorus.
Don..great to hear from you. I will be at both the ACHE Conference and the IMDHA/IACT. both are in May. all my best, Zoilita
Dear Don...Sorry that we have not met before. Welcome to the site. Please be my friend and let me know if there is anything that I can do to help and support you.all my best, Zoilita Grant MS.
Well, you were pretty busy! Looking forward to next time.Huggs ---- Don
Thanks for the connection Don, I regret not being able to spend more time speaking with you at Hypnoticon and I hope that I can rectify that sometime in the near future!
Don:It was great meeting you and speaking with you too my friend!All My Very Hypnotic Best,John
Not out of the blue.. a bit confusing the way comments are done here.. lol.. I sing in the local community chorus here in my city in Oregon.. which I told you after seeing your remark about "choral singing"
Understands Donald.. I lived in Glen Burnie for two yrs... have been here in Az a bit over 2 now... Yes I love stage ..... Thanks for leaving a coment ..
I sing in a jazz / swing chorus myself. Welcome to the site!
Hi Donald,You might want to read my blog.Enjoy Life, Don
Hi Donald
Donald, I'm new on this site and wanted to say Hi. I have been a full timer for years and love every minute of it. Do Good & Make Money Don