A Case of Shingles Cured by Hypnosis: What If?

Created: 11/01/12 04:20:49PM by @don-g

Where do we go from here?

On October 23, 2012, Chris Witherspoon posted the following report on the Hypnothoughts discussion forum:
Just had to share this. I had an early morning call from a client wanting to cancel. He went on to say that he had an out break ofShingles. He said he was in a great deal of pain. I told him no need to cancel, hypnosis is very effective for pain issues. He kept the appointment and when he came in the shingle blisters were huge, white and shiny. I did a session using suggestions of a healing cooling blue white light that cooled his hand he then transferred the cooling healing sensation to the area of discomfort. We practice this a few time then asked him to rate the discomfort before the session and now. He told me it was off the scale before and now down to a two. I had him preform the healing ritual again until the discomfort completely disappeared. I then went on to suggest that the blisters would immediately begin to shrink, all the fluid would begin to be absorbed by his body. I suggested that healing would be excellerated. I then brought him back to the here and now, turned on the light and looked at the blisters.
I have worked with pain before but never with and active case of shingles. Before the session he had a cluster of about ten blisters on his upper arm. These blisters were huge, white and shiny before the session after the session there er only two or three that were still rather large but even they were smaller and no longer shiny. He reported that the he was no longer experiencing the discomfort.
This is the first time I actually witnessed the power of someone's mind to make physical changes. This was really exciting. This is why I love hypnosis.

A few days later, Chris posted the following update:

I saw the guy last week and was honestly amazed by what happened during the session. He came in this week for a session on a no going issue. I had tried to contact him during the past week to no avail. I was anxious to get a report on how he was doing.
When he sat down he pushed his shirt sleeve up a bit and there was a small scab and five red spots that were not a scab but not normal skin tone. He told me that the spots on his hand and wrist were the worse and they were now just scabs. We he was at thefor treatment before he saw me and they told him that it may take 4-8 weeks for this to clear up. Don't expect it to go away quickly. He was extremely pleased with the outcome of our session and reported that the absence of pain lasted for about a day then he used the technique I taught him and he said he was able to keep it within a tolerable level. I have a very happy client, no pain and almost completely healed.

I got a bad case of the shingles myself a few years ago, and it really "nailed" me! ,It never even occurred to me to try hypnosis even though I have devoted my life to it, and my wife is also a hypnotist. I was as amazed and bowled over as everybody else at this posting. The only nagging doubt that I have is that such high degrees of responsiveness may be limited to the experientially gifted among us, and are not the purview of those who are less highly evolved. This would be crucial in helping us to determine whether or not there actually is a special subgroup of the experientially gifted "hypnotic virtuosos," as Hilgard used to call them, who are capable of hypnotic feats not yet available to us lesser mortals. Chris posted the following reply to my question:

Don this may be true. I don't know. This client does have a very good imagination, he follows directions easily and goes naturally into a deep trance. He told me how as a teen he would visualize places he rather be when he was sitting in classes. I just knew I had to give it a try. I once experienced a spontaneous healing of a cut on my finger. This was years before I was even exposed to hypnosis. I was at a church service where there was a healing service going on. Some people went forward to have people lay hands on them, I just looked at the cut on my finger and wondered if it could be healed. I then got involved with what was going on in the church and the next time I looked at the finger it was completely healed over. I knew intellectually that a person in trance could accelerate their healing, so I gave it a try.
What I didn't know is that he was told that it would take several weeks to achieve healing. I am just tickled it was accepted as a plausible suggestion. . . .I was just the guide, all that happened was because the client had a good imagination and was able to believe and follow my instructions.

The possibility of an evolutionary explanation for particularly dramatic results with suggestion and/or hypnosis, such as curing warts, for example, has been obscured, IMHO, because many people want to believe that anyone is capable of such feats. But if special talent exists in art, music, and in the realms of intellectual and social intelligence, why shouldn't there also be "hypnotic viftuosos," as Hilgard called them?

In order to be fully accepted as part of scientific knowledge, an unusual result must be replicable under the same conditions which initially produced it. But what If there dwells among us a small number of folks, more highly evolved than the rest, who are capable of prodigious feats of mind? Whenever one of these cases is brought to light, if we cannot repeat it ourselves and get the same result, the natural tendency for those of us who are trained in the scientific method is simply to dismiss it, attributing the initial report to faulty observation, poor controls, or experimenter bias.But what if . . . .?