If you Aren't Experientially Gifted, You Aren't Going to Heaven!

Created: 01/29/12 04:56:09PM by @don-g

A couple of years ago, we had a lengthy thread on Hypnothoughts entitled, Were You Saved or Were You Hypnotized?regarding some research I had done which supported the conclusion that unless you were experientially gifted, you weren't going to have a "salvation" experience -- which, in some Fundamentalist denominations means you aren't going to Heaven, plain and simple. You could spend your entire life doing good works and give your body to be burned as a martyr, but unless you had this life-changing experience of being "saved," you were outta luck. Conversely, as a Fundamentalist friend of mine admitted, if you were found in the arms of a prostitute on the Day of Judgment and you had been saved, you were still "in," because once you have been saved, that seal can not be broken. (Although he did allow that if you had been saved, this was not likely to occur).

I guess we'd better encourage our friends to "get with the program" and sharpen up their skills by joining the Experientially Gifted group, so that when they get the call, they will be able to properly respond to it.