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November 2, 1959

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Jackson NJ

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I want to learn from others with more experience and get new ideas.

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I am only a certified Hypnotist right now. I want to work with teens when I am more educated.

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I am 49 years old and love learning about the mind. I truly believe that the subconcious mind is the key to making our lives better. I took a free on-line course which you can find at:http://www.hypnosis.edu/distance/ . It is an accredited program and is really well organized and extremely professional.learned a great deal from the free course. There are also two free courses which you can take: The Mental Bank, and the E & P of relationships. The mental bank is about how to extend your comfort level of receiving abundance and the E& P is based on work that John Kappas did. It is really fascinating stuff. The course contains a manual and videos of actual classes. I hope you check it out and if you don't need it maybe someone you know might. I am also a Reiki Master. I love Reiki and love teaching classes. My website www.affirmwellbeing.net is for another healing modality that I use: The Affirmation Enhancer Tool. It allows you to state an affirmation and allow the energy to encode your body to accept success. I am also a practioner which allows me to enpower affirmations for you.


I have spent the last 20 years learning about the subconcious mind and how thoughts and beliefs effect our lives. I am a student of The Law of Attraction and have learned a lot from all the wonderful teachers. I love What the Bleep do we Know. Quantum Physics is soooo fascinating isn't it? I just finished reading James Ray's Harmonic Wealth, psycho-cybernetics by maxwell maltz, The Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Casteneda, A Seperate Reality also by Carlos Casteneda(third one will be started this week), Richard Bandler-Tranceformation. I guess you can see that I love to read. Well that's it for now. Love and light to all of you.

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Hello! I'm a graduate of the HMI distance course too! I would love to hear about how your experience with HMI has played out and how you integrate it with other modalities. :-)
My pleasure Dawn. As I mentioned, feel free to contact me in the future with any questions at all...Stay Well,Kevin
better than the lottery. Last year my oldest daughter decided that no one in our family could have any contact with my two grandchildren.Yesterday I got a friend request from my granddaughter on myspaceI just spent three hours talking to herMiracles happen and I am so grateful I could just explode
Hello Dawn, thank you for starting the new discusiongroup. I appciciate your involvement. ~ Aloha
My newest granddaughter Kiera Autumn Smith was born today, weighing in at 6 pounds and 7 ounces. Can't wait to go meet her!
Hey Dawn, when it comes to "Anchoring, it's like pouring tea into a cup, you just have to keep pouring. This will give it more gravity, towards the desired outcome, and or Emotional ilicitations.Sometimes I just rub my fingers , in order to overcome nerves. The other one that I use, is to grab my left wrist , in order to bring about positive emotions.
Hey Dawn, Thanks for getting back to me... I am going to take a look.... See you around!Aino
Welcome to the site dawn, I also went to H.M.I. It's probably the best schooll for studying hypnotherapy here in the U.S. ~ best wishes
Hi Dawn,I am glad to hear that you use to be a Scientology, I ma sure they have good regression therapy, and I am glad that you could learned something positive from it. Mental Bank is great.
Hi Dawn,Thanks for adding me, Tarzana is nice, Sherman Oaks, Is Nicer, Encino is also nice... I reside in Sherman Oaks and work In Tarzana at HMI, plus the near by City's... when are you planing to move? What retail business are you in?Plan on seeing you more :) Doreen
If anyone has any helpful hints for living and working in Tarzana I would be really appreciative. I work in retail right now and will be looking for a job to support myself while I am in school. I am thinking of renting a room and need to know if there are any areas I should avoid.Thanks for your encouragement and support. : ) Dawn
What ? you are leaving the snow and the traffic and the congestion of New Jersey for the warmth and sunshine of California? you have to nuts (hehheh)seriously,, Make friends with Doreen Cohanim (cougar lady) she can tell you all about Tarzana and HMI. Leigh Spusta is another great contact.Hugh ColeThe pretty goodest hypnotist on the planet
That's Awesome Dawn,I'll hold that Hope with you!JT
Great! I am sure your going to love it more. HMI has so many things to offer and if you are serious in hypnotherapy you will go far.
Just stopped by to say hi!Hope your year is starting out wonderful.Shine in '09JT Moore
Smiles Dawn.. I love every minute ... Enjoy !
Hi Dawn,thanks for adding to my wall.Just returned from a white water rafting trip, and boy is that ever an instant iduction!Marc
Hi Dawn,Welcome, and enjoy the site.Marc
Welcome to Hypnothoughts. I think you will enjoy this site.