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October 10, 1963

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Networking ....and Knowledge....Friendships with other like minded people from around the world

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Regression Hypnotherapy Emotional Release Therapy EFT Personal Performace Coaching Hypnosis for Chronic Disease Certified Self Hypnosis Teacher Sleeptalk for Children

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Clinical and Metaphysical Hypnotherapist Adelaide South Australia Intensely interested in Human Performace and Achievement . Particlarly in the areas of Business and Sport Influenced by Stephen Parkhill ,Gil Boyne and Gerald Kien and more recently the teachings of Randy Shaw and Matt Sison Clinical Member Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Inc. Clinical member ‚ÄĘProfessional Hypnotists of Western Australia Inc. Member National Guild of Hypnotists


Martial Arts, Weights, Running and most Sports

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Hi Craig,

Have you heard that Don Spencer iscomingto Melbourne to run a training?

I don't want to take your time with it but it is a fantastic two days training especially designed for us, as I asked him to do.

I don't know if you need any more confidence in hypnosis but, why wouldn't you have a look on


and decide yourself if you want to come.




I'm fairly new to this sight and after finding you through a response to someone requesting information on Asberger's syndrome, I was wondering if we could write to each other privately. I don't feel comfortable with all this posting stuff.

I am working with a highly intelligent 17yr old young man whose mother has recently shared with me her observations that her son may have a form of Asperger's Syndrome. He has always had difficulty in looking at people's eyes and socially is very anxious. I really would like to seek your counsel. Thank you. Constance

Hi Craig,Thanks for adding me as a friend - have a great weekendSaul
Hi CraigThanks for the friend request. Im excited about finding this site and making friends with like minded people. Looking forward to getting to know you :-)
Excellent! Tx for the info :)
Thanks for adding me. I'm really enjoying your posts
Hi Craig,Thank you for adding me on as a friend, I look forward to many more stimulating interactions with you.Love and Blessings,Marie Grbin.
Hi Craig, glad to see you are doing some great work , down there in SAcheersChristine
Thankyou Craig. There are blood clots apparently harming the foetus so I did a session where i put it into a protective bublbe I will also work on the anxiety stress stuff. Nice to connect with you too ..Lynda
Hi Craig, Just joined the regression group. I'll have a look round a bit later as I'm busy doing bookwork at the moment. Great talking yesterday. See you in July! :-)
Hi Craig, hope to here more from you,sunita
Hey Craig, btw.. which martial arts do you or haveyou studied.See you and David in April for regression bootcamp!MattMalka, we'll see you sometime soon ;)
Hi Craig. Very glad to add you as a friend. Matt and Randy are awesome and I feel like they've created a real community of people who are dedicated to helping others. I've enjoyed your posts on the regression groups and look forward to developing a good exchange of thoughts and ideas with you. My best to you! Kim
Hi Craig,Nice to see you too, and nice to know another Aussie is in the Regression group. I envy the fact that you are going to the boot camp - hope you get a lot out of it.Keep well.Malka
Hi Craig from David Hill
Thanks, Craig! I've received training from the best!
Hi Craig,I am delighted to accept your invitation of friendshipThank youPatricia
Hi Craig:I've accepted. I love finding hypnotists who think like me. Most don't, and it's difficult to keep my mouth shut. Anyway, I don't usually log onto sites... I just answer emails, so if you want to correspond or have responses, send me an email at regards,Karen
Craig:Thanks very much! "Loved it" is my goal! You are so fortunate to live in such a wonderful city. Steph and I have visited Adelaide many times and hope to visit again soon.Best Wishes,Sean