Our Gift To You: Privacy

Created: 12/18/13 12:08:27PM by scott-sandland

Last Update: 06/24/19 04:53:05AM by Chev
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06/24/19 04:53:05AM

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Sc0tt Sandland:
Scott Sandland:As of today, HypnoThoughts.com is a private site for members only. The site will still be 100% free for anyone who wants to sign up, and will remain that way.Signing up will be as easy as it's always been. You'll still be able to share links on facebook. The only difference is that only members of HypnoThoughts can see things happening on the site. Discussions won't show up in Google results (or other search engines). Our conversations will be ours.
  I'm going to reverse this decision and open this site up again to search engines, later today.  

Why is it a problem if it is private and one must be a member to view and contribute? That does not seem unreasonable. The only problem is that new members would not be able to post a topic as posting of new topics is now closed. 

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