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Created: 05/21/19 05:24:07PM by pierre-etienne

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05/21/19 05:24:07PM

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Hi folks,

I recently had two clients seeking help to deal with / relieve their Mal De Debarquement Syndrome (MDDS). One is dealing with dizziness, the other with rockiness.

We've done some work around restoring safety, reprocessing events with suggestions to restore balance upon disembarkment, future-pacing healing, etc. The client with dizziness seems to be getting better, but the client with rockiness doesn't seem to respond.

Wondering what's your take on MDDS and the different approaches that helped your clients deal with this problem?

Thanks in advance.


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Kelley Woods

05/21/19 09:18:20PM

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Hi Pierre,

Good to see you! I helped a client with this condition a few years ago and what seemed to do the trick was changing perspective. She noticed that her symptoms diminished in hypnosis with some dissociation - I had her watching herself trying to get out of bed and she remarked, "This is the first time I haven't felt that feeling!"

We played around with it, having her take an observer perspective in more awake/aware states and she experienced the same improvement. I structured a simple anchor of squeezing one wrist (imitating an accupressure band) to be able to move into her helpful perspective easily.

Within a week or so of practicing it, her symptoms abated completely.

PS ~ This client put a lot of meaning in the name of her malady. She was afraid she was doomed forever. I asked her if we could adjust it a bit, calling it TMDDS (Temporary Mal De Deb. Syndrome). She liked that a lot.


05/22/19 08:49:58PM

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Sometimes symptoms can return with a vengeance after improving. How did she do down the road?


05/24/19 11:21:14AM

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Thanks Kelley! That's useful. I'll give it a go. Hope all is well up North. Have a great weekend.

Kelley Woods

06/04/19 03:58:01PM

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Sometimes symptoms can return with a vengeance after improving. How did she do down the road?

Prompted by your question, I sent this client an inquiry and heard back: she recovered fully from this malady and has taken several cruises since without any further symptoms! She did ask to come in to address her weight gain from said cruises. Thanks!

Don G.

06/06/19 06:44:16AM

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Mal de debarquement syndrome, eh? I wonder if cars can get it too. . . .

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