My Gift to You and Your Clients

Created: 04/29/19 12:58:40PM by kelley-woods

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Kelley Woods

04/29/19 12:58:40PM

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Hi. Some of you know that I work a lot with children. This is a very special part of my hypnosis career. I've constructed a book to help parents and other caregivers (that may include you) which contains a lot of great hypnotic/nlp recipes to help kids reduce the suffering of pain. One of the worst experiences is watching a kid suffer in pain and not being able to help. It's my cause to share my hypnotic experience and skill to share solutions in this area.

So here's my recent book. Use it as you may, share it...please spread it into the world to help kids (and their adults) feel better!

We are all in this together. xo


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John Hall2

04/29/19 01:58:48PM

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Thanks for your kindness and sharing Kelley!

Thomas Houle

04/30/19 08:09:01PM

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Thanks for sharing, look forward to learning from it. Greatly Appreciated!


05/01/19 07:42:30PM

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Thank you, Kelley. 

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