Tripping without those feelings

Created: 08/10/17 05:59:43PM by init

Last Update: 08/17/17 01:43:06AM by Simon Tebbenham
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08/10/17 05:59:43PM

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Hi Alert and Focused  people,

We all talk about tripping from time to time, but can anyone actually explain the subjective definition to someone who has not had this experience?

Perhaps that's one of those often used words that only certain people know what it really means.


Fable Goodman

08/14/17 05:45:51AM

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You may (or may not) find this useful:




Simon Tebbenham

08/17/17 01:43:05AM

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I found it slightly useful. Tiny bit more respect for scriptnosis - that would be hard to do on the fly unless you were practiced at it...

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