Clients Hard of Hearing

Created: 08/11/17 05:29:23PM by guiding-hand-hypnosis

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Guiding Hand Hypnosis

08/11/17 05:29:23PM

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I have recently seen 3 clients in the last month who were very hard of hearing, to the point of me needing to use a very loud and slow voice to communicate.  I haven't had the opportunity to work with individuals like this before recently, and didnt think I would need to prepare for this.  The sessions have gone ok, but it is definitely not my usual style of hypnosis, and I wonder how much they are actually picking up, as they have a hard time getting all the necessary information when I speak to them in a waking state.  I was just wondering if other hypnotists have worked with similar individuals, and if there are any strategies that have worked particularly well?

Fable Goodman

08/11/17 06:25:15PM

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Type the word 'deaf' into the search box..

you will find a number of threads where this is addressed.


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