Stephen Brooks - Thoughts??

Created: 12/13/08 10:53:47PM by matt-davis

Last Update: 02/26/09 11:50:30PM by John McLean
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Matt Davis

12/13/08 10:53:47PM

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Has anyone trained with Stephen Brooks? Anyone own any of his products? I would appreciate everyone's opinion. Thanks!

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Aino Welch

12/14/08 01:38:21AM

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Dear Matt,I am currently taking Stephens on line course and enjoy it very much. I am on lesson 37 of 120 and have found many new valuable friends, that add to my understanding. Several of these friends are with us here on HT. It seems to be covering a lot of theory, in short lessons, 3 per week(each has a quiz). The last week of every month is a video of a real sessions, with a second video showing Stephen's comments on the session (yes and you are tested on that too).One thing I really like is the requirement that students interact on the boards, one for each lesson, and that one is peer graded on the board posts. That means that if one is not participating the point requirement for graduation can not be points given for each lesson test only. Stephen encourage us to use other means of communications (skype, phone, etc) to help each other learn and practice. Upon completion (a certain number of point are require) one can apply for a certificate,( for a small fee, of course) .You may find the course at: http://www.british-hypnosis-research.comI can recommend it...! You may contact me for any other info if you like.Enjoy, Aino

dan jones

02/22/09 03:32:00AM

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I too have trained with and followed Steve's work over the years. He is probably one of the best Ericksonian Indirect Hypnotherapists and trainers around. I own about 30+dvd's of his work, about 5 self hypnosis products and about 5 audio training sets and have followed his work since the late 90's. Not only can he do effective therapy (and live in front of students) but also explains what he is doing in a clear and concise understandable manner.

Keys To The Mind

02/26/09 07:37:46PM

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Hi MattYou can listen to an interview i did with Stephen here: give you some good insights about him.

John McLean

02/26/09 11:50:30PM

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Hi,I just want to echo Nathan Thomas's (is that right...two 'S's when the name ends in 'S'?!) remark that a GREAT way to get an insight into Stephen Brooks--along w/ several other Hypnotists whom people have asked about in recent posts--is to listen to the detailed interviews Nathan has done with them on his Keys To The Mind site.When people are speaking candidly about their life and work--rather than pimping for your $ on their website or whatnot--you really get a good feel for who they are and what they stand for. I have not yet signed up for any of Stephen Brooks' (oh, hell, "Brooks's?!) online courses, but I have to say I was quite impressed by what he communicated with Nathan during his Keys to the Mind Interview.Cheers!John McLeanAustin, TX

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