Alexa ... Help me Sleep Now

Created: 10/12/17 01:12:29PM by barry-thain

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Barry Thain

10/12/17 01:12:29PM

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About a year ago Amazon released their Echo platform in the UK for the first time and, shortly afterwards, I published a Skill on it called Hypno Therapist. 

This year, so far, more than 10,000 unique users have enjoyed over 80,000 sessions of hypnotherapy with spikes of 300 users per day and 100 simultaneous sessions per hour.

I have opened a dedicated Facebook group for experienced users and the Alexa-curious to get news, share ideas, make requests and understand better how this thing works and how it will imapct on all our lives in the future. 

You are welcome to join. You never know, you might want to use the Echo platform yourself.

Best wishes


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