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Created: 10/04/17 08:21:09PM by attar

Last Update: 10/09/17 03:02:32AM by Graham Old
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10/04/17 08:21:09PM

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I got an ad today for a 9 day training in Chiang Mai Thailand led by Stephen Brooks. I never heard of him but since I'm very interested in Learning Ericksonian everything it sounded very interesting. Anybody ever do the 9 day masterclass by Stephen Brooks and any opinions / advice.

Thanks so much 


Barry Neale

10/05/17 12:06:01AM

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Stephen Brooks is a very well established Ericksonian trainer and has decades of experience.

If you wanting to learn Ericksonian hypnosis you will struggle to find a better teacher.



Fable Goodman

10/05/17 05:30:32AM

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People have asked this (or similar questions) many times over the years.

If you type his name into the search box, and then check out the various discussions, you  will get quite a few opinions.

Here is just one of the threads that comes up in the search results:

Tim Shay

10/06/17 07:59:22AM

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FWIW: I've read much of his blog and seen quite a bit of his content going back to about 2004.   He knows his stuff. Very Ericksonian in approach. He also is well versed in NLP as well. 

Graham Old

10/09/17 03:02:32AM

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Easily the best I've trained with.

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