Smart Phones and Google Drive as an Aid in Using/Writing Hypnosis Scripts

Created: 12/06/12 04:17:24PM by @don-g

Hi Folks,

I hope I am posting this in the right spot, but here goes.

I would like to share a discovery I have made, which has helped both my practice and my script writing.

This morning, a client came in who has an extensive history of personal turmoil in her life which need not be gone into here. My smart phone was set to show a script on Google Drive when I pressed the "on" button. This is from a just-published Amazon e-book entitled, "Exploring Alternate Universes, and Learning What They Can Teach Us." I began the script from memory, starting with a traditional hypnotic induction: "Now, with your eyes closed, just imagine that it's a warm spring day, and that you are lying on a soft, woolen blanket on a sandy beach, by the side of the ocean." This gave me time to reach for the phone, which has been lying unobtrusively on the table beside my chair, turn it on, and find my place in the script from which this is taken.

Thirty minutes later, she was hypnotized, deepened, brought to a state of ecstasy, and transported to an alternate universe where time and space do not exist. There, she felt herself dissolving into an infinite ocean of unbounded love, bathing in it until we have removed all traces or anger, loneliness, depression, and despair. (Now that'shyperempiria!)

Both this time and the time before, I could hear her exclaiming, "Wow!" and similar things after she had closed the door and was walking down the hall. She is one of a growing number of enthusiastic clients which has caused my practice to grow slowly but steadily in the past few months. Some people only require a few sessions, and others come back regularly for a "tune-up." When I asked another client, who has become a "regular," if this made her feel better, her response was simply, "Oh, God, yes."

Does it make scripts more useful when they are entered into Google drive and read from a smart phone? "Oh God, yes!"

But here is the best part. You can edit the script after each session, to improve it for the next one. This is how I wrote the entire thirty-minute alternate universe script. The first few sessions were completely ad lib. Then I jotted down a few notes on Google Drive, and just kept adding to them each time I used it. Over the course of a few months, it turned into a complete script which formed the foundation for the e-book on Amazon. IMHO, Google Driveisuseful for hypnotists!

For more information on the use of this particular script, see my Blog post entitled, "Exploring an Alternate Universe -- and Learning What it Can Teach Us.