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Birmingham, Al.

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Part Time Practice

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Connections. Friends, New information.

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My mother is a hypnotherapist so I have grown up in this industry. I'm completing my degree in somatic psychology which I plan to incorporate into my practice. My passion is working with critical illnesses and addictions. I am also into several healing modalities as well as energy work. I am always curious about learning more about all aspects of CAM.


Horse showing and training, music and travel

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Hello! Have you decided what you wish to study and how you're going to incorporate hypnosis? Hope the resources of the community are helpful! :-)

nice new pic by the way
thanks for insights, I may need a different induction teck! I currently dont have a therapist I am using though I would to sit down with a fer until I find the one I like!
I was first introduce to hypnosis through a stage hypnosis show! I never went completely under but form then on I have been interested in hypnosis!I bought hundreds of Hypnosis tracks after that and tried to use them though I am unsure of the results. I seem to have some sort of block that keeps me from going into a full trance?I would like to see if I could get stage hypnosis to work on me?
I wish you all the best during this holiday season and may 2009 bring you plenty of personal and business successes!All the best,Marc
no need to be drunk here - I'm ready to go!
So I went to reply to your comment - but I deleted it instead - all this high-tech stuff!Anyway - No - I had to bow out of New Orleans - I will be in colorado moving my parents.Next year in Daytona - you and I have a date on the sling shot that was next door to the hotel - we are going to make a video for YouTube!
Thank you for being my friend!....(think music notes here)....Welcome to our group! I am watching with much love as you create your nitch in this wonderful mind/body world of ours. You have access to the best of the best for guidance as you build upon your instincts and talents.
Caitlin:You are far more precious to me than a mere friend. However, I accept your invitation and look toward seeing you become more active as you accept your skills.
It's great having you here!
It's very simple once you get the hang of it. Just figure out what you wanna check out and use the menu at the top. Pretty much every category has a search page.Sara is a big help for new members, check out her page too.
Hi Caitlin,Hyperempiria, as I have developed it, is definitely an eneregy therapy. I'm currently working on a book on mystical trance, which carries it even farther.I'd be interested in learning what kinds of energy therapy you do, if you'd be willing to share. (There's a paper on my page here at hypnothoughts that explains more.)Don
There is a member counter, just not on the main page. See the tab that says 'Member Options'? put your mouse on it and a new menu drops down including the word "Browse."That's where you will see the counter.
Caitlin-Welcome to the site! good to have you on here...Scott