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June 6, 1963

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Currently reside in Keelung and work in Taipei, Taiwan - have lived in Asia since 1989, so for quite some time. I hail from Abilene, Kansas, USA.

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Part Time Practice

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Looking to meet folks interested in many of the same things I am . . . particularly experiential hypnosis and whatnot . . . for the whatnot, see my webpages at . . . and more.

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Nihao, I am Brian David Phillips, PhD, CH. For now . . . I am an American living in Taiwan . . . I am an associate professor teacher type . . . I am a certified hypnotist . . . I am a trancework trainer . . . I am a trance wizard . . . I am an intuitionist . . . I am an author . . . I am an artist working with words . . . I am a poet . . . I am a stereophotographer . . . I am a roleplayer . . . I am a gamer . . . I am a scifi-fantasy type guy . . . I am a waiguoren . . . I am a shamanic neopagan . . . I am a pastor but of the rather non-pushy type so it's okay if you don't believe in the same sort of things I believe in (I might even agree with you) . . . I am an Amerinidian-American-Everything-Else-My-Ancestors-Could-Mix-In . . . I am a Meiguolangren Zai Taibei (An American Werewolf in Taipei) . . . I am a lot of things . . . but . . . most most most importantly . . . I am a husband . . . and . . . I am a father . . . those two things are what I love most about being me . . . the rest is just icing on the cake of life.


Hypnosis, hypnotherapy, trance, guided imagery, 3D stereophotography, game design, cosplay, interactive drama, roleplaying games, metaphysics, critical theory, philosophy, tarot, live action role playing games, erotica, science fiction, fantasy, literature, illuminati, kallisti and eris, jungian, myth, healing, qi, life, living, and love.

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Handclasp Hypnosis Induction
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Hypnotic Fairy Dragon
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Hand Magnets and Suggestibility Sequencing
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Hypnotic Drinking Finger
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Hypnotic Pen and Happy Finger
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Hypnotic Rock and Happy Gas
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Vagina Head Hypnosis
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Hi Brian.Brian, sorry I waited so long to answer you. I was in the US for a couple of months, but I'm back now. Yes, I know about you. I've looked at your website several times and have it bookmarked on my computer. Haha. I feel like I know you already. Very interesting stuff you do. Taiwan is lucky to have someone like you. I'm staying in Taichung right now, but when I have a chance I'll go see your performance. I'll add you as a friend. Okay. See ya later. - Gary.

You're welcome!

Great to connect. I admire your work and your thoughtful comments.
Wow, you've had a lot going on, but you seem to like a certain amount of chaos! I hope the health issues are resolved and that you are happily, expressively back in the game :)

I'm glad to see you back, Brian! I've missed you.

Hi Brian, thanks for adding me - looking forward to online seminar in December.Have a great daySaul
Hi Brian, that sounds a lot more fun than Tokyo. I love Keelung as well, what a wonderful place to be!!James
Brian, I was going to tell you that you might wanna check out the buddypress social networking platform. Its a completely free platform that runs off of wordpress multiuser and I believe wordpress 3.0 now. It may have a ton of things that you find useful. I believe you can also incorporate the simple-press forums plugin. I have this forum plugin for my wordpress 3.0 site. The only thing about buddypress is you need hosting that is not shared (I think I'm correct in that).
Hi,hope someday you will come to the mainland China.
Thanks for adding me, Brian.GONG XI FA CAI to you :-)All the best, always...krl-Chiang Mai, Thailand
Hello Brian, I was wondering if you would be interested in answering a few questions for an article I'm writing on Stage Hypnosis and how it can benefit our profession? Let me know if you ever have the time thanks :)
I just watch today "Vicarious Experiential Machine" of Brian David PhillipsThat you can get if you sign his newsletterAnd I want to thank him for the full amazing 8 DVDsI'm really enjoy it thank you BrianAnd in this DVD "Vicarious Experiential Machine" Brian teach how to accelerate any skill you desire to high performanceSo it's free and it's wonderfulThank you again Brian and I hope to see more of your amazing skillsYosef
Your welcome, I am glad you had a picture to post. I will be going to visitation on Friday.
HI BrianI've tried out the finger magnets successfully a few times, and have succeeded a few times in getting people's fingers stuck to playing cards. Did that at the Castle last month, kinda cool.
Great to meet up with you Brian, had a blast. Thoroughly enjoyed meeting up with old and new friends for fun and laughs! Thanks for all the hard work putting Walkabout together and safe journey home!
Wow Brian you seem to draw in the girls thats for sure , Thanks for your comments on our page.Warm RegardsMark in UK
Hi Brianthanks for the invite .I look forward to more of your videos. I enjoyed them. We will talk soon .best of the day !Tammy
Hi Brian, thanks for adding me as a friend. We'd been in touch before about the course you were to have held in KL in Dec but when it actually did happen, I was out of the loop I'm afraid and very sorry to have missed it. Heard rave reviews about you!
Thanks, Brian. That's good to know.Joshua
Don't know if this has been asked before or not, but ... are you accepting the GHS as CE credits for the SET? Did I include enough acronyms there? lolI'm just curious, as my certificate expires in about 3 months. ;)Joshua
Me, too. I am very glad to go Taipei on Feb. 22. I might go Taipei by Taiwan High Speed Rail.
Thanks for joining skypenosis :D You have a skype name, been searching for you.Antonio call me on 9820036116...will get in touch...i will be in india at that time..
Yes I did. I had known about this site quite some time ago from Richard Nongard. I just never got around to joining. Been crazy busy with the show, but I figured if I just didnt sign up, I never would. So.... here I am.Marc
thanks for the quick reply... aww.. if i came to mumbai it will be like a bomb for ( expenses wise ) .. well lets see if i can figure out a way.. id love to do the course..warm regards
hi brian.. i hear ur coming to mumbai.. wat abt bangalore?do let me know pls...warm regards
Brian,Greetings from the North Pole, AK. I love the picture of your daughter .... Strong kid, LOL
Brian, thank you for your comments and thank you for joining Hypnotic Creativity. Your work in education sounds fascinating. I also have a very pink site over at: http://wordsauce.comVery best wishes, Sophie
Ria, sorry about that. I JUST found out that the manager didn't update things that should have been updated for the local organizer's site. So, now they are playing catch-as-catch-can and dates have been changed to Feb. 21-22. Email Haji Abu Hanifah at and he will give you correct details as they are available there.All the best,Brian
Brian, I'm sorry to say that I can't get that link on your page to show much at all. The 'coming soon' comes up with a page that has no records. Seems they haven't updated the site since 2007. I'll try to get their phone number and call them.
will certainly look forward too... :) meantime wud like to know more abt ur work perhaps we can chat?
Pooja, thank you for the kind words. We had a wonderful time in Bangalore when I taught my speed hypnosis class there. I plan to return to India - most likely in late January. Once we have the exact dates, the info will go up on the webpages. Will let you know.All the best,Brian
hi brian.. great to see ur site.. wonderful stuffim in bangalore . would like to attend some of ur classes. do let me know plswarm regards
Ria, thank you for the kind comments about my online videos. We should be in Kuala Lumpur Dec. 13-14 for my speed hypnosis seminar. We are working with Abu Hanifah's group to set things up (there's a link to their site on my webpage in the training section if you need to contact them about it). I was just in Bangalore a couple months ago and had a wonderful time. We're setting up to return to India at the end of January for a couple classes as well.Brian
Hi Brian! Just watched your vids. Great stuff! So when exactly in Dec are you in KL? I would love to attend your class. Could you send me more details please? Btw, I'm in Bangalore, India off and on and if you're ever there could you keep me posted please?
You will find more of the hypnocasts in the video section of my webpages at - I stopped doing the audio podcasts as the videos can SHOW the technique.All the best,Brian
Hi Brian ,interesting podcast mp3. thank you deeeply.
SalaamHi Brian,Thanks for the welocome.I look forward to meething up with you in Dec.PS. The soup for Beef Noodles here is 99.9% soybean sauce. Eat before you come over (smile)Muneer
I went back and read your politicsal articles and viewed the tape of 'colin Powell. I haven't watched alot of the campaign ads, or followeed closely enough until recently. I am now a bit more confident in who I am chosing to vote for, so I will not be voting myself in after all. LOL JADE
Hi Brian, thanks for the welcome, aren;t we friends on face book too? ;) Your India picture with your family looks familiar!I LOVE THIS SITE!This article on obama and covert hypnosis looks interesting, is this something new with our candidates? LOL KISS JADE
Hi Brian,I enjoy your work. Would love to discuss your induction techniques. You do it with such ease. Very refreshingNick
Thank you very much for welcome. I hope I'll get much more from this site. Thanks a lot again
Hi Brian, thanks for the friend's invite! I haven't been able to go through all of your site, but it sure is interesting. Since I might be in India next year, I am very interested to read more about your experiences there regarding hypnosis.
hi brian..thanks for taking time to check out my file andadding me.its always good to meet people who have similar interestsalong with hypnosis.
Thank you for adding me!
Hi Brian,Thanks for the friend add! Nice to see you here!- Matt Davis
I am honored by the invite Brian! I look forward to learning more about your family, travel, techniques, and interesting articles and posts on this website. Being that I just got home from a busy nite in the ER and it is past 3am now, I can't keep my eyes open to read more! Mary
Hi Brian,Thanks for the invite, I have commented on your energy hypnosis video, nice use of style. When in therapy settings I hold the hands for longer to ensure a good flow for the client. Not the same in demos though is it.All the best,Sebastian
The Ouija board photo is a promo shot for my Seance Hypnotic show. No, I do not know they are dangerous . . . since I use a hypnotic model in my performances and practice, the Ouija board becomes merely another means of access to the unconscious via the ideomotor effect the same as pendulum autoquestioning, finger signals, automatic writing, and automatic drawing. I do have a few books in my library that claim nefarious entity involvement with such devices but I also have more that use the psychological model. Even if there were otherworldly influences, one can safely proceed if one follows clearing practices, if that were one's model, that is.All the best,Brian
What's with the board? Don't you know they are dangerous? Daze'
Hi Brian,Thank you for adding me adding me as your friend. Great site to explore!Monnie
Ni-howdy, Brian,Do you have any plans to do a book or DVD on hypnotic learning enhancement? Your class looks fascinating, but Taipei is a long walk from Texas.Have a great time in India--wish I were going.James
It seems to be an interesting site. It feels comfortable. Hope all is well with you.Jerry
Hi Brian: Yes I noticed an ad about this and was not sure what speed Hypnosis was all about and so have not included it in my schedule. I am Clinical hypnotherapist and do a lot of past Life regressions and very recently lbl's as well. Love. Blossom
The fairy dragon thing is included in the set at - I've used it for street, clinic, and stage (particularly when doing the trance wizard persona). For a Renaissance Faire that sort of thing would go over very well as would the Tarot Trance type work I do (which I've also done with AD&D images, Magic: The Gathering cards and even sports trading cards) as well as crystal ball trance. The sky is the limit, just be playful and have fun. Heck, for a RenFaire, straight out relaxation hypnosis would go very well, I just like to dress it all up with some playful wizardry. :-) This weekend, I will be performing a hypnotic seance for Ghost Festival that will make use of some of the same bits.
Hi Brian ....I am interested in purchasing your core skills DVDs ,,..would they be suitable for a raw beginner ??....
Oh, and I forgot to mention--I used your version of the Energy Hypnosis Induction on the street yesterday. Worked great. Thanks for sharing!
Yeah, I've seen pics of you in the purple wizard hat. I may have to pick one up at Dragon*Con.BTW, where can I go for more info on your fairy dragon trance?
Well, I have a purple wizard hat that I use for that purpose. :-)
Ni-howdy, Brian--thanks for your comment on my blog. I had just been toying with the idea of doing something trance-related (other than playing music) at my next renfaire--so your suggesting it is a great encouragement. I have a black wizard robe that's been sitting in my closet, unused, for several years. When I bought it, I didn't know why. Hmm, "Professor Bedlam's Amazing Mesmerism Show" . . .
Janadra, that's wonderful! Thank you so much for the kind words. My daughter's room is filled with dragons - especially blue-and-white ones as she's had a dragon companion of her own since she was a in preschool (she's built quite a menagerie by now as she's fourteen). I tend to run the fairy dragon process as presented in the video (have even used it on stage for a show) but occassionally I'll mix it up (so there are a few fairy cats out there as well). I so glad you enjoyed the process.
Thanks for inviting me to be a friend. You have been someone who has influenced me on my new quest into hypnosis and NLP.You also were the the inspiration for my photo. After watching (with my eyes shut) your fairy dragon video, I went searching for a fairy dragon of my own. Instead, I found the baby dragon who is just starting to breathe fire and who sits so comfortably on my hand.Keep up all your good works.j
Brian,I am helping Scott get the Hypno Pedia stuff together and he suggested I contact you for content/ideas. Currently on wikipedia there is a lot of subjective detail and outdated material. If you look in wikipedia for psychiatry and such, the format is very simple. I would like to start off simple and then make the encyclopedia easily expandable. Also I would like to gear it more for those with a background and not the general public. I have 2 world class typists at my disposal and one network guru. Let me know how you would like to play. Feel free to involve whomever you think would be an asset. Thanks Brian.Robert
Hope you surviced the Typhoon OK! I am just a little south traveling Manila-Hong Kong-Macau-Manila and it looks like we escaped much rain or wind, unlike you! Hope you and the fam are all good! I get back to the states next week, next trip to BKK in September, maybe I can do a stopover in Tiapei
have a great day. Paul
I understand Brian.. My Mom just this week was letting me know that my youngest Uncle again on Mom's side was recognized by the Eastern Cherokee tribe.. now to locate my unclle to find out which tribe.. it should include us as a family.My Mom has no knowledge of such things nor cares too .. I on the other hand always embraced my native american upbringing. Her Mom.. My Grandmother .. is one of my guides with me.. so it means much to me. On my way to bed..I'm to old for this up for 30 plus hrs stuff.. am attending a hypno seminar this weekend.. here in Mesa.. and was so tired I didnt even drive home... a dear friend drove me home.. and will pick me up for another bout of it tomorrow.. am doing this for the next month ... plus working job that pays the bills... keep in touch
Its how I grew up from age 10 my Mother's Mom.. the family only vacationed at the Rez... in North Carolina every yr several times .. and it was a family event. I learned my heritage there .. on those visits.. and with my grandparents. I was the only grand child born with the black hair and green eyes she had.. the rest .. including all cousins were blonde hair blue eyed.. I was the black sheep . Imagine that ... said with a cheeky grin... I love my flutes... Brian.. I've followed you for many yrs.. Wado !
Thanks for the welcome, Brian. What keeps you in Taiwan? My husband taught some courses there in about 1971, I think.
That's hilarious....I will have to check out the other vidoes. You are so creative....every time I watch you, you blow me away.
H Brian,Thanks for adding me as a friend. I found your videos and information very informative and look forward to hearing more about your techniques.Best wishesLinda
Awesome Drunk finger video....You so rock!
Thanks for accepting the invite. I've been a fan of your site for years. Nice to find you here as well.All the best
I'm interested in hearing more about how you liven up people's D&D experiences.
will u teach us convet hypnosis also and hypnosis done by mentalist like derren brown and kenton knepper
yes i will do it will i learn street hypnosis
I never use scripts, I use a process approach. Instead of learning the exact script, I teach folks to learn a process, an outline of a process that can be adapted to many circumstances. The rest is based upon application and experience.
Hi can u teach me how can i hypnotise someone anywhere at anytime without using scripts
do yo ever come to the East Coast or just California? I would love to do your courses but it is pretty far away from Pennsylvania.I may as well go to Taiwan.
Thank you for the comments. I have a good first impression of this site.Best wishes,Roy Hunter
Very cool!So are you planning on training down in the Texas area anytime soon?
Hi there Mr. Phillips!So I see you have Native American blood!I do as well....I am a 16th Cherokee. It seems the my curly hair and gray eyes come from the Scottish in me though.... lol.
We do have plans to reschedule those courses . . . but not immediately, we're just too wrapped up in everything else going on at the moment. So, yes, but not right away. We're not sure when.
hello Brian, I was enrolled in the course you were going to teach in ca next month. I was really looking forward to it and I am just wondering if you have plans reschedule it in the future?
I am honored to be among so many great hypnotists. Thank you for the invite.
"Sombunall"--gotta love anyone who uses Wilsonian English.I've been enjoying your videos, too, BTW. My wife is a professional tarot-reader, and she does meditations quite similar to your tarot trances.
Hi Brian,Thanks for adding me as a friend.Monique
Hypnosis is cool. Glad to connect with so many other hypnotists.Susan
Hi Brian,I'm glad to learn that there are others who are using the term hyperempiria. Strictly speaking, "empiria" means experience, and hyper means -- well, hyper. If we want people to experience our suggestions more vividly at the conclusion of an induction procedure, then any form of experiential hypnosis which accomplishes this end could technically be called hyperempiria.In fact, I wonder if we could experiment with a little re-branding, which is s a time-honored tradition in marketing when you want to get rid of negative stereotypes. There are so many people out therre who already "know" what hypnosis is, despite our protestations to the contrary, why not just refer to what we do as hyperempiria, which is etymologically more accurate than the term hypnosis.I recently saw the movie, "Happy Feet," in which an emperor penguin with a bevy of adoring females around him says to them, "Avert your eyes, for I've been known to hypnotize!" I wonder how many people won't come near our offices, and won't touch us with a ten-foot pole, as soon as they hear the word "hypnosis" associated with our name, because of this kind of conditioning? But if we are working with hyperempiria, we could put a positive spin on what we are doing.Don
Hi Brian,Thanks for helping to spread the idea of this site. It looks like a great place to hang out!Don
Hi Brian,Thanks for adding me as your friend. I've been following your stuff for a while now. Always love the videos of street hypnosis as well as copies of your stage shows. Interesting seeing youir shows being translated by your wife, and still getting great audience response.Keep up the good work!Marc
Hi Brian,Just back from a 20 day teaching tour... my third in 6 months!Finally getting caught up on all my email. Thanks for the invite. Interested to see what percolates up here. Hope all is well with you.warm regards,Sylvia
Hi Brian,Thanks for being on my friend list. I really like your blog.regardsJim Buckland Ht., C.H.
Thank you all so much for the positive comments . . . they are very much appreciated.
Thanks. My Chinese hypnosis books will be in simplified Chinese too.
Hi Brian,Thanks for the invite and I really appreciate the time and effort you put into adding video examples to help with different techniques and methods.Enjoy life, one moment at a time,Larry
Thanks for the invitation.... You have had a lot of positive impact on a lot of people ..keep up the great work... blessings Alice aka Blonde
Thanks for the invite Brian. I've been enjoying your postings for a while now. Glad to be in touch now.Best,Nina
Good to see you here, Brian and belated best wishes!
belated happy birthday, Brian, and thanks for the friendly invite... most of all, thanks for the time you spend formulating your clear and detailed postings. BDP has become a label of quality and integrity ;-)
Site looks good oh and BTW.... Happy Birthday
Brian:Interesting site. You look very happy. I wonder why the Devil card in the Tarot Deck? Is there a personal meaning, if so please tell me, as I am interested why your face in front of it...just wondered...t
Thanks Brian, thats our boy White Fang, he is beautiful in many ways! as is Shilo and our kitty Zoya, cant leave them out! LOLLove your website.... very interesting!
Hey Brian-Thanks for the kind welcome.Tommy
Thanks for the welcome :)
Brian:Great to meet you here and thanks for the invite.I'm sure our paths will cross.
hey brian,thank you for the welcome. what a place we live in.
Thanks for adding me. I've enjoyed visiting your website.
Brainfeel so happy to meet you herei love taiwan and USA~~ have been there for travelling~~amazingyour wife is from HK~~hee hee~~u got to know how to speak cantonese and chinese~~~becoz i have visited your website with bilingual description!~awesome!!!
PhotobucketThank you adding me as a friend. So you won a popularity contest? LOL! Good for you! ;)Love and light to you my new friend!ShantiShanti
Congratulations again on winning the popularity contest last month. I have the advertising technology finished and am ready when you are. Looking forward to your ad...
Hey BrianAre you planning on doing another Hypnoticon anytime soon? BTW, thanks for some great info at the TrancedOut Forums.
Thank you so much!I look forward to chatting with you. By the way, thank you so much for your kind words on the "Teens doing hypnosis" thread. Compliments from professionals mean a lot to me.Talk to you soon!KA
Nihao Brian! I lived in Taipei from 2003-2006. Small world! It's great that you are doing hypno there. Taipei and Hong Kong are where I started reading and learning about past life regression therapy. Being from a christian background, the belief in past lives was non existent until being immersed in a toaist and buddhist culture. I look forward to reading more of your website! I'm starting one:
Hey Brian! Hypnoticon was great, thanks for the fun times and all the knowledge you shared. I'll be sending you a video link soon with the Experiental Trance requirements. Best of luck in setting up your new classes!
Hi All,I am creating a Hypnotist/Hypnotherapist Register page on my website. If you are able and willing to put a link to my site on yours, I will reciprocate in the register, with location, a short description of what you do. Page is mindmagic123.comHi Brian, the other brian, the little b here. I have already added your website and yahoo group to my Register, and am happy to do so. Best wishes.
Hello! Was great meeting you and David, and I look forward to great things in the future. Hope all is well across the globe. This is a great site! ~ Richard
Been doing this since the mid seventies.If you read fingernail biting comments, it's undeniable that it worked. When people get into a severe stress, the habit may come back. But all videos work for some, and the price is right.
Happy to have joined too, Im glad you like the color scheme I wondered for a bit if perhaps it was too dark and aggressive but oh well I like it. I managed to figure out how to read your blog on my lj so Im a happy camper now whoo hoo.
Had a great time meeting you, getting to know you and becoming your friend.John
Hello Brian:I'm trying to figure out how to accept the friend aging PC doesn't make it easy...All best to you!Michelle Beaudry
thank you for adding me....I must really try to figure out how to get my rectangular pic in that little square box...hmmmmm
I just want to add my voice to the rest thanking you for the Walkabout Trance event I just got back from. Very entertaining and very informative. Plus I got to meet a lot of new people I hadn't met before.I only wish I hadn't run out of business cards!And Hypnoticon was great, too. For those that missed that, you missed out on a lot of fun and learning.
Dr. Brian-Just wanted to say publically what I said to you on Sunday. The Walkabout Trance Beach Resort Getaway was not only very informative but a whole lot of fun. You're both an interesting and entertaining speaker. Hope you can find it in your schedule to get back the States more often!
Hi Brian,Thank You for the Walkabout Trance Beach Resort Getaway on Feb, 9-10, 2008 For the ones who didnt make it, It was outstanding, a great weekend, especially for me lol.Brian David Phillips is adorable, a fun humankind and as a Jewish girl I would love to adopt him as my Santa :) Brian you are very creative, interesting man, great character, experienced.. In one word... WOW... I truly had fun and enjoyed your creative personality and your way of presentation.In addition to that, It was my pleasure to meet new hypnotist from all different places Hope to keep in touchThank You Richard Clark for putting it all togetherDoreen Cohanim C.HtPS: I think I lost or dropped my laughter, can you mail it to me? lol
Brian,Your "Walkabout" was not only great fun but a wonderful learning experience! It was all that I had hoped it would be . Thank you!!Seth-Deborah
Brian-It was great meeting you this weekend. Hermosa was a great venue for the event and it was a fun and diverse group of attendees.Hope you get to make it out here again some time soon.Talk to you soon,Scott
Hi Brian,Thanks for the invite. I just put in to join you Yahoo group. I'm intrigued. see you over there as well!Craig
Thanks. I hope other hypnotherapists pursue the media and increase the awareness to the general public about hypnosis.
Hi BrianThanks for the invite, Happy New Year!Jo
The photo is from a parade in Burton Michigan this last summer. It was the only one I marched in...I hurt my knee at BSA camp Tapico rescuing a watermellon, so I had to ride my Harley in the other parades I did. *8)I haven't tried doing an induction in makeup but I have had seveal people tell me that it should make it even easier...
Hi Brian,I really enjoy your videos. Darren
Hey Brian... I've been following some of your stuff for a while.. I really enjoy the videos.. Great site and a lot of good information and input on several forums..Paul
Hi Brian,Thanks for the request. Great site!=Bruce
Hi Bryan,I watched your "naked" video, and loved it. I have a cupple questions on it though. How deep did u bring the subjects down? And what else did you use to set the scene before the video started? I am intrested in doing this halusination and others on my friends as it would very funny to do at parties or at school. I am just starting stage hypnosis, however Scott Sandland taught me alot of clinical stuff so I have a pretty good base. Any advice or sugestions would be extremly helpful.Thank you for your timeAndrew Nickel
Ni Hao,Can't wait for eryue (February)!Wo gai zou le.Zai-jian
Hi,Thanks for the invite!Kathy
Glad to see that you are here as well. Nice to be able to speak to my peers without having to looking through so many others on MySpace.
Hi BDP!Love how you've detailed your page...You're an inspiration to those looking to make their page interesting and worthwhile to visit. thanks for the invite...Kerry
Hi Brian, Thanks for the invitation! I love your site!!!
Hi Brian,Thank you for the invite!! You do some interesting things!! I love it!!Many Blessings,Michele
I plan on contributing to the video challenges. I've even gone as far as to have ideas for one or two, but I've been working on getting projects off the ground, etc. so haven't actually shot anything.Have you thought of offering some sort of prize for a winner? free recording or script or something? just a thought...
Hi Brian,Thanks for the invitation.Take good care,-Patricia
Thanks for sharing the videos on here, and the video challenge. I hope some people submit some of their own, it's really a great idea.
Hello Brian,Thank you for the invite. I look forward to networking with you.Kim
Hi Brian,I'm realy glad to have you as a friend.
I am so pleased to be asked to be your friend! I will be meeting you in person at the Walkabout in February and I am soooo excited!
Hi, Brian! I'm glad to see that I'm not the only stage performer on here!With luck, I'll see you at Hypnoticon... !
Hello Brian