Street hypnosis anyone?

Created: 07/23/11 01:36:30PM by @juan-acosta

Hi All,

Although I consider myself outgoing and fun, I still find that the hardest thing when performing on the streets, restaurants, bars, etc. Is to build up the courage to approach that first group when I'm alone. Once I've done that people flood in to watch and participate... however, that first push is what keeps me from practicing on live subjects as much as I'd like to. I find myself pre-judging the groups and only approaching the ones that I "know" will receive it well. Do any of you who perform alone have the same experience?

Going out with a friend, other hypnotist or a wingman/accomplice of sorts makes all the difference but I'm having a difficult time finding someone that's into this as much as I am and is happy to go out and "play"

Any tips? Alternatively, any of you in the Central Florida area that want to partner up to better our skills?


Juan Acosta