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A Little Zen Joke for You

By Adam Kilgore, 2015-01-23

Knock knock... Who's there? Buddha. Buddha who? Exactly. ...

How do you make a living?

By Adam Kilgore, 2014-08-18

Being as I've been homeless for almost the full span of my adult life, and I now make money from a multitude of talents, people like to ask me how I make a living. I say, "I don't." It's like the......

"Hypnosis can't help me. My problem is real - my doctor told me so."

By Adam Kilgore, 2013-08-09

I hear this a lot. People often ask me what hypnosis can do, to which I often respond that it only depends on what they want it to do. I'll then clarify by adding that many quit smoking or lose......

Perhaps the greatest hypnotist ever...

By Adam Kilgore, 2012-06-13

I found this funny little video that had been auto-tuned from a ton of different clips: