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February 4, 1989

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Salem, OR

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Part Time Practice

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Other hypnotists to learn from, share ideas with

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Gender/Sexuality, fears/phobias, confidence and emotional mastery.

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I have been studying hypnosis, NLP, life coaching, and other fields of psychology for over 15 years. Practicing hypnosis with fellow hypnotists and working with people, I have found great confidence in the power of hypnosis.


Interviewing, public speaking, curriculum planning, cooking, stand-up comedy.

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Adam Kilgore
@adam-kilgore • 2 months ago
Posted a response to "Changing It Up"
"Nicely done! Flexibility is one of the most important things to have."
Adam Kilgore
@adam-kilgore • 2 months ago
Adam Kilgore
@adam-kilgore • 6 months ago
Posted a response to "What's new and exciting in hypnosis?"
"Be hypnotic."
Adam Kilgore
@adam-kilgore • 6 months ago
Posted a response to "Seven Things You Should Know About Pain Science "
"Simon Tebbenham:Can't normally be bothered to click on links that take me away from the site - but this one was worth clicking, nicely summed up. I..."
Adam Kilgore
@adam-kilgore • 6 months ago
Adam Kilgore
@adam-kilgore • 6 months ago
Adam Kilgore
@adam-kilgore • 6 months ago
Posted a response to "Pre-Talk"
"It has the same use as a hypnotic chair. I've hypnotized people without them sitting in any special chair. Some needed no chair at all. I use..."
Adam Kilgore
@adam-kilgore • 6 months ago
Posted a response to "Experience w/ Setting up an Online Hypnosis Business"
"Hey there!Been a while since I've posted because I am a traveller and most of my business come to me because of my online presence. Right now I'm..."
Adam Kilgore
@adam-kilgore • 8 months ago
Adam Kilgore
@adam-kilgore • 8 months ago
Posted a response to "Ultra-Depth/Ultra-Height Use"
"Graham Old:Good packaging.  Of course it is! But you know what isn't?Ultra Sideways! It's a brand new kind of hypnosis! Forget all you know about..."

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Glad we got to spend some time together over the weekend. Hope we can do even more in the future.

hehehehe I understand that <g> My landlord is unusually great. I'm very lucky. They do exist! Or maybe someone hypnotized him...<g>

Thanks for your comments on the Learn hypnosis by osmosis Hypnosis Installed dvd's. Hope you enjoy them.

Yes, working hard as always. Only a small part of our service to the community.

It's a pretty great group of people (Mostly ;-P ), Adam... Glad to have you be part of it.

Welcome to Hypnothoughts.

Melissa Roth

Your Medical Hypnotherapy Connection

If you don't want a person to fall asleep, simply start engaging their mind again. Asking them questions, getting their responses, asking them to explain things, etc. This fits in the context of a conversation, but is useful anytime, especially if you are keeping things covert.

Since nobody (unless they are a hypnotist) knows what you are doing anyway, this all seems like normal conversation. A normal conversation goes back and forth and isn't always just you talking. So bringing them out of that deeper level of trance by questioning them and getting them to respond to you again just looks normal. You can hide that further by saying "I just wanted to make sure I've got this right..." and things that make you look like you are just checking with them, but it brings them back. If you really have to bring them back ask them to explain something and keep asking for detail. It will bring their minds back online pretty quickly.

After that, if you need to bring them back down, the concept of fractionation is your friend. Because they have already been in a deeper state before, it's easier for them to go back. You can even remind them of how they were feeling just a moment ago, nice and relaxed, and get them back there in a few seconds.

As the hypnotist, especially the covert conversational hypnotist, you're leading the interaction, so your body language, your hypnotic voice, and the words you're using have great power. Just "go first" and become more alive and awake yourself in all of those things and you'll see them mirror you pretty quickly.

Have fun!

I'd be happy to guide you with Conversational Hypnosis. Do you have any specific questions?
Welcome to HypnoThoughts Adam.Joe HomsOrange County Hypnosis

Welcome to Hypnothoughts please join us and say hello in the Welcome Lounge that has just been created for a gentle introduction point for new members, and returning members to say hello in a friendly relaxed environment


A warm welcome to hypnothoughts community,I trust you will have an enjoyableand fruitful time here,Love and hugs,FableLawrie Shaw the Sunderland Hypnotherapist
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Hi Adam,

Welcome to HypnoThoughts.


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